The Rival Schools Event 2: King of the Playground

Round Robin
Mikado Style

Each school will be playing each other eventually.

Ex:ABCDE vs. 12345
A vs 1 = A wins
B vs 2 = 2 wins
C vs. 3 = C
D vs. 4 = 4 wins

A vs. 2
C vs. 4


Entry fee:
50$ per team

Standard Evo rules
Is it out of 1 set
Same characters allowed

Time/ Date:
Nov. 12 @ 6PM

Crescent Bay Room A @ UCI Student Center

UCI Campus Map ""
If you’re willing to pay for parking, I suggest parking at SCPS for $8. FYI, you cannot park past 12 a.m.

UCI Student Center Map “

Jorge and Tatsu!!!

Team OCC assemble!!!

Joon - El Camino College

Cal States team and CC team are gonna be so good… D:
Can we have UC Alliances too? It feels like Cal States and CC have such a big pool of players to choose from…

I’ve left it pretty open to you guys. Trust me you guys will be fine. I’ve designed it so that each team has a chance to reach out and grab whoever they’d like. I’ve made more strict rules toward cc and cal states to limit the pool.

i go to OCC too!! please dont let this be like junior high after school sports :[

Long Beach + Fullerton
gonna steam roll this

Alumni '10 CSULB + Cerritos CC!!!

I say split the CC’s and CS’s to become individual teams. Allow any alumni but require at least like 3 (or whatever) current students. Just imo. Combined CS’s and CC’s look stacked as of right now. :sweat:

And UltraDavid was talking about UC Berkeley I believe.

I’m up for this. :slight_smile: I go to SAC though, not OCC. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t act like you don’t know which school California is. THE University of CALIFORNIA.


Anyway I’ll see if I can get a team together!

By the way, I think having a Wild Card team is a bad idea, and I think having all Cal States in one team would make a superteam, and I think having all community colleges would be really really good too. If any Cal States or CCs wanna make a team, why not just scrap the Wild Card team and add those other teams instead?

i think ayo just wants free money from the smarter better looking UC kids
stop stacking the teams!

run mvc2 this time.

jack0a7 = Marc, right?

Lets doooo dis.

Team CC:

Throw in Hugo, ArkImpulse, resres, and a bunch of other competitive level players in there while you’re at it, why don’t you? D:
Honestly, limit the CCs and CalStates to 2 colleges per team at most, or figure out a way to make multiple teams out of them.
Having too stacked teams is not fun. Teams need to be much more balanced.
Increase the number of teams to give more leeway, and WildCard should be scraped. Last year’s was too OP, imo.

We have NegroMAT, Sneaky[Simon], and Robust. We cool wid dat.

I’m gonna let you guys soak it all in. For now you guys won’t hear any responses from me.

Wild card will have brand new members.

This event will not happen for a good 2 months, so please just bare with the decisions i made. If the teams seem to be unbalanced then of course play harder. You all have a great chance.

P.S. UCI has no right to complain since they won last time.

this is cool

cuz we hella educated and shitt

mvc2 side touney? Too down.

And yeah fuck all the bullshit with the CC’s and CS’s being one super team. Some broken tier stuff. UCLA is struggling with competitive players as is and there so many Cal state and Community College competitive players it’s ridiculous. I agree with Lainy in saying that the CC’s and CS’s should pair up and make a team. As in Cal state Fullerton with Cal state long beach composing ONE team. Or maybe even a cal state/community team hybrid…who knows. And I say limit of 2 alumni per team. there shouldnt be a team that is comprised of more alumni than actual current students imo. We still have 2 month to get this correct and HYPE so lets go!!

ucla gonna win this time.

p.s. only schools with a D1 football team should be allowed to have a squad :smiley:

yo, you should only be able to participate if your GPA is above a 3.0 hahahahaha get on those GE’s for fall quarter!!!