The Random Team/Assist Generator using The Radom Team Generator!

Ok heres how this works, someone picks a random team with random assists using the random team generator and then everyone else trys to find ways to make that team work.

Then after were done with that team a new random team & assists is picked using the random team generator and we all do our best to figure that new team out.

This is just a fun little way to crack mvc2 wide open. (I thought of this while watching japanese mvc2 players on youtube, because they use everyone and every assist)


anakaris - variety
gief - ground
sonson - anti air


This is the first team we do people, I’ll add some things a bit later :slight_smile:

^lol. This is hot! I like this thread.

I’ll post up some stuff a bit later (combos, DHCs, set-ups/tactics).

Stuff I am already thinking on though:

-curse resets
-double snaps

-aid in double snap…*mecha gief steps this up
-aid in curse resets

-unblockable DHCs? Sonson–>Anakaris

Risuno Meijin, Eczangief, BeatsofDevil get on this! Low-tier fanatics/creatives should eat this up.

This is a great idea HuStLe.

Off the top of my head gief can x-up splash (d+FP) and call Son-son AA, cancel FP to KK Lariat to knock them out of AA hit momentum and rejump into a piledriver combo.

Son/Gief has a sneaky dhc with midair whiff qcf+PP staff super DHC to Final Atomic Buster. You could even do a pressure string on the ground or tri-jump, then square jump across, Dildo Super xx FAB.

I think FAB dhc to Staff/Dildo Super connects for decent dmg.

I’ll have to peep what anak variety even is. I don’t play that dude yet his moves are to hard to remember.

are you suuuure that’s random…shit that’s a real team I’ve seen used…

yes anaXXgief= curse infinite.

anaXXsonson is already known to be hot fiyah.

what is ana variety again? I believe coffin drop.

zangief with sonson assist can’t do much…but vice versa that’s easy setup/protection for combos or tigerknee’d monkeys.

also, that’s the one thing that would’ve made marvel so much more fun, is a random select…doing random select in CVS2 alone adds more replay value

psssh, have people forgotten about the ghetto random?

close your eyes and move the stick all over the place. Randomly hit a button to select a character and after you select your character, hold up for x amount of time to scroll through assist types and blindly select one. :rofl:

pa dow! random marvel team.

no human could be random when selecting a team because there will always be elements of pre thought to it. People should just select random ugly unused characters\assist types

yeah…no. that doesn’t work nearly as well…

I’ll have to bring my calculator, maybe make a program that would random select out of the characters. or something. I want something truly random


I’m not joking.

I want this to be my console MM team.

does the computer pick random teams? I get some of my team ideas from the computer in arcade mode. The computer picks some pretty good shit you would never really think of. :rofl:

This should be interesting.

mecha gief assist is too dirty.

All i know is that short short gief is all you need. Free mixup/launch every time.

to make it more open i left out assists since the team won work exactly like msp.

oh yeah there are some good anakaris/sonson matchvids at preppys especially one where he sets up an assitkill in the corner

Gief bread and butter combo -> Splash, land, c. lp, c. mp ^ lp, mp (wait) SPD (50% combo)

Gief is by far the weakest character in the team, so maybe we should consider putting him last. He becomes more viable in one on one end games since he can splash/knee with impunity.

General game play:

Reach for the stars Zangief! -> DP + K air throw. This is a very good tool to move foward. It also can throw the opponent if they jump. The HK version is low priority and goes very far, while the LK version is very high priority but only moves a bit forward. (alternating between them can help bait out attempts to punish the HK version)

Splash and Knee -> D+ HP, D+ LK respectively. The splash has a huge cross up hit box, but is very low priority. In fact I’ve seen magnus launcher beat it clean. That’s why sometimes D+LK is better. It can cross up and is higher priority. Of course it doesn’t have as big of a hit box and it does less damage as a trade off.

DF+HK throw (the nut grab) -> When mashed properly this can do more damage than a SPD. Even mediocre mashers can usually get around 32 damage. A good option over complicated SPD set ups.

Silly SPD set ups -> My favorite would have to be cross up splash, df+hp (launcher) wait, SPD.

Protect your assists -> Cable can AHVB, Storm can hail, Sent can HSF. Gief doesn’t have any of these things, so he only has the low tier option: super jumping over the opponent. Unfortunately he has a very short super jump arc, so all you can do is press down up and pray.

That’s about it. Of course there’s also the use of the banishing fist and super jumping to move foward, but really that should just about cover it.

