The only ken thread you will EVER need

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i have a ken question though, why isnt ken used more? his assist is just like son son but it’s invisible. i use him a lot and just thought a lot more people would play him because of how great his assist is…sigh i’ll never get it?

redid it, tutorial vid should come out soon.

Um, this may be hideously late, but I don’t see any attachment w/ the FAQ… :wonder:

some of the stuff is outdated

the ken cross up thing is semi useful right now but you have to know when it crosses up

marvel has a really weird special move property where a special move doesn’t “cross up” until the opponent’s character’s sprite turns around

Ken works good with sent-A because he’s slow enough to let the commmand cross up (qcb+ punch) work like it should

i can post it up later but some of the stuff probably isn’t all that useful.

Just remind me via PM if you can i’ll try to do it tommorow.

Sure mang, will do. Thanks! :china:

I just want to say this is all i knew about ken when i played him but some of it is outdated/obvious

This will be THE definitive ken thread. I will put everything and anything you will need to know in this thread. I am retiring from mvc2 before i go i want to share everything i know about this very good character, although he lacks some mobility he can very much compete with top tiers I can assure you that he has what it takes if anyone puts in the time to master ken they won’t be dissapointed i dare say he can compete with rogue in low tier madness.

I will put the most relevant information on the top and the more basic information at the bottom (such as his special moves >_> and other gamefaq like crap)

Ken Things You Should Know

first off let’s start with frame data, you can find frame data on all characters at:

This is very key since you need to know which attacks are better than others, barring priority this is exactly what frame data does. I will also try to put in some of their uses aswell.

LP [3]

Decent Priority most likely, only real use is to prevent starter from jumping away which will most likely only help against cable, beware timing should be stricter than mags since he is shorter and it comes out one from later than his.

D+LP [3]

A all purpose rush in attack when your goal is not to apply pressure to a blocking opponent but instead trying to beat out their light attacks (which isn’t a good idea against most rush in top tiers, personally i have not experimented with this move).

LK [3]

His fastest far reaching normal, barring priority again I would have to say this is one of his better normals the ability to hit any crouching opponent and it’s good range make it very abuseable especially since it should combo into down + MK at a little less than max range.

D+LK [4]

Don’t let the 4 fool you, this is pretty much the standard with all non-top tier characters, even storm only has a 3 frame version of this and on top of that only 3 frame attacks which mean you should be able to at least trade on a switch (not with this move but with his others). His fastest low hitting move and important tool in his pressure, you never know when you may hit a opponent low.

MP [5]

Pretty useless.

d+MP [6]

Nice range easy to combo into but does not hit low, which makes it second to d+MK.

MK [6]

Hits twice , easy to combo off of hits so high you would’ve liked that you could use it instead of s. lp against starting match jumpers.

d+MK [6]

The far reaching shoto d+MK this move is vital to ken’s mixups , has nice reach and will usually combo into hadoken xxx shoryureppa (more on this later since the shoryureppa doesn’t do enough on it’s own) and ALWAYS combo into shoryureppa.

HP [7]

Makes a shoryureppa combo more damaging but you will have to use d. lk, standing hp on a crouching opponent since adding a mk will cause S. HP to whiff.

d+HP [8]

His main launcher , below average horizontal range nice vertical range and priority but slow to come out, always use df+HP version if you feel suicidal and want to beat out a jump in.

HK [11]

His farthest reaching normal outside of foward + HK think of it as Psylocke’s standing HP except much slower but will hit crouching opponents. Overall i never use this move , ever.


