The Orlando Thread: We Have The Life Lead, So We're Going To Chill!

New Thread. Many new faces are showing up in the scene. Welcome the newcomers and beat them to a pulp.

I second this.

Finally. I hated posting in that thread. I don’t understand the title for this one though.

“The NEW Orlando Thread: Where Thread Should Be About Orlando…”

Either it’s gone completely over my head, or there is something missing. Either way, Marvel sucks. Gogogo MK!

Marvel can’t suck. It’s not out yet…

PS: Who is going to EVO?

Not this guy since no one else said they were lol.

Reminder I’m hosting at 5ish tonight

Just tried to emulate GGXXAC (PS2) on my PC with predictably underwhelming results. Couldn’t get it to run in the latest version of pcsx2 because it didn’t have support for the patch that kept the game from freezing at the ArcSys logo, so I had to go back to the old version…where the game ran at roughly 20% speed. :-/

I’ll try emulating the Wii version (lol) later but I’m not holding out much hope.

Also, [media=youtube]EgFA3Y2G94o"[/media] looks to be just about as miserable with real players as I remember it being with me and Rico. Really stupid that I didn’t figure out the 2S -> 2HS gatling, though…I only played Potemkin in #Reload so I’m really not used to having gatling strings that GOOD. (2S sucks people IN on hit? The Potemkin I remember NEVER had anything that good!) Close Slash, far Slash, sweep xx Hammer Fall break is the best I remember him having…I’m not used to actually being able to hit-confirm 2HS off of more than one hit (for close slash, 2HS, Heavenly Pot Buster).

However obnoxiously hard this game may be to learn…it sure beats the hell out of playing Tager in BB. Slide Head and Hammer Fall are so much better than Sledge and 2D it’s not even funny.

Potemkin is my favorite fighting game character of all time.



You still play GGXXAC, Ben? Next time we meet and it’s available, I want to get some games in with my Baiken. It’ll be a fun distraction from Super 4 at least.

Thank you bobsmack

Yup. Took a sec b/c I had already merged the two threads together, so I couldn’t delete the old posts without deleting the entire thread. Had to move them out to another thread and delete it that way.

Mortal Kombat looks real promising. I’m really interested too see how in depth the combo system can get especially with the tag team system. The blood the gore the violence is all there. Love Kung Lao fatality. I wonder if they will have team fatalites and what new characters if any? Seems that would be a great idea. Here’s hoping for a good game.

E3 2010 Stage Demo: Mortal Kombat

Get Hype!!

Maybe they will have team fatalities. It doesn’t seem like they’ve done a thing with the gameplay. It looks exactly like the horrible 3d games. Random whiffing during canned combos, crappy animations, and moves that hit but don’t look like they do or shouldn’t. The X-Ray moves look OP and seem pretty easy to combo into. The only thing that looked good were the fatalities and real time injuries to the chars. I don’t see how this can be compared to UMK3 style gameplay which was thrown around far enough for me to hear it. I’ll still play it though.

Hey guys, trying to get into the SSF4 offline scene a bit recently. Went to CEO and I had a lot of fun. I’m trying to find some get togethers or whatever that are a bit more consistent than just random tournaments. Some ranbats or just playing with some people at some guys house would be cool.

If anything like that goes down, could someone let me know?

Hey Edge, I got your pm. Welcome to the community! Keep checking back here for updates on events and stuff to come out and attend. Personally, I’m very busy with work right now, so ranbats has been put on hold for awhile until I can get a better schedule to host them. Also, I found a new place in Avalon. I should be moving in a couple of weeks with Leland as my roommate.

Thanks, I’ll keep tabs on this thread.

That sounds cool, I live right in Avalon too.
You know where Timber Creek High School is? I just graduated from there, I live in a neighborhood not even a mile from there. You probably wont end up too far away from me lol.

hey i’ll be in orlando tonight with my TE for the 360, anyone gaming?

Oh, I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for this shit… I really do hope that Orlando has a good MK9 contingency come 2011!

On another note, I just now noticed they added the Join Date and total posts. Here comes the “You fucking 09ers!!” shit all over again… heh.

R.I.P. account I created in 06 with absolutely forgotten drunken screen name and password.