The Rufus Thread

Thread Is About The Fat Man Of SF

Graceful Heavyweight

An American fighter who toys with his opponents with a body that moves with unimaginable speed. He is so infatuated with himself that he even ignores his opponents during a match while heaping nothing but praise on himself. He views Ken Masters as his bitter rival, but constantly mistakes anyone wearing a karate gi or sporting blonde hair as Ken, and often gets into unnecessary fights. Zangief contacts Rufus and the two of them decide to secure the mysterious “box” for themselves.
Super Heavyweights: Zangief

Unique Moves
(in Air) Falcon Kick :df::mk:
Glory Kick :df: :mk:
Vurture Kick :f: :mk:
Fragrance Palm :f: :hp:

Special Moves
Galactic Tornado :qcf::p:
Messiah Kick :qcf::k: ( :lk: Mid Attack) ( :mk:Low Attack) ( :hk:High Attack)
Snake Strike :dp::p:

Super Art
Big Bang Typhoon :qcb::2p:

Cross Art:

Super art is U2 and Cross art is U1… That’s about all we know right now, yes?

reserved 1

No Not Right Now No Info Yet

Rehash character, rehash ultras, so lame and lazy of Capcom.

Other than people not caring much for his reveal @ NYCC (lol) he is gonna be a force in this game, like it or not

Cool Rufus is here.

Sorry I Keep Editing

Cuz His Play Style Will Destroy he had tekken character option in 4 Before This Game LOL

If s.HP in a chain is not special cancellable I will be sad

No Spectacle Romance no buy.

They did it with CvSNK 1 for the most part, what were you expecting? Using pre-existing characters saves enough time to work on the other 20+ Tekken characters.

They should make all new models so people complain how ugly those ones look too. Rufus looks better in this than SFIV due to the shading system IMO.

It would be cool if u can chain Neutral Jump :hk: To Standing :hp: and then launcher

Hey your OP is wrong about messiah kick follow ups. lk follow up hits mid and hk follow up hits high, not the other why around.

Starwave is right.

Ok I’ll change it my bad

This belongs on the front page, not here.

Speculations on how Rufus’ll translate in this game.

*The entire Tekken cast have no shotos, which were problematic for Rufus to say the least
*Rufus is the type of character who can very easily be complimented by another character
*Pandora Mode + Ex Messiah kick + Dive kick pressure = Rape
*Big Bang Typhoon is his Ultra 2 and since you can easily combo into ultras anyway this will be useful as an anti fire ball, anti air and general combo move.

*Game is more meter intensive and Rufus loves to spend meter
*A lot more grapplers out there to give him trouble
*Normal grabs look terrible and Rufus loved his forward grab

And that’s all I can tell now from what I can see. If Yun isn’t in this game(which is probably the case sadly) I can see myself maining Rufus.