The “Shoto Sweep”

and the worst version too, coming out the slowest of all the shotos (losing to ryu’s by 1 frame) but still useful if you can make juggle off of it, namely off of psylocke sweep xxx snapout can be useful.

df+HP [7]

It’s the same as D+HP except 1 frame is shaved off, and we all know how important frames are in this game :rolleyes:

j. LP [4]

Bad range, doesn’t compare to J. LK at all.

j. LK [3]

The greatest j. normal he has. it hits behind him, comboes into j. mk which also hits behind him nice range stays out there for ever and because of how the hit box is so low you can use the instant over head method with this move (more on that later).

j. MP [5]

Rivals j. lk as one of the better air normals despite being a “Middle” move. You can wait the longest time to cancel your last attack into this, this move is the reason why you can do his jumping infinite nice damage and range too i suppose but really it’s the long long window to combo into it that makes it useful especially in infinites.

j. MK [6]

Has cross up capabilities like j. lk, hard to land it as a cross up though but don’t count it out it’s still very good.

j. HP [7]

Used in the air as pressure and a way to get around by cancelling into a hurricane kick this move has it’s uses. 2nd most hit stun of his air fierces.

j. HK [6]

Fastest air fierce he has also has the least stun. But it also pushes the enemy the least back which makes it the best choice to use in sentinal standing infinites (even though the timing is stricter you get more hits and more hits means a better chance to get them to the corner and finish the infinite)

SNAP [8+0]

Much faster than his regular version but still not that much better, 8 frames is 1 frame slower than mags keep that in mind.

TAG [18]

Tags are good but this information is almost irrelevant.

F+HK (overhead)[25]

His farthest reaching normal, the down side to that is that if you do it at max range you get only 1 hit instead of two leaving you with only 5 damage. All in all it’s a overhead and that in itself is useful enough.

J. U+HK [8]

The slowest of his air fierces but with the most stun, you should definantly consider ending a corner infinite on sentinal with this so you can land and combo into shoryu reppa xxx hail. it has nice horizontal range so it may be a good candidate to use against sentinal but then again so may j. HK.

J. U+MK [6]

This move is only used for the infinite, strict window to cancel it off of anything so use with discretion.

For those who don’t know this is only how fast the attacks comes out it is not recovery frames or anything else.

Since I covered his normal moves I feel like I should cover his throws aswell

Ken HP throw

This throw is only good in the air, you will catch people alot with this i think he has good range with it it is very useful against those trying to jump around to avoid you.

Ken HK Throw

A mashable throw, a very good mashable throw at that… you probably get up to half life if the other doesn’t counter mash, personally the most i’ve gotten is 32 damage. Joe Zaza gave me some good advice on how to mash in his wolverine forum i hope he doesn’t mind if i share it with you right now. Before i do though i just want to remind you of how much of a threat this move is, it does good enough damage and it important in your mix up game between high low and throw.

Ken MiX Up’S

This will give you some ideas on how to use mix ups in your game with ken, I will use my team as the example Ken A/ Storm A/ Psylocke A.

One of the key elements to getting in on someone with any character is mobility and baiting assists.

Once you are in either by block stun via j. Fierce of your choice xxx huricane kick or just being in the right place at the right time, making the opponent whiff ect. if your not trying to beat out your opponent’s attacks (ala wolverine/bonerine) you should be trying to mix it up.

Here is the bread and butter mix up and i dont’ really think it’s possible to guess it based on how it looks.

Close as possible

B n B mix up

D. LK , D. MK (call psylocke)(make sure you called psy) Lp roll or HP roll.

What happens with this is you either cross them up or you don’t off of down lk, down mk at point blank a lp roll is too short to cross them up while hp roll makes it just about every time so you will force your opponent to make a decision and even then you dont’ HAVE to call psylocke, you can call storm. (IMPORTANT: while i was playing this team i was having trouble juggling off of psylocke (ala magneto), i find it much easier to just launch them straight of of psylocke and adjust your air hurricane kick to how high they are, you generally want to start it as soon as your pushing up against their body, and it’s much easier to do it off a neutral jump and slowly start moving foward on them or else you will whiff completely, his air hk comboes are his threat like cable’s ahvb x 3, they are a reason to fear him and if he resets you(i’ll show you how) you are dead)

If your choosing to call storm i would suggest you call her earlier than psylocke because she takes a while to come out.

You can also choose to do the basic mix up, into f+HK (overhead) if you think you can get away with it.

but by rolling to the other side and with storms block stun via typhoon you can choose to go for the over head or just apply pressure, storm’s block stun allow for extra pressure you can even choose to roll back to the original side and overhead just to make them more nervous.

