The Ogre Thread

Hai there, this is ogre. Ogres are like onions, they have layers. YOU GET IT?

Reserved. Kewl Waning Moon move thar. :badboy:

Allow me to give you a brief history on this horribly broken beast back in the Tekken 3 days.


Don’t believe me?

Imagine a move FASTER than EWGF that CANNOT BE BLOCKED and can lead to 60 damage on hit. That was Ogre’s Waning Moon to Sky scrapper kick in T3…it was UNBREAKABLE just like Wang’s T2 version.

For those who still don’t get it…it was essentially a 12 frame unblock able that did 60 damage.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Casual Tekken players, No matter how much success you may have had against an Ogre player, chances are if they were abusing a 12 frame unblockable that did 60 damage you would have more than likely lost…and very badly. That’s certainly what happened to a lot of competitive players.

So waning moon was the wang move.

I dont remember them by names, what are his other moves?

Don’t cakes have layers too?
…but I don’t mind onions…in my sandwiches.

BTW, wasn’t Ogre a mimic character in T3?

Waning moon was the “from behind elbow blow” throw.

Indigo Punch is like his own version of Paul Phoenix’s death fist

Owl’s Hunt is a move from True Ogre, where while laying on the ground, pressing both kicks made T. Ogre teleport high up in the air and swoop down on you quite fast.

Blazing Kick is a copy of Lee Chaolan’s high launching kick move.


Technically, he’s more like Seth. He has his own moves (correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t play T3 for a while), but takes a lot of moves from other characters.

Also another thing, “Hell Inferno” super art. This move sounds way too familiar to True Ogre’s Hell’s Flame" (1+2) and “Blazing Inferno” (d+1+2), which are itself two moves that involve breathing fire.

So If he has Owl’s Hunt (Flying ability) and the fire breathing moves than expect him to transform into True Ogre mid moves.

Ehh not necessarily, I mean Kazuya has lasers in his super but he doesn’t turn purple. I don’t think it would be that weird to see green Ogre breathing fire.

A lot of the moves he had though where from Tekken 1/2 characters who didn’t make it to Tekken 3.

My team was going to be Elena/Ogre.


??? You say that like she’s confirmed not to be in. That’s not the full roster you know, it doesn’t even have Megaman and Pacman.

Glad to see him in. I honestly liked human ogre, and was kind of upset to see no appearance for him in ttt2. I like true ogre, but he is so bulky some of his moves seem awkward in that. It will be nice to see both versions having an appearance upcoming.

Honestly I think Ogre overall is a stupid character, but I do like the way True Ogre looks(especially his beast heads and snake arms) and fights.

I like how Ogre looks. I’m not a fan of True Ogre myself. Hopefully he won’t have seth health…

I just watched some of his videos. He seems really cool to play as.

Waning Moon?

Please be broken.
Please be broken.
Please be broken.

I think Boss Ogre will be broken.

It’s going to depend on the range of the grab (lol shit throw ranges in sfxt) and whether it guarantees a good follow up. It being just a qcb is quite… Accessible to say the least.

I hope he has any special that makes him fly or float, and do a special like Akuma has, jump into fireball w/e.
Ogre has great limbs too, he has long legs, might make for good normals, who knows.

i guess it will be like yun/yang/fei command grab, almost no damage but a free follow up.

I think waning moon caused a knockdown in tekken.