The Real Bout FF Special Thread: RANGE Line Shift Counter Chart Part I up!

Okay since we got started with the RB2 thread and things got carried away with RBS in that thread, I decided it’d be best make my own here in FGD also…

Tournament Rules:

  1. Everyone is legal except Nightmare Geese

Match Vids-

Geese Tower:



Juarez, Mexico “Juarez, Dojo Series”-

Look up on youtube handle DarkGeeseMexico.

Week of 4-21 to 4-28:

MWC 2k8-

How to pick the hidden characters-

RBS is a very deep game guys…

It doesnt just boil down to Line shift attacks…Real Bout Fatal Fury Special is sooo much more…

I say the top tier at least in America is as follows:

US RBS Tier List…

God Tier and Banned:
Nightmare Geese

S + Class: (courtesy of shinblanka)

  1. Billy
  2. Sokaku
  3. EX Billy
  4. Yama

Mai, Krauser, Kim, Duck King

A Class: Everyone else but Cheng

Bottom Tier:

Also the line shift system is deeper than in RB2 in this game…

I have a matchup chart you should check as well as other things…

Speed Line Shift/Counter Chart- (unfinished)

How many Planes are there and how does it work?

RANGE Line Shift Counter Chart:


What makes him The best in the game?


Josh’s Sokaku Unblockable:


EX Mary:


Why is she S-?


-Dark Geese

Great stuff, DG. But Billy is the best only at this game? Its not the same thing in RB2?

Billy is the best character in RBS by far…but hes not unbeatable as my chart shows how…you just gotta know the matchups…and people like Krauser vs. Billy and Franco vs. Billy is ALL in Billys favor…some of the worst matchups in the game…

Billy is not nearly as good in RB2…over half the cast in RB2 got butchered severely…so the game feels watered down if you’ve been playing RBS…
RB2 is still a good game…but if you know your character from RBS…you will notice the severity of the watering down…

Some characters are still good like Mai, but not as good as in RBS, Kim is still good too but not as good as in RBS, characters like Billy and Laurence got the worst nerfing!!!

Right i see, i’ll do the test. I wonder why SNK doesnt keep the same game experience, i mean the characters, why do they have to be diffenrent in every game? Making them better or worst to make the game better or worst than the other games. I dont get that point. I hope you understand what im saying.

Yeah I understand…but I think to a degree its better…if theres something broken they fix it…

What its strange is when certain characters are top tier or near top tier in every SNK game they are in even AFTER changes…

(See Iori and Kim lol)

The Supreme buddy where you at dude? :wonder:

hey houz it goin dood

and lets begin

choose your favorite character

Be tuff!

Or be dead, big guy!

LOL yeah the announcer kinds reminds me of what happened in MIRA…


edit- Also the first RBS tournament at a Major will be held at MWC end of June!!!

the first opponent looks ready to kill.

also, geese is excluded from the tier list i presume? cause he is NR1 by far, even owning billy easily.

what i really hated when i first bought RB2 (when it was just released on the neo) compared to RBS was that even though in the end the game was better, they didn’t improve everything. some things where better in RBS, and thats something that shouldnt have been in a true sequel. besides, i remember cursing snk for watering the characters down so damn much. but then again, i was also complaining about why everybody seemed to fight so similarly in RBS, at least that got changed.

p.s. while it doesnt deserve a thread of its own, but maybe we should ad a list of improvements and fuck ups they made going from RBS to RB2 in both the RBS and RB2 thread? theres quite some shit to be said about this.

Go right ahead and add that stuff from changes from RBS to RB2 and viceversa in here…I’ll archive it post the link you made in the RB2 thread when people ask…


Yeah N.Geese is God Tier and banned…he surely fucks up Billy.

Dan which game was it that we played and Mai was pretty broke? Because if it’s this one then u already know how I feel about this game…

RBS Mai is arguably one of her best forms EVER … It cant be RB2 and it cant be RB1…this has to be the game.

Maybe Fatal Fury Special but even then Kim is top tier…RBS Mai’s top tier hands down. More people than her have abusable stuff in this game…you just gotta think how to get around it…

But as one of the OG Mai RBS players I can tell you theres ways around her…

EDIT- Guys updated first post with two match vids…I will update with some more of me playing when I go to Mexico and MWC…they will be recent…nothing out there of me even touches the surface of how much stronger I am in this game…I’m about 10x stronger than even the most recent vids people have seen…

Also guys there are Wall Breaker comboes in this game people should learn! Also since EX Mary is top tier that confirms that she is a playable character!

-Dark Geese


honestly if i had thought of it back when people still thought aye bay bay was funny i woulda got myself one of those avs with billy sayin HONK YOU BAY BAY

and yes webster this is THAT GAME

Guys yet another reason I just found out why Mai is top tier…

-SHE CAN DO 25-30% GUARANTEED (on one bar that is) OFF A FUCKING THROW!

She has a guaranteed Ultimate Juggle combo off a throw!!! :looney:

EDIT- This only works on the bigguns guys…

I got a practical 90% Dizzy Wall Breaker combo with Mai…wanna see it?? I will also show the Ult. Juggle that works vs. the Bigguns only like Krauser and Bash…

Stay tuned I’m posting the vid up soon!

Here it is…a Practical Wall Breaker 90% combo with Mai in RBS…from me…

Plus the throw combo that works on bigguns…


No I aint bothering trying to sync the audio…that takes extra time…not worth it right now.

-Dark Geese

Best part about the game:


come back boy

Yeah thats good shit right there without doubt! :tup:

EDIT- Guys I have Sokaku as a backup also in RBS should Mai and Billy not be enough to win me the title…

Heres a reason why…,thought that was sick with Mai? Heres a 100% practical non infinite combo with Sokaku that I am getting ready to put up…

Stay tuned…

Sokaku was severely toned down in RB2…see for yourself with what I am about to put up…this is just ONE way to do it…he has quite a few…


Here is my own practical 100% combo with Sokaku…even if I were to not have any meter and repeat the same combo post dizzy its STILL 90% of your health!


Mai after the throw can combo her :hcf: +:snkc: and even the S.power (for nearly 3/4 of the yellow life bar) but only on some character.
If we are talking about the same thing i’m 100% sure it works on Andy (so not only on big guys), someone should try that on every character for a complete list…
When the opponent is in the corner even Joe can combo his dp after the multihit throw.

Finally I want to point that the damage taken when the life bar is yellow is MORE than then when the life bar is red.

PS: I’m working on a complete combo video about 100% combos with stun, I’ll let you know when it will be finished.

Whoa. If Sokaku can do 90%, Nightmare Geese could do like 110% or something like that, that’s why he’s banned. Right?

Great Stuff DG.

Yo IMO your rankings are not correct lukus.

IMO the only 1 you got right is billy at #1

The ranking imo is the following without using ex characters and N.M. Geese:

  1. BILLY KANE- need I say more
  2. Wolfgang Krauser- If he had the combo’s he would be #1 imo
  3. Sokaku- Combo master in rbs. Best downed attack in rbs!
  4. L. Blood- has a dodge, long range attacks and easy high damaging combo’s
  5. Terry Bogard- 2nd best combo master in rbs.
  6. Blue Mary- counters good combo’s and a great dp, but kinda hard to play with properly.
  7. Kim- Damaging Combo’s with range, and great anti air
  8. Tung Fu Ru- he’s better than everyone thinks, but hard to play with correctly.

Mai is not in the top 5 IMO. I use to play this game hardcore back in the day and I use to play with that hoe. Now she has some good shit, but I can’t put her above those characters.

I don’t count ex characters because you need to do a code to use them. The ranking would be different if you use the ex characters.