The Raven Thread

General discussion for Raven, the ninja badass who made his debut in Tekken 5. Movelist, vids and general informaition will be updated as more information gets revealed.


:qcf::p: - **Crossed Ninja Stars **(Air OK)

Raven throws a shuriken horizontally across the screen. Each strength makes it travel slightly faster. EX version goes very fast and puts enemy in a juggle state.

:qcb::p: - Wind Cross

Raven dashes forward and slashes. On block, Raven appears directly behind his opponent, but is unsafe. EX version makes Raven slash 3 times, the third slash knocking your opponent upwards. Great for Switch Cancels. The EX version also sends Raven away from the opponent if guarded, making it slightly safer.

:qcf::k: - Alter Ego

strength determines followup. :lk: = Low hit. :mk: = Overhead. :hk: = Low with a high fake out.
Raven does a cool looking teleport into a kick.

:dp:/:rdp: 3:p: or 3:k:- **Haze **

Raven’s teleport. The punch version will move Raven forward, the kick version backwards. Motion also determines how far the teleport will reach.

Notable normals:

:b::mk:, :mk: Skull Smasher. A two hit kicking normal. The second hit is overhead and floor bounces. You can also go into a low hit by doing :hk: after the :b::mk:. This variation knocks the opponent down.

:f::mk: A two hit command normal.

Raven Super Art and Cross Art:

:qcb:+ 3 :p:- Doppelgänger (Super Art)


Character basic walkthrough with LPN:


Reserved, just in case.

Reserved… easy enough.

Just a couple of dudes testing out the moves. Hugo and Ravens tag super is also there.

Just some more gameplay

In this Gamespot interview, Ono mentions Raven plays kinda like a mix of Cammy and Fei Long.

Pretty cool comparison. They also said Raven is super good right now and faced the most balancing. 1 word. Bad a-


I think Raven does look great now. In the trailers him and Yoshi were doing some very nasty things. Can’t wait to see more of Wesker…I mean Raven =]

Known moves so far:

QCF+P - Shuriken throw
j.QCF+P - Air Shuriken (Travels horizontally)
HCB+P - Ninja slash (I’m guessing that strength pressed determines either damage or distance traveled, EX version does the triple slash shown in the gameplay trailer)
HCF+K - Teleport attacks (strength determines followup. LK = Low hit. MK = Overhead. HK = unknown, looks like the overhead version, probably his double vision attack)

Lol, I though the same thing. The guy is cool like Wesker. Slick, black suit. Sunglasses (even at night). Voiced by DC Douglas. Too good. Definitely gonna give him a whirl day 1.

Awesome, thanks broham. I’ll put this in the first post.

I’m gonna try him out with Ibuki because she’s my SF4 main

Raven and Yoshi looked like freakin BFFs in the trailers, even though the combos they were pulling off aren’t possible outside of training, it gives an idea of how they’ll link up. Unless they reveal Armor King or something, I’ll be maining both of them at least for the first few days

I think the best part about Raven’s design in this game is that it’s nothing identical to his Tekken’s gameplay. Capcom can give Raven moves that couldn’t be viable in Tekken. He is actually one of the few Tekken character that play more like a street fighter character.

Which is pretty fucking cool in my opinion.

I kno they were doing such cool combos, and when we get out hands on them and make the practical they will be stunning. I might try Raven day 1 but for sure Yoshi Ibuki and Hwoarang.

I agree I think it’s great that they re-tooled him to be similar to a Street Fighter character, now if they do it with anybody else that would be nice.

Here are some more videos

Everytime I see Raven gameplay it’s always with Kuma or Hugo…any thoughts as to why, well besides the fact that people like them and wanna try them out.

I’m glad they put Raven in the game, though. Dude has an original design and needs some exposure.

Looks like a boss to me. I’ve always been more of a Tekken than a Street Fighter fan as far as characters go, but I haven’t enjoyed a Tekken game since the PS2 ones. This game looks like a day one purchase for me though.

Raven is gonna be so sick. Just please, gives us his alt, the one in the traditional ninja suit. Mained. Day 1. Errday.

Thought I’d chime in since I’m watching the stream from PAX right now and will be checking the game out at PAX later this weekend. From what I’m seeing Raven has ASS health. 1 tag combo takes 50% or more of his health as opposed to the rest of the cast who can survive it no problems. It also seems like Raven is essentially Tekken’s glass cannon. His damage is decent but its the fact that he can combo so much and into so many things (at least from what im seeing right now) that makes him such a threat. They were talking about the right way to balance him, I think Ono mentioned he was kinda broken in one way or another. I think he takes too much damage right now but I don’t know his full combo potential yet so we’ll see.

Yeah, I’m kidna getting a (CGoH) Karas vibe off Raven. Can combo you to hell and back, great great set ups, great everything, and the only way to keep him fair is give him crap health.

Finally, a game where Raven isn’t bad. Playing Raven/Guy