The OFFICIAL WWE All-Stars Thread: Strats. Chat. Player Lists

Welcome to the OFFICIAL WWE All-Stars thread!! I know that initially people see the commercials or how the game is advertised and think its just another “rasslin” game, and on the surface it is a very arcadey old school press some buttons have some fun kind of game. But underneath that surface is a whole slew of depth that is more like a traditional fighting game than a wrestling game. With proper sharing of information and a few dedicated players…this game could possibly have a scene. This is where to come if you have questions about the game, or if you want to contribute any new strats you may have. I have written a few character write ups and a short overview of game mechanics which I will be updating HERE as I do them. And with the new thread I will be going more in depth into gameplay mechanics, match flow, and the metagame. Any and all help would be appreciated. And if this is your first time here and you intend to play, please take advantage of what we are going to be providing and share your SN/Tag and decide if you wanna represent RAW or SMACKDOWN.


Movement is done with the left stick on either system. Depending on the class you are playing and your character, movement speeds differ. Of course Rey Mysterio is gonna move faster than Andre the Giant right?


**X (360)/Square (PS3): **QS (quick strike)
**Y (360)/Triangle (PS3): **HS (hard strike)
**A (360)/Ecks-X (PS3): **QG (quick grapple)
**B (360)/Circle (PS3): **HG (hard grapple)

NOTE ON STRIKES: There are 6 different strikes for each character. Neutral QS, B+QS, F+QS, Neutral HS, B+HS, and F+HS. QS variations will be the main offensive moves used by most players, including yourself probably. Take note of this bc HS or any of its modifiers cannot be countered, only blocked. So if your QS pressure is getting countered/reversed, throw out a HS or start using your grapples.

LT (360)/L2 (PS3): PIN/Roll out of/into ring/climb turnbuckle (this can serve other purpsoses if modified. Outside of the ring B+the button searches for a weapon. It also serves other purposes in different match types but im viewing this as a strictly 1on1 fighter right now.)

RT (360)/R2 (PS3): Run

NOTE ON RUN: running does require meter to execute. it should be used in short bursts and sparingly. running also modifies certain actions. RUN into LT(360)/L2(PS3) executes a slide to get in/out of the ring. This has a longer range to keep opponents from hovering over the ropes and it also recovers faster in case you need to poke quickly. RUN into BLOCK (either counter button) executes a tactical roll.

LB (360)/L1 (PS3): Counter/Reverse GRAPPLES. Different grapples have different counter/reversal points, so you cant spam the button to get out of jail free. Learn the timing.

RB (360)/R1 (PS3): Counter/Reverse STRIKES. Same as above. You cannot spam the button and escape.

NOTE ON COUNTERS/REVERSALS: If you are the person attacking you also need to be aware of your counter/reversal windows on your attacks. If you input reversal at the moment your move can be reversed, you will shorten their reversal window timing by half. This differs for all reversals but it is denoted on screen by the crossing out of the counter button in that players designated color.

Now lets break down the character classes. Im sure we all know what they are but if not here they are and the characters that fall under them.

NOTE: as a characters write-up is done just click the name to be directed to the post. there’s alot of characters and tons of DLC coming, so this may take awhile.


Mr. Perfect
The Miz
Jake the Snake credit to Odin
Jack Swagger
Bret Hart

Their grabs inflict more damage
Their grabs execute faster than other classes
They can chain grab (think King from Tekken) from either their strikes or either grab leading into BIG damage
They can automatically go into RWLK by tapping B+QG
They have a “charged” grab done with B+HG(CHARGE BUTTON) their hands will glow if done correctly
They typically have a way to transition from strike/grab combo into a pin (this is a VERY good attribute)

Their strike combos are very limited
Their grab combos can be reversed by smart opponents, meaning you have to learn your mix-ups and what your TRUE combo chains are


Ultimate Warrior
Stone Cold
Sgt. Slaughter
Roddy Piper
The Rock
Randy Orton
John Cena
Hulk Hogan
Drew McIntyre credit to Psychoblue
CM Punk credit to Psychoblue

Strikes inflict more damage and have longer range
More strike combos and extensions
They have a charged strike attack that is unblockable that usually gives juggles or knockdowns

Their grabs are weak and have limited range
Their strike combos are very susceptible to being reversed easily, so learn your true strike combos and mix up grabs with them


Eddie Guerrero
Jimmy Snuka
John Morrison
Kofi Kingston
Macho Man
Shawn Michaels
Rey Mysterio
Ricky Steamboat

Faster movement than all other classes
Aerial attacks and turnbuckle attacks are more damaging, harder to reverse/counter and in some cases (like Eddie Guerrero) are totally unblockable and cant be reversed or countered
They can quickly mount the turnbuckle by running at the opponent and tapping attack. If they arent close to the turnbuckle they will just do a backflip.

