The Rival Schools Event 2: King of the Playground

??? why are we even being mentioned? especially alongside hugo. lol

Hey all,

Just wanted to bump this post. Anyway, I hope you guys are all practicing up.

This tourney’s for KoF13, right?
Just making sure.

I wanted to inform all of you that I’m leaning towards the date of Nov. 14!

what game? SSF4 and MVC2 only?

will this be character locked?

Hey Alex, it looks like you guys already have a lot of good players for Community College.

Is it cool if El Camino College (ECC) form our own school?

@Kong - Yeah the only character thats banned is the random character

@Joon - Let’s see what david has in store first. if he can build his team, then im sorry you cannot be a seperate school and you’ll have to duke it out with other schools to make a team.

“8 Schools:
Cal States
Community Colleges
Wild Card

Even with David’s team, isn’t that a total of 7 teams?

What’s the point in having a tournament that only Cal could enter? Zingggggg

I’m trying to get in contact with some Berkeley guys, I’ll keep you guys updated.

Joon, you always have to take in account that Alex is a dumb ass. :rofl:

woops, LOL! I totally messed that up. I knew i did something wrong. well Joon you got it.

This is the following changes:

The Community Colleges will split into 2 regions. LA and OC.

Joon, I just want you to take into consideration of the other schools who would like to join, but I guess you’re team captain for LA region so you can as you like.

I’ll update the post.

To all schools,

Once you decide your teams could you guys post it up or send me a pm. I’m not exepecting it anytime soon, it’s a ways off till the event so don’t get stressed out about it.

For the people who wants to be part of the OC Community College team, let me know so I can hold some kind of tournament for it. I’m leaning towards a Round Robin to decide the people.

Don’t worry I won’t seed myself or anything, you’re all free to me anyways.
Just kidding!!! <3 XOXO

uh, just to clarify then. let’s say that i chose thawk as my character. my team plays against like, for example, UCI, and I play thawk. then our next match is against, lets say, UCSD. do i have to stick with thawk, or can i change my character based on knowing the other team’s character choices?

You can only use one character throughout the whole tourney.

I’m down for the OC round robin.

So uh…can I get some response on who’s down for the OC JC Team Round Robin so I can set up the time and place.

Thanks scrubs.

I’m up for it. :slight_smile:

I’m down.