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Harlingen thread revised!!


how the hell did this shitty little city reach 3342 posts?? You fucking spammers.

<3 <3 <3 DRAMA <3 <3 <3

Wholly crap new thread! WAAAAAAA !! :frowning: Oh well. Talk to yall later then.

Well its official, THE MVC2 AT THE TILT IS DEAD. The screen burnt out while Max and Disciple were playing. They finished the match by listening to the sound. Its the latest in video game training. :lol: A little while afterwards this burnt smell started to fill the area around it. HAHA finally its put to rest. May it RIP and get moved to the bigger cabinet (yeah right like theyll do that for us).

And the EXTREME is offically OFFICIALLY SHIT. The left side right arrow gets stuck and wont come back up till its to late and the right side up arrow works like every other arrow if your lucky. I hate the TILT, looks like everyone is moving back to Lucky Spins where they have a really good MVC2, DDR, CVS, and some Street Fighter 3. And you can eat and order some cheap good tasting food. Why did i go back to the Tilt again?(scratches head in confusion) man i must of been drugged or something.

Ill be at Lucky Spins tomorrow probably with Max. So show up for some games.

Spank: We tried to call you to go do stuff with us, but when we called, your mom said hello and then jorge asked if you were there and she hung up on him. I called again about half an hour later cause jorge didnt want to and no one answered. And we were all like fuck that then.:mad:

RIP Tilt

Hehe. Sup guys? Hopefully you guys can come hang out again real soon. Last time I was kinda feeling under the weather, and I had finals going on and what not, and it kinda showed in my play.

Best wishes,


:lol: :lol: i was alseep til like 6. But hanging up on me hmm someone at max’s did the same to me so hahahaha.

HAAH, the poor screen couldnt handle all the DHCing… Oh well sooner or later it was gonna happen…::fingers crossed:: Maybe it will be reborn in the big cabinet…maybe:rolleyes: So from what time to what time will yall be at Lucky Spins ?? I may show up, Ive got some nickelodeon coins left over from brown-town, its takes thouse, yes?? Well either way may TILT finally be laid waste, or maybe one of us will be hired then we can fix up this shit, yeah right…:stuck_out_tongue: Talk to yall later.

Hola… my new s/n peeps, DuckY is old 2k3 this is 2k4 baby :wink:

Anyways… I’m l33t ub3r haX0r in CS don’t fuck with me :slight_smile:


Ok Dis. just gave me a call. Heres the deal, If yall want a tourney it can be held over here at mi casa. Unless u still want to have it at your place ,Dubya, but if its freezing i dont wanna be outside, and it could be raining, so you know but anyway.

Estimated start time will be around 12 or 1, the usual Saturday. And we are mainly loooking at Marvel, GG, and 3S. So make your plans. Should time and rides permit, B-town afterwards. So if any one needs rides just post up or what not. And if any one is coming from Harlingen who can spare some rides for your peers please do so, car pool kids!! The ozone is bad enough, haha. Anyways hope this Wednesday news is of sufficent time to get ready. Sides what else is there to do Tilt is dead. Well thats it, Post any comments, questions and what not.
Peace-n-luv, im out!

I need a ride can i get one? Anyone up fo games??

Where the fuck is lord gaylord at the fucker he owes me 20 bucks

Finally I here some news about this. So taking from the oweing of $20 Serg prevailed over ghaleon. What did you all play and such?

i personally own everyone in your half of the state…prove me otherwise with money at the regional or showdown…stfu;)

:frowning: :frowning: i suck.

Yeah you do. :smiley: and you smell funny too.:smiley:

so wussup negroid? we gonna blow out or what man!?!?!

lol yeah dude if you need some cash ill give ya some :), cant wait for ts! Hope to see ya there fool!!

ohh shit the new thread hahaha oh well, shit stiggz was ghosten now he’s posten, i thought i would say that cause it rhymes. whats up big guy, i won’t be going to any more regionals that i’m aware of i’m saving money for showdown and evo 2k4./ are you going to evo this year if you are let me know your flight times and all that shit maybe we can all go together like houston and harlingen( just a thought). just get a video camera and have hot minors ( reek some fucking havoc up in that biatch) :lol: well kiddies the tourny is at 12 at mandos so show up if not your fearing, so far i hear spank needs a ride if anyone can’t give him one i’ll pick him up. and we need you sticks guys. demon, max, and spank this means you. yea lucky spin sounds good from now on, nachos baby!!! fuck tilt the only reason i have going there is stephani. well other than that you all have my number give me a call if you all want to do something.

and riddle i don’t think i will be able to make it this weekend.
“later dayz willie mayz”


haha…sweet man…yea, im planning on going to EVO this year if all goes well…a trip would be sweet…i wanna see if I hire a pilot, if my company would let me take the private jet to Cali…hmmm