Normal strikes and grabs do significantly less damage
Decreased range on strikes and grabs

Big Man

Big Show
Andre the Giant credit to Psychoblue

Attacks do more damage
More attacks and combos lead into juggles
Cannot be knocked down by strike combos from other classes
Can control more space because their normal strikes cause knockback
Can store an unblockable HS by using B+HS(CHARGE). Their hands will glow if done correctly

Slower overall movement
Limited attack options

Thats a quick overview of some game mechanics, the characters, their classes and the pros and cons. Next post will go over different states the opponent can be placed in.

Now lets go over the situations/states that can occur in the game.

KND: pretty self explanatory. this is a knockdown, where you are flat on the mat
KND-HK: special knockdown state where you are left on all fours…your hands and knees (hence the HK)
KND-K: special knockdown state where you are left kneeling on one knee
KND-S: special knockdown state where you are left sitting flat on your ass
KB: knockback state. this pushes you away creating space between the fighters
GTS: gut stun. you will be double over clutching your midsection
SLM: slumped state. this typically occurs when youre knocked into the corner and slump into the turnbuckles
STN: stunned state. after certain attacks you can be stunned where you cant move but you CAN reverse/counter
SUB: submission state. certain grab chains lead right into submissions and will be noted as such
JUG: juggle state. you are in the air vulnerable to attacks.
PIN: attempted pin. pinning is an alternate (and sometimes BETTER) way to win the match
K.O.: knockout
WLK: weak lockup
SLK: strong lockup
SHLK: side headlock
RWLK: rear waistlock

**NOTES ABOUT LOCKUPS **: From WLK flick the right stick to transition into RWLK and flick again to go back to WLK. From SLK flick the right stick to transition to SHLK and flick again to back to SLK. Neat thing about SHLK is that you can walk around with the opponent from here.

Yes as is the case with most current gen fighting games (yes that means I consider this more akin to a true fighter than a wrestling sim) it can be casual and you can just press buttons and expect cool shit to happen, but for those who want to take it serious this game can have a surprising amount of depth, with that said let me explain how strike combos/chain grabs work. Combos can start from your standard QS (quick strike) or modified by using F or B(forward or backwards in relation to your opponent)+QS, your standing QG (quick grapple) or your HG (hard grapple). From the opening attack you can then chain to one of your other attacks which have the possibility of leaving your opponent in different states, so on and so forth from there. NOTE THIS IS IMPORTANT: while performing combos/chains certain paths are better than others because they are [TRUE] links meaning that outside of the FIRST attack in the combo/chain you cant interrupt or counter/reverse it. These are typically pretty short, but from what im seeing they seem to be the basis of alot of characters offensive capabilities. I will note this by putting [TRUE] behind the attack in the combo/chain.

Here is an example of a combo string using my personal favorite character right now…The Miz

F+QS> a.QS [TRUE] or b.HS (KB) or c.QG (WLK) or d.HG (SLK)

do you follow so far? if not let me explain from a standing position tap forward and quick strike F+QS togther. if that attack isnt reversed or countered you can then chain into any of the other 4 attacks. If you choose option a. by tapping QS (quick strike) again its a TRUE combo that cant be reversed, if you choose option b. by tapping HS (hard strike) it goes into a second attack that ISNT a TRUE combo meaning it can be countered/reversed with the proper button but it does cause knockback (KB) state, if you choose option c. by tapping QG (quick grapple) it shifts into a WLK (weak lockup state),and if you choose option d. by tapping HG (hard grapple) it shifts into SLK (strong lockup state) either of which can then go into other chains, but lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Now here is where it gets complicated. First lets go back to where we started…

F+QS> a.QS [TRUE] or b.HS (KB) or c.QG (WLK) or d.HG (SLK)

Now look at this. Im gonna remove the LETTERED options and go into the next parts of the combo


This is the same combo using option a. from earlier, but then after the first QS it adds ANOTHER quick strike which is still a TRUE combo that cant be countered and also causes KB (knockback state). But what if you wanted to do something different? Look at this.