If you get them nervous, get them to block not attack that’s when you can do things like this.

C. lk, C. Mk (call storm) roll on the other side and Kick throw.

You see by getting them used to calling storm early they’ll know that if they try to counter attack you they’ll get hit by a typhoon if you call her later than normal her start up will allow you to throw them before they are even hit by the typhoon

There are even MORE storm mind games.

such as up close lk hurricane kick + call storm, that in it self is a cross up because you land on the other side, and thanks to the block stun youc an apply pressure right away via overhead or low attacks, you can even tick them with crouching lk and throw them. This of course only works if they are crouching however if they switch to blocking high to avoid this you can use fierce kick hurricane kick and cross them up anyways.

You do eight chips of block damage with storm and ken’s lk hurricane anyways if they block so it’s a useful technique to use along with his other cross ups.

LASTLY , very important.

The overhead fake out… some opponents may immediately block high if they see you standing cuz they know of the over head.

You can trick them by walking foward standing lk into down mk immediately standing lk looks ALOT like the beginning of the over head so this is very useful to use. Also with storms’ block stun you can fit in 2 overheads TWO this is important because on the first or second overhead you can choose to do standing lk into crouching mk instead which is very threatening.

I hope this helps.

Air Hurricane Resets

After landing a air hurricane kick in certain circumstances you are given the opportunity to reset your opponent for another killing them for certain some times. This is generally not a good idea off of a launch directly from psylocke (unless you juggle). Keep in mind that how you hit the hurricane kick will determine which kind of reset you can use i’ll list the situations on each reset.

The Ken-neto Reset.


1.Off of ground launch (usually after being hit by storm’s alpha assist)

Down+Lk , Launch, Air j. lk xxx Fierce hurricane kick.

  1. off a juggle off of psylocke’s assist.

Psylocke hits, d. lk (juggle) launch , hurricane kick (all 4 hits)

  1. Off of psylocke hit into straight launch (no juggle) when approaching a corner.

When landing your opponent should land a little earlier than you, you can mash out a lk right before you land which is really suddle since he seems to be doing hardly anything at all, which is a overhead you then land and do crouching lk, crouching mk call psy walk foward and launch again or if by yourself you can just do a shoryureppa.

The Pop up reset


  1. off of a ground launch into a air hurricane kick with no j. lk

What happens is that you and your opponent will just about recover at the same time with you most likely recovering a little sooner.

If your opponent tries to hit you you can mash out a jumping lk and if you do you’ll “Pop him up” what happens here is that you can either walk under and c. lk launch from the other side or you can take a safer route in jump up foward lk (cross up) + psylocke when you land, since it hits behind you you’ll hit him from the other side while he is in the air.

Those are the 2 main resets.

now on to something very neglected yet very useful.

Invincibility , Reversals, and you

Ken has alot of emphasis on invincibility in his moves, his jab and fierce srk both have alot of invincibility so of course his assist does too. He has 2 instant start up supers with invincibility and another one that isn’t instant start up but it’s invincible too and is much better to counter rush ins.

I am really unsure if the srk is instant in it’s start up, but i would have to say it is which makes it a great counter to tri jumps much like’s cyclops is. I would have recommend using the jab version for 6 damage less it leaves you less open and always does it’s damage if it connects. Be warned it gives sentinal unfly. It’s also hard to get out on time without anticipation.

I would have to recommend a shinryuken for a reversal against wake up mix up games just don’t get predictable use these moves sparringly they are good just not abuseable.

Just a quick reference:

Jab Srk : Invincible while on fire

Fierce Srk: Same as Jab Srk

Shoryureppa: Instant start up, invincible for the first uppercut was made to be really easy to combo into, you can dhc AFTER the last hit into hail ect. you can also dhc into butterfly super when youa re starting to lift them off the ground on the third uppercut (easier on sentinal). Also note that it does good chip if dhced into hail or Shoryureppa, Psy Thrust, Hail.

