The Razer Arcade Stick Thread!

Recently announced Razer Arcade stick looks sleek but it seems to be only on the xbox. Also it doesn’t look like it uses quick disconnects that we’re used to, But a different kind that has both connectors in 1.
more info at their site, Don’t forget to sign up for their beta Program!

List of suggestions:
Different Quick Connects for the buttons and stick
Common Ground PCB
Move the insides to the Bottom of the Stick
Move The Latch that Opens the stick
Make the height inside the stick taller so it can have parts that aren’t japanese

Button Layout
Include Button Plugs

I don’t think they can make anything better looking than what we have seen already.

Top quality sticks by retail, my personal list

  1. Hori VLX Premium (durability, arcade feel, authentic components)
  2. Madcatz TE series (durability, extreme modification friendly, portability with size and new MC bags, authentic components)
  3. Hori RAP series (durability, arcade feel, portability with size, some authentic components)
  4. Custom sticks; you can’t deny some of the stuff here is just extremely well crafted out of a garage.

What kind of driving points would Razer be pushing for besides their established peripheral brands? Their Xbox pads decent but nothing special. I think the Madcatz MLG controller pad has better components already. What with sticks can they possibly do to top the standards today?

HELLZ YEAH SON I called it! Needs more LEDs though lol.

Made this thread Way back when they first showed interest in making one. Nice to see them following through.

Most of the Tech Talk regs have already registered for the beta. That said, I’d like to request from you folks that, unless you’re a known modder, builder, regular on the TT forums, please don’t just apply to the beta in the hopes of getting a free beta stick.

Looks a lot like a TE.

And not all you guys deserve to even test one out.
Just the Modders and Builders.

Well I don’t know what you mean by “known” but I have modded 3 sticks and I feel that that is enough for me to warrant an inclusion. You don’t have to make tech talk sound like a super l33t club or whatever.

They haven’t Said what parts they’re gonna use yet so this’ll be interesting, especially since razer has a bit of a reputation for great stuff…but only if it doesn’t break first. I think they’re gonna try to set themselves ahead by pricing their stick for less than a VLX but with the same functions.

I’m talking about the fact that, seeing how easy it is to sign up, some folks might be tempted to simply sign up hoping for a free stick, flooding their inbox in the process. If you think that you are qualified, and have proof, then do sign up. But if you’re just a random SRK poster without any proper TT knowledge, then you might not be the best person for the beta.

Well, ok then. :confused:

Why not? If you look at the submission page, It asked for tournament players, modders, AND fans. I don’t think discouraging modders who aren’t “well known” is gonna give anyone like JDM, B15, Gummowned, or Toodles a better chance at grabbing one.

Edit: Sorry JDM :frowning:

Man, I was not mentioned by Dezik.
Guess I’m not well known. :crybaby:

Razer is really trying to revive their own business at this point. They had some great gaming mice, most notably the Deathadder, but lately they’ve been trying to expand into every reach of the gaming community because their most recent PC prepherials aside from the Black Widow keyboard have been fairly lackluster and haven’t caught on all too well in the FPS communities because of the solid releases by Logitech with their G500 and Steelseries with their Xai, both of which use the Avago ADNS-9500 sensor…

And then they went on some marketing campaign saying PC gaming is dying and that Razer was going to save PC gaming, so they released a $2800 laptop after their gaming netbook idea kind of failed.

I don’t expect too much from this stick, but that’s just my opinion. I think Razer has been a sellout recently :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t mention modding my sticks. If that’s what they are looking for then I’ll gladly mod theirs if I get in to the beta.

That is an infractable offense IMO.

It should be. One of the reasons the TEs are so highly praised is that modding them is a cinch.

Well they say they want advice no better place to look than here. (I would fill it with toodles PCB’s and his Optical sanwa stick PCB) Madcatz(Markman) did an amazing job but there are definitely things that can be improved from an ease of customization standpoint. It will be great to see how serious their commitment to this really is.

I’ll be quite honest, these things don’t look super impressive. I will give that the wiring is super clean and the insides look hella roomy, but besides that, there’s nothing about this stick that either hasn’t already been done by the opposition. But, this is after all still beta stage images, so who knows what cool things they’ll change?

They may not look impressive to me, but I’m sure as hell still hype for them! :smiley:

Actually its using quick connects similar the last RAP like the VX SA just colored differently.

That’s pretty dope. I want one

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What I want to know is why 360 only, especially considering that EVO is run on PS3s. I mean, yeah it means more mod money for us, but still, you have to wonder.