The RGV Thread - As South As South Can Get Part III


Old thread is now locked and the 3rd installment of the RGV thread is what you see here (even though I’m sure most of you all never saw the first one lol). New thread, fresh start. Post in here if you are from any part of the RGV.

This thread was started by me this time so no need to worry if the thread will still be here tomorrow.


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Posting for Donna!, We have the biggest scene, because we need to participate in eveyone elses to have one T_T.

Weslaco still fiending.

Edinburg Here.

Brownsville here, always looking for more people wanting to learn my anime games!

As for me repping the OG’s of the valley scene and Harlingen. We got a few players that play all the time so if your looking for games just post up.



Hey all you gamers, I am selling my 25" fighters at the game room.

MVC2 $400 (just the Naomi system and board are worth that much)

Street Fighter 3rd Strike $300 (A working 3rd Strike board is worth that without a cabinet)

Marvel Super Heroes $400 (CPSII system, you can swap out the boards and you have a new game)

Neo Geo King of Fighters $300 (It is what it is)

All games are plus 8.25% tax, Delivery available for a small fee depending on where you are.

Shipping alone is about $300 each for a game like this.

I am keeping the big screen games unless you want to pay a much higher price…

Let’s Play Arcade

Just wow I’m very surprised they funded this Tekken Hitting Blu-ray and DVD on July 19 -


I don’t see the point of starting a new thread, it’s a dead thread anyways but yeah a little thread change won’t hurt!! The CHAMP is still around just been busy working my ass off making some $$$ (Mullah) working OVERTIME!!

I’ve been around playing competitively longer then anyone around here in the Valley and that’s why the CHAMP lives up to it’s name*

Is there any game you play competitively now?

If you’re referring to me no not really because of my job that’s very demanding and because I’m always on call since I work at a hospital. I still play mvc2, MK and some shooting games occasionally when I’m off but that’s about it!!

still looking for people to play mvc with. Ill be on xbl all night just friend me.

you play mk as well lol damn, well that sucks but fuck it, money pays the bills right!!

yo we should game offline if possible unless online is better for you?

Jim wanted to bo the OP because the olds thread’s OP says fuck Demon Jim’s thread :lovin:

wats up yall, im new here where can i play games at? lol

na but 4 reals i game hard and i have a hard time finding good challenges
im from McALLEN and i play everything KOF MvC3 and a lil bit of MK but mostly Marvel

Welcome Mr. Dyno!! I play most of those games you mention but would like to know if you play any of those on xbox or ps3?

y0 dyno hit me up: 9563102863 We play a lot in Pharr and game greater than or equal to what you do lol. :]

For those of you who don’t know, there is a house tournament in Alamo this Saturday. Games listed are MvC3. SSFIV, MK, and BB:CS. Venue fee is $5 AND IT INCLUDES A BBQ PLATE, and entry to each game is $5. Teams may or may not happen, depending if Fro runs his mouth or not LOL.

I love EZs first post in this thread. Typical.

BBQ plate that comes with the registration of a tourny sounds gdlk.


Merely stating facts my friend!! I’m probably older then most of you guys and back in 99, 00 most of you guys were probably younger then 14yrs old and in school while I was gaming competitively!! Now my job and making $$$ is ALL that’s in my mind. Competitively I don’t play as much but when I do have the spare time I’m always up for a challenge!!