The Ryu Thread

Master of the Hado
Our Favorite Shoto is back and he is ready to show the Tekken roster why people fear his


A wandering street fighter who trains rigorously in order to become a true martial artist. Studied the art of Ansatsuken from his master Gouken, but does not wield it to take lives. He wishes to test his mettle against fighters around the world in order to find an answer in the heart of battle. He searches for Pandora to see if there is a connection between it and the Satsui no Hado.

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Shoryuken :dp::p:
use :mp: version for AA. It has 4 frames on invincibility
EX version turns into his Shin Shoryuken
(S) Hadoken :qcf::p:
Ex version turns into his red fireball and you can charge the attack by holding the attack button. This results in a free EX red fireball or His Shinkuu Hadoken if held long enough
Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku :qcb::k:
EX version stays in one place and hits multiple times and sends you twirling across the stage
Jodan Sokuto Geri(Sliding Kick) :hcf::k:
Ex version bounces opponent of the wall


Shinkuu Hadoken :qcf::2p:
I’m happy supers in this game don’t require double inputs


Solar plexus :f:+:hp:
This move makes Ryu move foward and hit twice. This still has its SF4 properties meaning it’s plus frames on hit. I seen some videos where he linked his cr.:mp:
Sakotsu Wari :f:+:mp:
This is his overhead and it hit twice. Not sure if you can combo off of it in this game

Super Art and Cross Art



Greate Game play with cross assault shown, but it probably wont mater anymore because now Cross assault is cpu controlled which is stupid



It’s about time.

Gah, I don’t like the Revere DP motion of SF3 kick. Should have been qcf+k IMO.

I thought it was HCF in this game?

Hey which DLC Alt Costumes do you guys want for Ryu?

(Is there an Alt Costumes thread? Thanks)

I don’t know lol i’m just going off my knowledge of his move set in previous games

How does he do Tatsu then? Reverse DP is really easy to execute.

Well sliding kick was HCF in SF3, no?

Tatsu is qcb+k :wink:

My bad, lol I was thinking qcf = tatsu

You can see it’s HCF on one of the pictures here (Can’t find the picture alone >.<) if you scroll down a bit:

Ex Jouden kick is in fact HCF kick.

There’s a better picture, thanks for saving me the trouble.

Alright, that’s better. I didn’t like Reverse DP as Joudan because sometimes what would happen is when I’m doing a MVC3 combo that requires Joudan (like his old TVC combo) it would come out as Tatsu and everything would be messed up. Just that the commands are too close for my taste.

HCF is much better!

lol weird I never knew the official name of this move, I always named it “donkey kick”. Good thing they’re bringing it back

Okay i’ll update it.

I hope he can combo after his overhead seeing as so many others can :smiley:

So to anyone who is going to be at NYCC, could someone pick up Ryu and see what kind of combos he’s capable of? I imagine having SF3 Kick back is going to give him plenty of new options, especially if EX SF3 Kick wall bounces.