You see this and think why would I ever choose to use the combo that isnt TRUE only to get a knockdown. But the beauty of it is that the option with the QS at the end is done once you do the last QS and get the knockback, yes it creates space but it gives away a whole lot of potential damage. The option with the QG at the end can continue into other NEW chains from there. Here is an example:

F+QS> QS [TRUE]> QG (KND)> QS or HS (KND)> any button (KND)

This option adds two more links to the chain and does overall more damage, yes it can be countered/reversed but your opponent has to guess youre going to use QS or HS in the fourth link of the chain to counter it. You could always mix them up by choosing to put QG or HG in place of the fourth link which would do a different attack and would have to be countered differently. So it would look like this

F+QS> QS [TRUE]> QG (KND)> QG or HG (KND)> any button (KND)

theres only one difference in button presses but the guess between countering a grab and countering a strike based link makes a difference there.

Thats how I will be noting combos and such. I hope everyone is able to follow. I will be getting into character specifics next. This will be very time consuming so I may only be able to do one MAYBE two characters per day so please be patient.

The Miz: Grappler

Counter Style: NORMAL

Although he may not be anybody’s favorite wrestler and most people take him for a farce, The Miz really isnt a character you want to joke with in this game. While he isnt very strong offensively and his damage output isnt the highest, he has alot of nice tricks that he can employ to annoy/frustrate the opponent. Before the game came out I told myself he would be the character I was gonna play, mainly because my boy HHH is in his later years and also because The Miz has come into his own with this current title run hes been given. He’s my personal favorite right now and if you run into him…dont take him lightly.

Couple of good TRUE combo series
Long range strikes
Strike combos that lead into chain grabs
Decent speed
Smaller size makes him less of a target

Charged grab doesnt lead to SLM (slumped state)
Weak offensively

Signature moves: all require 1 stock of super bar and build roughly 25% of finisher bar when successful
Shoulder Jawbreaker[throw]: QS+QG gives CINEMATIC FINISHER

**Reality Check **[throw]: HS+HG

**Rope Neck Snap **[throw]: B+QS+QG since opponent is left in KND inside and Miz lands on outside of ring afterwards, this is the perfect signature to use when you have a Finisher ready, it allows you to “prime” it without worry of retaliation.

Leaping Corner Clothesline[throw]: HS+HG requires opponent to be in SLM in corner. (SLK)>irish whip to turnbuckle gets this. Can be comboed if you use SLM>QG(knife edge chop)>HS+HG. Once he is done he is invulnerable to attack for a few seconds after, most opponents will be swinging blindly at him. Use this to your advantage.

Finisher: requires full Finisher bar
Skull Crushing Finale tap LB(L1)+RB(R1) to “prime” finisher then tap them again to initiate long grab to perform. Now with most characters the standard strategy is going to be to save up that finisher until the opponent is in the flashing red life. But what ive found with Miz is that its generally better to go ahead and pour it on and use your signatures/finisher early on to build a life lead. Reason I say this is because Miz has many reliable ways to go straight into a PIN (one TRUE combo in particular), and the lower the opponent’s life…the easier it is to PIN them.

Strike Combos/Chain Grabs






B+QS>QS[TRUE]>HGTRUE THIS IS MIZ’S BEST COMBO HANDS DOWN!! Reason being is because remember how I said earlier on that Miz has tricks to annoy frustrate his opponent? Well here it is. Also remember how I said Miz should build a life lead and then possibly go for an early PIN win instead of trying to fight for the K.O.? Well heres the reason why. Basically if Miz gets a life lead he can throw this combo out, its a TRUE combo string so if the first attack (snap jab) isnt countered then the entire string is guaranteed to connect and if the opponent is in orange life or below…this could end the match. It might end it before the orange life because of its surprise factor.











