The Old School Game Players Thread

PS4? Xbox720? Nintendo Mii? I don’t know shit about those things. What do I know about? The Sega Genesis. The Atari 2600. The NES. The PSX. Yes, I’m officially a dinosaur, and this is the dinosaur thread.

Right now I’m playing through an old school PC/Sega CD game called The Adventures of Willy Beamish. Sort of a point and click, choose your own adventure, Dragon’s Lair type of game. It actually kicks ass if you find the right version. My suggestion would be the PC CD version with full voice acting. The Sega CD would have been the best version since it has a playable version of Willy’s “Nintari,” but unfortunately it was killed by downright atrocious voice acting.

Another game I’m loving right now is Arkanoid on the NES. This game is unplayable without an infinite men code, its too ridiculously hard and they only give you three lives, but with the code the game is great. I’ve always loved these “breakout” type games and this is the best one. I’ve looked for the sequels but no luck there.

Recently got back into playing Contra as well as BurgerTime xD Next up is BattleToads and Duck Hunt!

Funny you make this thread. I was gonna make a similar one lol

Recently I hooked up my NES and SNES to a tv in the basement cause I am sick of so many games nowadays. Companies try too hard to fish for a complicated story and game mechanics. Sometimes less is more.

I have now expanded my SNES collection in the past few weeks by quite a bit. With more games in the mail but delayed due to a shitty postal strike.

Still waiting for Street Racer, Super Double Dragon, Soldiers of Fortune and Batman Returns.
Once the strike is done I am picking up some heavy hitters. SoM, BoF2 and MMX.

Odin I’d visit you just to whip your ass in TMNT: Tournament Fighters. You gonna get got son.

Current list of older, awesome titles I am kind of sort of playing: Blaster Master (NES, revisiting), Secret of Mana (SNES, revisiting), Chrono Trigger (SNES, dat Frog!), Clock Tower (PSOne, like my sixth playthrough.)

I still play my snes. Im young still ( 20 ) but till i was age 2 to about 12 i played nothong but snes. Kirby super star, super street fighter 2 , acro bat, megaman x, tecmo super bowl. Snes best system ever…

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Man I remember dat Persona 4 on the ancient Playstation 2. Good times.

I’m starting my son on the old school stuff at the moment.

Playing through a bit of E.D.F.
I have a sneaking suspicion that S.Laser is the best. Regardless…

I think I have to pick up some more SHMUPs. Thinking Super R-Type, Axelay, Biometal, R-Type 3, maybe Darius Twin or something.

Also, do you guys agree… That the 4 Gods of the SNES were Nintendo, Capcom, Square and Konami.

Castlevania 1 on NES is a game that any gamer with even the slightest interest in sound level/ability design should play.

Contra 3 sounds like a fucking good idea if you have a SNES… scoop that shit up(haven’t picked it up in 10 years)…

EDIT: I assume you like Contra since you have that Duke Nukem wannabe spinning in your AV…

lol Screw you, Contra came before Duke.
And yea, I got C3.

Does playing OoT 3DS count as going retro? -_-

Screw that time to fire up the original Zelda and speedrun that bitch

Wait for PG to showup and say “lol genesis is ancient?” and then talk about his collection of pre NES era systems.

n64/ps1 and earlier is “retro” IMO.

BTW hard corps>>>other contras XD.

Understandably so, they had 2 years to add on to Alien Wars.
But cause I was also SNES>SG, I will stick to the oldie.

Actually what I meant to type was that the Sega CD version of Willie Beamish was ruined by atrocious loading times. The voice acting I enjoy for some reason, and it’s the same voice acting in the PC and SCD versions.

And I agree with orochizoolander, old school has to be considered PSX/N64/Saturn-era and before.

Beamish has got me on this old school point and click run for some reason. If you guys don’t mind those type of games Rise of the Dragon Sega CD is worth a look, again loading times aren’t your friend but it’s not Beamish-bad, it’s playable. And Snatcher on the Sega CD is probably the king of those types of games.

When it comes to Contra I’m either the original or Super C, I need to get on the later ones though cause Konami did not fuck around back in the day.

Well like I said earlier in the thread, if you were buying a SNES game and it had the following logo

And to a lesser extent!Enix_logo.png

You were in for a good time.

I finish DKC2 on a regular basis on account of it being the best game ever made.

Feel like going back to Illusion of Gaia now though.

Breath of M-Fin Fire.

BoF2 was the first RPG I actually played through, so it has a special place in my heart.
FF1 was the first RPG I ever played, but I was too young to know I had to “equip” weapons and couldn’t even beat Garland, so it doesn’t count.

8-bit is retro by definition (because it along with the 80s is an outdated relic that kids consider cool). But anything before 2000 is old school.