Shinryuken: Instant start up, invincible all the way up, can avoid a whole hail storm, great reversal if you miss dhc you’ll have alot of time to while your opponent can’t really do anything

Shippu Jinrai Kyaku: Invincible on start invincible and early in the super (the first kick maybe second kick) it’s very good and doesn’t leave you as open as shoryu reppa/shinryuken, but you are still vulnerable although sentinal without psylocke/cyclops but with commando will have a hard time punishing you so you can do it almost for free (don’t count on it though)

in short learn how to do reversals with ken, they will save you and it’s a lost art in mvc2 so even more unexpected. On that note some people may not know but you can “tick moves” like you can put the input a little earlier than you are able to do the move as long as you finish the input by the time your character isa ble to do it he’ll do it instantly which is very useful in doing reversals… What? you didn’t think you had to put foward , down , down foward punch in one frame did you :stuck_out_tongue:

Crossing up with Ken

Ken has a few moves that can help you cross up. I will also cover his instant over head in this section.

CvS2 , SF2 style cross ups.

as already said , j. lk, and j. mk can cross up. For those who don’t know what that is, some moves have a hit box that hits so far behind them that you can do it while jumping over the opponent thus hitting him on the other side. The best way to land his cross up is aiming his j. lk right on top of their head then doing j. mk right after.

Incoming Character Cross - Ups

There is only 1 and Dj-b13 came up with it before i did and i only explored it more cuz i saw it on one of his videos.

Character comes in (after death or snap out) dash under, call assist , command roll (down, back , p).

You can also mix it up by wave dashing since his dash is the same animation as his roll and even makes the same sound you can do some nasty mix ups with this.

The method of doing it is like this if you keep getting hadoukens when you cross over.

Which ever side you were originally on when you dashed under, do down, back ,p (command roll) in relation to that so if you started on 1p side when you dash under even though you are now in 2 p side do the command roll as if you were on 1p side.

Hope that helps if you can’t do it.

and finally

Instand Over Head

Most characters when just starting to jump can cancel into a normal, this is very useful for low tiers that don’t have tri jumps. If pressing up foward with lk with ken you can even hit a crouching opponent with a overhead lk pretty much right away and if you called psylocke before you did that she will combo off of it which means you have a chance to juggle. You won’t land fast enough to do a launch without juggling like you normally would so a juggle is the only chance you have. You can also use instant overheads with most other characters… i didn’t come up with this.

Hurricane kick cross up

this is really impractical (doesn’t even hit high) but just so you know as long as your opponent’s back is turned you cannot hit him with the spinning leg of your hurricane kick.

when you jump over wait for his sprite to turn around then do it will most likely hit. On another note if you do it close enough to the ground you can combo into shoryureppa afterwards but it is very risky and should be mainly done to show off/mix it up i would have to say.

Ken’s Mobility and Stats

Ken takes 106% damage which is the same as mags and storm.

This also makes him a alot better assist, i would have to say that ken and storm have some good things going for it so if you ever feel like dhcing ken out after a blocked shoryu reppa do it, he has one of the best aaa in the game.

now on to his mobility. His hurricane kick is good to make him move foward and even from a neutral jump simply press foward and then press the hurricane kick right after and see what happens. He also has a air fireball which can slow down his decent (vs . sentinal unblockable) A decent way to get around is jumping HK into hurricane kick but mags can sometimes beat that with jumping short somehow (gay). He can also super jump foward and cancel into lk hurricane immediately or hk hurricane lk will allow him to recover right above their heads and hk will have added protection possibly although he spins more after wards.
His hurricane kick during jump is very vital to closing the gap against storm which can be a pain to wave dash against. Just remember controlling your descent is very important so know what does what and use at your discretion ken has no double jump but he has access to all his moves in the air (barring the roll) and are very helpful to his mobility and play on point overall.

I’d also like to note that he can cancel into all 6 hits on the ground which means you can do, d. LK, D. HP, then go into the overhead off of that.

