The Price Check Thread

Unsure of how much something is worth?
Ask in here.
Just post the item you have you would like to know the true value and people should be able to help you out. That way you can go back into your sales thread and post a reasonable price.

IMPORTANT: NO selling goes on in this thread. Only price suggestions. Thank you.

I guess this is a buyer’s view question, what would be a decent price to ask for a Madcatz TE and TE S respectively?

Sanwa JLF with blue 35mm Sanwa Ball top, mounting plate from TE, approximately 7-8 hours of use.
8 Sanwa blue snap in buttons, approximately 7-8 hours of use.
360 SE PCB, in working condition.

How much would they be worth?

Density- depending on the usage and overall condition most TE sticks are posting for $80-$100 shipped and TE S around $95 - 110 shipped on this forum… Madcatz discount sales also is a factor… when they are selling TE sticks for $100 plus free shipping buying a used TE for the same amount doesnt help the seller… DUAL MODDED TE’s are a diffrent story all together so this is really just for stock TE’s with an occational button mod or artwork…

Zombie- Used JLF usually around $20 shipped but its sellers call of course just seen it and bought it for around that myself…
8 sanwa buttons usually as a set seen going for $20 - $25 especially if its a non traditional color such as black or white
360 SE pcb I’ve bought for $35 but I’ve seen as low as $30…

ofcourse this is just ball park since I follow certin sellers here that sell these items from time to time… not saying it cant be sold for higher… just what I have seen and or bought myself

Hey thanks Valaris, this thread is a good idea.

So, I guess I could use some input from people with honest experience…

I’m testing the waters to gauge interst on my beloved B15 stick. I am well aware of home much time and money I pumped into the thing but I am also aware that most people are not going to care about that. So, my question is what do you guys think this custom is truly worth? You can see the thread here.

I remember a while back, one of our fellow members was trying to sell a gorgeous spiderman stick with MvC3 art. I’m too lazy to search for the thread but I do remember that he was asking for 500 at first but he had to lower it significantly in order to get anyone interested in actually buying it.

This input will help me decide if it’s worth trying to sell it. Otherwise, I’ll just keep it. Thanks.

B15 stick would be hard to sell to the masses being that each stick is a personal reflection of what the buyer wants in a custom stick. Beauty for sure but getting the sale price close to what you bought it for might be a stretch… not saying that it wont sell but you have to get lucky and find that one buyer that saw it before and said to them selves “I WANT that stick!”. I think I’ve seen B15 sticks posted around $300 just recently… and from experience I know thats a bit of a loss from the origional price.
Custom sticks in general is a tough sale when it comes buyers with not much knowledge goes into making one… If you do sell it good luck and dont back down when it comes to what YOU want to sell it for…

I want to sell something but I dont know the true value, who can I ask as I have a mad catz stick SSFIV which is the limited SDCC 2009 one and a evo bag

so how much you guys reckon I can sell them for to sell in the trade sell thread

how much could i get far a jailbroke/unlocked iphone 3g 8 gig thats in good condition?

It depends on the condition. I’d take some pictures and include a shot that shows the count number on the bottom (e.g., 100 of 1,000) because those are rare. If it was in brand new condition, I’d say somewhere between $200-$300. That’s just my “guestimation” so don’t quote me. I’m no pro at this.

The biggest problem with that is the 3G part of it. There have been 3 other versions of the iphone since that one so it is dated in terms of horsepower which makes it less attractive. The 3GS is a faster phone and slimmer at that. The 3G version that you have is a little slower and a little thicker. The speed matters most when running gaming apps and browsing the web on an ATT or T-Mobile network. I’d guess it might be worth $150.00 to $200.00 **ONLY IF **it’s in excellent condition. Again, I am no pro so…

neat thread.

I’m curious what the going rate for PS360 is, especially since there wont be any for the next long while…

EVO stick sack usually sells for $20-$35 shipped depending on if it’s new or used.

The 2009 SDCC TE has sold here for as low as $185 shipped brand-new. That’s rock bottom pricing though & it was the PS3 version. I was the one who sold it. If you have the 360 version, you could get $200-$230 depending on if it is brand-new or not. :slight_smile:

I would say $150 shipped. That’s what I was able to get when I sold mine. Could me more or less depending on its condition & what it comes with, such as original retail box, earbuds, charger, & any extras. You are also able to “do more” with the 3G version compared to the newer ones. :smiley:

There was a PS360 sold earlier this month for $60 shipped. It was already wired & included a 10ft. cable. It sold extremely fast. If the one you have is brand-new, you could easily get $65 shipped. Also, butteroj recently posted a thread looking to buy one, so you may want to see if he is still looking for one for a quick sale, or maybe you were just curious about its value? :slight_smile:

well i bought a bunch for my exibit in April and i have 4 that are barely used. But also means they’ve been ‘tested’ to ensure they wont malfunction. These things are like gold for the next little while…

Here are some things that I’m thinking about getting rid of. Looking to see what you guys think would be fair with shipping.

  • 1st gen 60 GB PS3 with PS2 backwards compatibility. No longer reads Blu-rays. Adult owned. Comes with system, power cord, HDMI cable. No controller.

  • Japanese Xbox 360 Arcade system (non-slim). Only used it for around 2 weeks. I was going to buy some imports, but never got around to it. Comes with system, power brick, HDMI cable, and controller.

  • Xbox 360 250 GB hard drive.

  • Japanese Xbox 360 Arcade system (as described above) combined with the 250 GB hard drive.

This is nifty :tup:

I would say $40-$45 shipped. I’m not sure about the systems. Maybe someone else can chime in. :slight_smile:

I have the Guilty Gear XX PS2 Hori Stick and would like to know its worth:
I have the box, 9.5/10 condition, only opened and used once for testing.