Every one of those starts with long range QS (thigh kick) and remain TRUE combos throughout. These should be worked into ANY Miz player’s game plan. This should be your staple. The QS also stops opponents trying to lock you down with wake up grapples.









F+QS>QS[TRUE]>QSTRUE while this combo barely does ANY damage at all the whole string is TRUE, it executes fast AND it gives knockback. so definitely work this into your game.

F+QS>QS[TRUE]>QG(KND)>HG(STN)>any button(STN) one of the ONLY ways Miz can achieve STN on an opponent, which works if youre pressing to get the K.O. using a finisher.

F+QS>QS[TRUE]>QG(KND)>QSorHS(KND)>any button(KND)

F+QS>QS[TRUE]>QG(KND)>QGorHG(KND)>any button(KND)

(RWLK)>HS(KND)>any button(KND)

Irish whip opponent>bounce off ropes>HG>any button(KND)

Thats pretty much it as for his combo capabilities. As you can see he does have some neat tools to use to maintain offense and to keep the opponent at bay. Use his TRUE combo strings to set up your signatures. Miz has and absolutely disgusting footsies game. And above all else just have fun with this AWESOME character.

Mr. Perfect: Grappler

Counter Style: NORMAL

Ahhhh the good old pre-attitude era. Back before everyone had to be edgy and most wrestlers had a “gimmick”. When the lines between face and heel were clearly defined. Now everybody uses their real name (almost) and the heels are the faces or you cant tell the difference anymore. But Mr. Perfect stood out in those old days, because he WAS his gimmick. And his moniker of “perfect” wasnt just for show…he was doing things every week that amazed me. From the trademark towel toss to the gum spit to the pencil catch to all the different sports he played and even his prowess in the ring, he made himself stand out amongst all the cartoon characters. He was purely about winning…but now in this game I gotta say if youre gonna win with him you almost HAVE to play perfectly (pun intended). Hes not a bad character by any means, but to be successful I think its gonna take a fair amount of knowledge, a good mix up game, and extreme amounts of patience and discipline.

Can transition directly to a pin from a weak lockup OR a running HG
Good chain grab damage
Has a two hit B+QS that can be cancelled into QG
Has chain grabs that end in special positions allowing him to extend into NEW chain grabs
Signature moves give special states
Finisher is an automatic pin

Limited strike combos
Very few TRUE combos
Weak against counters/reversals so be ready to counter-counter
Short range strikes
Short range QG
Long taunt

Signature Moves:all require 1 stock of super bar and build roughly 25% of finisher bar when successful
Double Snapmare[throw]: QS+QG gives CINEMATIC FINISHER or allows him to continue his offense by picking the opponent up into a SLK.

Groin Leg Drop[throw]: B+QS+QG

Missile Drop Kick[strike]: QS+QG while on top turnbuckle. while having a strike signature is normally a good thing for most characters it really doesnt work for Mr. Perfect. It has too many problems. First it takes him too long to acutally climb the turnbuckle, it isnt instant like the Acrobat class. Second the actual attack doesnt track like some turnbuckble attacks. Meaning if you see him climb the top rop, you have NO reason not to either run away if you have the bar to spare or just simply walk towards the ropes while you see it executing and simply roll to the outside. Long story short, save the bar for something else.

Spinning Toe Hold[throw]: HS+HG

Finisher: requires full finisher bar
Perfect Plex: tap LB(L1)+RB(R1) to “prime” finisher then tap them again to initiate long grab to perform. This is where that genius of Mr. Perfect comes into play bc his finisher serves dual purposes. It naturally does good damage like any other finisher and can cause K.O. if opponent is in flashing red life but if you land it before then it goes directly into a PIN, and after taking a massive hit to your life bar like a finisher its normally hard to shake out of a pin.

Strike Combos/Chain Grabs


QS>HSTRUE The guide lists this as one of his recommended combos to use, and I can TECHNICALLY see why…its a TRUE combo that causes knockback. But thats just on the surface. In the bigger picture I feel as if Mr. Perfect already has a hard enough time closing distance to get a grapple so why would you choose to push them back, especially for minimal damage? I wont say NOT to use this combo, but make it situational. As in if you are against the ropes and need space OR if you have your opponent against the ropes and want to mix them up by using either this combo OR

QS>QGTRUE this combo to go right into a weak lockup which then sets up Mr. Perfect’s chain grab game, which is his strength.