Ken The meter builder

This may be misleading this is just a very small technique and it’s not safe against anyone who is not run away storm, i dont’ know how useful this technique can be but i’d like to let you know. Standing hp into jab srk is just about as good as cyke’s double fierce, jab srk build’s a fierce worth of meter (also leaves you completely open) but this is very useful against storm in case they are building meter and you want to dhc out or whatever. Just wanted to let you know.

** Ken the team player**

Ken really has to rely on his assists to get in his air hurricane kick comboes down and to use most of his cross ups. With assists i’d put him almost on par with mags (Note: due to the special move property i found out after i wrote this i no longer think this) because even though he doesn’t have the type of mix up mags has he brings invincibility, better stamina, and a better assist to the table. Not to mention even more damaging comboes.

I would suggest using ken until he is KOed some of the time depending on the match up because ken by himself probably won’t be as useful as Ken with assists (not to say he’s useless, vs. even top tiers he can most likely hold his own at least as much as if not more than commando can) the thing is he can mix up with either assist so even if they kill psy or storm it’s not like strider+doom he has mix ups with both and can survive with both.

Not to mention than Storm + Ken means unavoidable hail storms.

Ken beats out almost every assist for free, make them remember that and if you make ken’s assist cover the few spots they can counter attack you you basically get a free hail on their assist for free, not to mention ken does a little more damage than commando when all 3 hits connect and that’s not bad at all for a a invincible assist.

I’d also like to mention that storm and psylocke isn’t that bad either and this team overall works very well together (much like msp).

One quick note, most times lightning storm won’t dhc into shinryuken but if dhcing into psylock in between and the very top of her butter fly super connects (where they get popped up a little at the end) it will dhc into shinryuken which still does a decent ammount of damage even as a combo ender (27 damage i would guess).

Ken Infinites and Special Notes

Ken has 2 infinites that work on most characters and many variations on one that works on a standing sentinal.

In the corner, hurricane infinite:

After psylocke or just catching them in the air somehow:

Jumping lp, jumping mp, hurricane kick repeat (must be neutral jump).

A note about this is that you can do it for up to 84 hits for some reason resulting in 132 damage. It is a very very good idea to try to land this if you can, its’ very easy to do.

Normal jump infinite (anywhere)

After psylocke, jump up lp, j. mp, j. u. mk

this is tough , i cant’ even do it consitently, it’s most useful after a corner shinryuken since you can add like 10 points of damage.

Sentinal Infinite:

(can be done of a cross up which is very easy to do on sentinal, you can also use U. HK as a cross up against him if he is standing)

jump up foward [lk, mp, mk, hk] repeat in brackets.

you can do it much longer if you do the hk not too low to the ground and do the jumping lk immediately after you jump since hk has so little hit stun. If you get to the corner you can switch to a infinite that has more stun on the heavy which is most likely easier to do.

credit to scrubkiller , well that’s who i learned it from.

here is what he does in the corner he calls it the “iron man”

you can do lp, lp, mk , hp like iron man’s infinite in the corner, but when switching from the

jump up foward [lk, mp, mk, hk] repeat in brackets.

infinite, i suggest you end your last rep of that one with a hp so it’s easier to get in the lp for the “ironman”.

Ken Move Commands and damage ratings

This is very basic.

Hadouken: Down , Foward, P [12 damage Light or Heavy]
Hurricane Kick: Down, Back, K [18 damage light, 22 heavy]
Shoryuken: Foward, Down, Down+foward , P [20 damage light, 26 heavy]
Command Roll (cross up) Down, Back , P [No damage]

Air Hadouken: Down, Foward , P [same as ground]
Air Hurricane Kick: Down, Back, K [63 damage if all 4 kicks connect about 17 damage for each kick before the third]
Air Shoryuken: Foward, Down, Down+Foward , P [Light : 14, Heavy: 18]

All these moves are useful, learn them all.

One note about the roll you can be throw out of it i believe (like captain america’s roll) you can fake them out and dash into a down lk to teach those guys a lesson. You also cannot get on the other side in the corner should their back be to the wall you can use this to fake them out and make them think you are going to cross them up.

