The Sacramento (916)- "cuz we hype as S***" Thread!

Alright, decided to change the first post since the title got changed and the nature of the thread. This is the thread for 916 hype and games to be found a.k.a. slapped together day before :lovin:

To better assist newcomers or people who are stopping by, it would be 200% helpful to add this group to your Facebook:

Davis - Sacramento - 707 FGC

Our locals all go there for updates on sessions, tournaments, and general communication amongst each other, ranging not from just Sacramento, but Davis and Fairfield.

Our consistent events are:

Tapioca and Tea

Capitol Fight District‎

I’ll drive down for stuff, seeing as I live here.

Where is this pizza place located? I could probably bring a few new players with an interest in competitive fighters too.

Whatever you decide to do let me know. I’ll be more than happy to help out/ join.

Ok, well i was thinking about three locations, two of which aren’t in the best neighborhoods, but they are sure to have enough seating. The third option is a decent place but the seating will only be enough for about 60 something people. Okay, so the first place i was thinking was this near death pizza joint right down the street from me called Fat Ducks. It’s not the nicest location, but it has just about all we need (i still haven’t talked to the owner, but i think this won’t be a problem at all) and i can easily bring more t.v.'s if needed. Then the other prospects are lampost pizza, which is still very close and also has a bad location but has enough t.v.'s to do something with (although talking to the owners will be tough because they get a lot of business around the time sports starts up (their whole theme) and the t.v.'s might be reserved for the sports watchers), and mountain mike’s pizza, who has a decent location but the seating is like up to 60 people (gotta shoot for more peepz than that so that way just in case a lot don’t make it, a tourney is still happening, and if they do make it, well its just more fun).

You got any ideas of some other joints in sac?

Thanks, that would be most appreciated. Are you qwerty from dustloop?

No…this is starkilled on dustloop I’m the pucnhy faces…

Oh whoops >.< Well, i need help in figuring out which tourney to start first, assuming we only have a few games to play possible. I mean, how many can we do with two t.v.'s? Let’s say tourney starts at 3 or 4 and the place closes at 10 or 11, how many can i crank out in that time? :sweat:

try to push for SFIV and Blazblue to be in your locar arcades(if there are any)

That is where our problem lies…:wasted:

Where are these places at?

South Sacramento, not too far from Cosumnes River College. Mountain mikes, well thats some distance off, i forget where exactly. But if there is a better spot, please let me know. :tup:

No wonder it’s an on-the-brink-of-death pizza place, there’s like ten Mountain Mike’s in Sac :rofl:

If it’s the Mountain Mike’s I think you’re talking about, I might be able to make it from Davis if you manage to hype this up enough :v

Well i’m just trying to get some input from people but it seems a lot more people are willing to make it to Sac-town events than i thought. This makes me pretty happy so i am thinking of most definitely doing some decent sized events in Sacramento. And don’t worry about the hype, shit i will whore myself on every thread if i have to, hell i’ll pay for pizza if it means getting people over and get my friend to pick people up. :rofl: Plus, after getting a little poll together, people would love to start a Sac-town scene, its just starting it is the problem. Not for long though.

I haven’t played much as of late, but I’d be willing to make the drive up to play (after a couple nights of practice). May also get my buddy Zeke to head over. We use to run all the stockton Tournaments (except for the one where the asian kid stole the money, forever screwing up the tourney scene in Stockton)…so we could offer some assistance in running things, if you were short people.

I know I could at least get my car full of people to hit it up. Two cars full, more than likely,…if there was an Alpha 3 Tourney as well.

Sac use to have a pretty strong scene. When we got bored of beating people at pac bowl, we would sometimes head up there to whatever bowling alley was 24 hours. Was cool. Some pretty decent competition, glad to see someone trying to revive things.


Yo, this is DJcream of Stockton. I’m down for some tourney action up in Sac since its like a hour drive away. I got that Melty Blood on my laptop so I’ll bring it whenever ya’ll ask. BTW, I run most of the current tourneys nowadays in Stockton (mostly Smash with 50+ heads) here so I can help with running things on the side.

Hey man if your looking to get anywhere even near 60 people, that it’s near impossible. I’d bet it the most would be around 20 with really good marketing :P.

keepin it real

i like your effort, if you really tried hard tho you prolly get 30+ people at the 1st event, i think. i mean considering you got people like me just lurking sac, going all the way the keystone and san jose for play sometimes. you should get with Tyram, he is trying the same shit.

I like the idea.

my idea was something like this:

there is a store on howe called gamer’s deap games where people go to play Magic, yu gi oh, and warhammer and shit. There location has a VERY big area in the back where we could set up consoles and tv’s if possible. As soon as i can get over there i will talk to the owner and see what we can possibly do. I was thinking of like a $10 venue fee to enter tourneys and $5 to enter each tourney but then again this is all in planning and nothing is set in stone yet.


I like the sound of this shit, get something like this going up in sac and I’ll get the 707 over there.

edit : Ram can’t play magic

i agree here. sac has always been a place where if you want comp, you travel outside of sac.

but if this somehow works out pretty good, and you get that 20-ish people on a consistant basis and good maintenance, i’m down to come out and show my support. (20 ppl as in per game not total :slight_smile: )

i’m sure popo would be down for that too if it’s a pretty “cracking” place.