In addition to the stuff Higher-JIn already posted:
-whiffed SPDs on sj. for hang-time/meter building (don’t be too predictable or you will get punished)
-yea, I totally agree w/ having gief 3rd on this team for his usefulness as assist and his better value in 1on1 vs most characters
-call anak, super jump uf…or be risky and dp+k for distance
*ground assist type can be ducked by all (?) characters…this in itself aids as a little mix-up initiative

-variety assist is coffin drop…it drops a little further than mid-screen…does not hit full screen unless your opponent is big and fat like Jugz (lol)…if this were fs, it would be hella useful

…gotta run, but will post a little more and a few vs cpu match vids with me giving this team a shot

Good gief knowledge all around, but don’t underestimate gief as starter-- his meter building is VERY fast, and he has a lot of ways to do it–

as Judge mentioned, sj. FP/HK xx SPD xN

or sj FP/HK xx Lariat, land repeat

or straight ‘tiger knee’ KK Lariats very shallow

If you can block there’s no reason to fear starting him. With a solid defense and smart AA assist management, he can play patient and still be scary. I’
ll eff around wittim on point and see what he can do on this squad.

what’s a good thing to do with anakaris after idle hands is stay where you are and whiff a quick move, or move a bit forward or back, and do a nj d+hk overhead.

I hit em’ everytime when I just stay put, b-f+lp (while they’re rolling), and then neutral pyramid overhead as they’re getting up.

you can do the afformentioned mixups for people who catch on. people usually have trouble just figuring out which side to block on, let alone hi/low. with moving a bit and planting zangief assist which hits both sides, shit is deadly.

and yes, zangief for last…mainly for how much he helps anak and sonson…and the fact that sonson on her own is a beast…

^lol. I like doing this, too. After the Anak grab, I’ll just either dash forward and then backward to try and catch my opponent after rolling with the overhead and Gief assist.

Gief on point? I’m thinking on this, because when Anak dies (after being on point and taking damage like a little girl), the team really, really weakens. Sonson is very mobile and can do some silly off-the-wall (literally) stuff using Gief-ground, but the damage output is minor. I noticed it takes me at least 4-5 hit confirms to take out an opponent using Sonson.

I’m thinking for Gief on point:
-turtle using sonson aa for heavy pressure moments
-carefully using anak variety for some long distance dmg/chip
-sj hp/hkxxspd whiffing for meter (i’m not sure of how fast this builds meter, but if you say VERY fast ecz, then it’s good stuff and not too risky)
-dhc out to…? anak coffin drop? sonson monkey? or just tag out when appropriate?

Also, an assist kill that works for Sonson would be:
after doublesnap, dash forward and catch the assist w/ f+hpxxhp dp move and proceed to kill with hk launcher; if you are past mid-screen, then just dash forward to catch assist with re-launch or dp move then start launching…you could even repeat lp dp move

Gief assist kill:
just repeatedly launch w/ hp launcher OR jumping KK lariats

Anak assist kill:

I’m uploading my casuals using this team from last night in play w/ unknownenemyzero, but I’m not sure how youtube’s shitty system will take the .mov. Will see.

I think this team is very usable, no doubt. It’s strengths:
-anak air control (mummy curse threat, coffin drop, range, b+f hp range), idle hands
-anak curse reset threat, air comboxxhc damage, range on snapback, quick overhead
-sonson’s speed, mobility, invincible monkey super, lp projectile as slight forward shield, wall climb cross-ups and set-ups, aa assist
-gief’s ground assist, unblockable hc, dmg on spd, meter-building…

In order to make the most of this team, though, the Anakaris skills have to be sick. Period. Perfect execution on resets w/ mummy curse, and linking the hc into the aerial rave are must haves. Can’t forget using his hcf+pp super to punish on-screen assists and to do chip.

Also, someone could give tips on priority normals w/ sonson and anak. I have a basic idea of which to use in what situations. I guess I’ll post up some info on top normals to use when on ground, in jump, in sj, and for whatever other situations using training mode, joo’s chart and magnetro’s revised version(s).

Ninja Edit: Some things that saved or would have saved my ass last night:
-against attempted GBs on Gief’s entry: pushblockxxwhiffed spd…if you intend to trade w/ a normal, pushblockxxPP lariat
-snapback the weakest link of your opposing team into play when necessary…snapback natural enemies of your points…snap in assists that f’ up your team play (e.g., tron-projectile , cc-aa, doom-aa…we all know who these are)
-don’t mess up w/ Anak…EVER

Also, Anak has a GB set-up w/ Sonson…costs 2 meters and not very damaging (~40-45 pts):
after point kill, sj to the side where next point is coming in, drop lp coffinxx(slight pause) d,d+PP superxxDHC to sonson
*use the staff if they can fly/dash out (mag,sent,storm,im…)
**otherwise, use the fruity hc lol