Lastly a hadoken can also be very helpful in covering psylocke from mags and can also be cancelled into a reversal super should they try to jump over it to clober you.

I’d like to thank all those who sat through this whole guide, and i’ll miss this game. Ken can be really good and i hope someone picks em up but if someone even uses him for casual play that would be cool.

  • Higher Jin

note: at the time i was retiring but it didn’t actually happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks, Higher-Jin! You’re my hero for today. :china:

Very nice, you took ken to a new level, I’ve always loved playing MSK(Y) and Scrub2k5(Ken AA) and alot of other ken teams. Very good shit, you make low tier characters look top.

Actually I play Ken/Storm/Sent regularly, casual or not. But plays here in Singapore are always casual. So doesn’t matter.

Ken’s invincibility scares me. Alot. Shoryureppa punishes whiffed random rocket punches.

that was a good ken thread higher-jin.

i got this tight ken combo also. its kinda similar to the overhead mixup you talked about.
basically, it’s a “3s” (3rd strike) style combo. if you play ken in that game, you know what i’m talkin about.
anyways i did this combo with ken and storm projectile assist…

you know how people block low against ken cuz they expect low short kick, low medium kick XX shoryureppa? well, i tried this trick. since the guy was blocking low, i did the command overhead (torwards+roundhouse) and right before i did i called out storm proj assist. both hits from the overhead connected and the 3 hits from the storm projectile assist also connected. since the guy was still in hit stun, i did shoryureppa super right after ken recovered from the overhead, and it connected. i probably could have dashed and launched to the air HK combo (does more than shoryureppa), but I just did the easy combo. this combo is tight because it looks like ken’s back+mk overhead XX SA3 combo in 3rd strike. if crouching characters took a little more damage in marvel (like they do in 3s), this combo would be even better.

also, HJ, i’ve been trying to learn other “3s combos.”

i know low short, low medium, standing fierce XXshippu works in the corner, but in midscreen it wont connect. how do u connect shippu midscreen?low short, low forwardXXfireballXXshippu? also, how much more damage does low short, low medium XXfireballXXshoryureppa compared to low short,mediumXXshoryu?

also, shippu (qcb+2k) is usually ken’s weakest super in this game, but did you know that if you mash the kick buttons ken goes higher and does more kicks and adds more damage to the super? somebody told me about that at the arcade, and it does work.

and one more thing. i noticed that if you are on the ground and do a fierce shoryuken, you can cancel the first hit into shinryuken. its kinda hard to do. but i was thinking ,you know how psylocke can do her uppercutXXbutterfly to DHC out safely, and cyke can do gene spliceXXmega optic blast to DHC out? maybe ken can do that to safely dhc out while also doing damage(remember, the SRK and the supers are invincible), so for example he could do fierce SRK XXshoryureppa (or shinryuken) DHC right away to hail storm and it will connect. if you cancel into the shoryureppa, the super wont connect by itself, but they will still be in hit stun from the first hit of the SRK, so hail storm will combo
another you can do if you have 2 meters, is, if they are jumping with attack, counter into ken (if he’s on Anti air assist), cancel first hit of fierce SRK into shinryuken, and it will connect.

Hey I didn’t know that. I dun think most Ken players know that too. Kudos to you for posting that!!!. :tup:

thanks. i actually learned about the alpha counter into ken AAXXshinryuken from this other ken player. i actually mistyped it. i meant to say, if they do a JUMP-IN ATTACK, (like cable’s jump in fierce), counter into ken ,cancel 1st hit of SRK into shinryuken.

But if you also realise, u need a safe tag because of hailstorm, the counter thing works as well, since Shinryuken goes through it totally.

just tested the ken stuff on my DC yesterday. you can actually cancel after the SECOND HIT of the fierce shoryuken, before he gets off the ground. yesterday i said cancel after the 1st hit. so i tested this yesterday, i did fierce shoryuken, then canceled to shoryureppa DHC to hailstorm, and the combo meter was still at 2 (the 2 hits from the SRK), and they were knocked up in the air on fire/ in hit stun from the SRK and the hailstorm comboed from the SRK (not the super).

Lol, counter hailstorm. But that takes 3 meters. Harsh.

I’d rather counter shoryureppa. Since the fierce shoryuken is invulnerable, you have sort of like 2 invlun hits for shoryureppa. The usual shoryureppa is only invuln first hit.

you can’t counter SRK XXshoryureppa.because the SRK normally doesnt combo into shoryureppa(but it does combo into shinryuken). if you try to cancel, they will be knocked into the air and the shoryureppa wont connect, and they’ll land and punish you when ken lands for the super. like i said the idea of doing fierce SRK XXshoryureppa is not to combo into it(because they dont combo it each othe) but to DHC to hailstorm because it comes out instantly when you DHC, fast enough that they are still in hitstun from the SHORYUKEN, not the super.

edit: you could counter into ken’s projectile assist XXshoryureppa, but… who uses ken’s projectile assist? its useless.

Well listen, the reason you can cancel out of the srk on the ground is because at first it is grounded but since ken has no air supers this is why he can’t do anything after it leaves the ground. You can do akuma’s uppercut and in the air before the recovery period do the air fireball super.

Yea you can use the overhead+ assist it’s just that ken has a slow overhead so try to keep that in mind he can also cancel out of it after a launch (c.hp) or really any normal that isn’t a roundhouse.

as for the shippu question the short awnser to how you combo it midscreen is you don’t, it also isn’t worth the damage which is only a little more than shoryureppa it’s more of a different kind of blow through super.

A legit use for shippu is call sabretooth b or doom b and do a shippu you get the invincibility without the risk of shoryureppa which has too long a recovery period to be covered by most assists. Remember shippu is invincible on most if not all of it’s start up before the super flash (when he lifts up his leg) he is then invincible for the first kick or so

The comboes I tend to use for shoryureppa are:

c. lk, c. mk shoryureppa (this is a max range combo and can work at most distances )

c. lk, standing hp, hadouken xxx shoryureppa (max damage combo will only work up close on most crouching characters)

c. lk, c. mk, hp hadouken, shoryureppa (the compromise combo, it works from further distances than the max damage combo and does a bit more damage then the max range combo)

Hope these help, another interesting note is that you can make the shoryureppa relatively safe (not ahvb safe mind you) by doing a team hyper combo with sabretooth-b

Usually against Cable, almost nothing is safe.

I got this question regarding Ken’s qcb + p. How safe is it? It works for crossing-up now and then after a blockstring. But you can be caught by Psylocke, etc.

But there’s this tricky thing about Shoryuureppa which I can say has saved me randomly a couple of times. Ken comes down BEHIND the opponent after a whiffed Shoryuureppa. Not in front.

So yeah, opponent whiffs, etc. and I get a free launch into air combo.

I’m using Ken/Storm/Sent(y) or Ken/Storm/Colossus(dash) now. Used to play Ken/Storm/Doom. But Sent is too good with this team.

  1. yeah i know what you are talkin about with the shoryureppa. unless they pushblock it, its kinda safe, especially if their back is in the corner. for some reason, ken lands behind them, especially if they have a slow launcher(like sent), ken is pretty safe. Also, I was playing against somebody playing ken the other day, i was using ruby heart, he did shoryureppa while i was in the corner but i blocked, anyways, i pushblocked after the 1st uppercut (or 2nd, i cant remember :confused: ), but anyways i pushblocked,and right before ken did the 3rd uppercut, i threw him out of the super by accident! I did the fierce throw with ruby heart by accident, i didnt know you can throw ken out of a super… (kinda like how you can throw dudley out of his uppercut super in 3S)

  2. the roll (qcb+p), i dont know how safe it is… but i did notice that you can cancel into it, just like a regular special move. I didnt know you could do that. so you can call a assist + standing roundhouseXXroll ,even better, call assist, do crouchin lk XXroll, then do the overhead on the other side of them and hopefully they are still blockin low.

also, articwind, i play collosus/ken/sent sometimes. the colossus corner air combo DHC into shinryuken is a tight combo.