QS>HG(SLK) I see no reason to use this option over the previous one because its not TRUE and because his chain grabs extend from his weak lockup.


F+QS>QS>HG(JUG) the guide doesnt say this but this is a really good combo bc once he juggles you he can then extend this into air QS>QG or QS>QS>QG for added damage.


B+QS [2 hits] The reason I am pointing this out is because you need to get used to seeing it, also because all of the following combos use it but it should be cancelled after the first hit into the next attack.






B+QS>QS>HS(KND-S)>any button(KND)



(WLK)>QS>QG(JUG) whore this chain grab out. use it as a measuring stick to see if your opponent will ever start learing to counter. if not run them into the ground with it. because once again the guide doesnt say this but this is a really good combo bc once he juggles you he can then extend this into air QS>QG or QS>QS>QG for added damage.








(WLK)>HG>HG(KND)>any button(KND)

(WLK)>HG>QS[TRUE]>any buttonTRUE>QS(KND) THIS IS MR. PERFECT’S BEST COMBO!!! If you dont realize what you see here, then I cant help you lol. From a weak lockup which you can guarantee with QS>QG you can go directly into HG (suplex) and if they dont reverse THAT HG you get FREE QS into ANY button (atomic drop) into another QS (bodyslam). Now the beauty of this chain grab is that if you have a signature available or even if you have your finisher ready and primed you can stop at the STN and get your big move off free. This could be dangerous late in the match. I shouldnt even list the other options that he can do from that point because none of them except ONE measure up but in the sake of bieng thorough.

(WLK)>HG>QS[TRUE]>any buttonTRUE>HS(SUB)


(WLK)>HG>QS[TRUE]>any buttonTRUE>HG(RWLK) this is the only option I can suggest other than the TRUE chain I noted earlier. Reason being it goes right into a rear waistlock which has its own extensions afterwards. But I will get to that in a minute.



(WLK)>QG>QG(KND)>any button(KND)>any button(KND)

(WLK)>QG>HG(KND)>any buttonTRUE

(RWLK)>QS>any button

(RWLK)>HS(KND)>any button(KND)

(RWLK)>QG>any button

Those previous three chains are the ones I was speaking about that can be placed directly after (WLK)>HG>QS[TRUE]>any buttonTRUE>HG(RWLK). Now while they can all be countered and broken the opponent has limited chances to do that in the initial string and once you get to the rear waistlock youve already done pretty decent damage. If you get an opponent who spams counter, you should be able to land this entire combo/chain grab:

QS>QGTRUE>HG>QS[TRUE]>any buttonTRUE>HG(RWLK)>HS(KND)>any button(KND)

Now look at it. If they dont counter the FIRST QS then weak lockup is free. If they dont counter the following HG the NEXT TWO links are FREE and the latter gives stun if you have a signature/finisher ready. If not you can transition right into a HG that goes into rear waistlock and get two more chains that give knockdown. Landing all of this hurts worse than landing a finisher.

And to finish up this write up on Mr. Perfect, lets not forget the basics.

(WLK)can transition DIRECTLY into PIN (LT on 360 or L2 on PS3)

Running HG goes DIRECTLY into PIN dont sleep on either of these. They could save you and win some matches.

Bret “HITMAN” Hart: Grappler

Counter Style: NORMAL

Bret Hart. The Hitman. The Excellence of Execution. The PINK and BLACK attack. The BEST there IS, The BEST there WAS, The BEST there EVER WILL BE. Quite possibly one of the most technically sound wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle. And in this game he is WITHOUT A DOUBT one of the better characters on the select screen. Now before ANYBODY comes at me with “blah blah blah how you gonna determine tiers” or yackity yack “its all your opinion” and all that jazz. Just take a moment to read over this ENTIRE write-up, then put the character in your hands and see exactly how surgical he is.

A plethora of chain grabs that deal BIG damage
Can chain grab from multiple positions WLK, SLK, RWLK
Chain grabs from starting positions lead to new positions
Can transition to pin in multiple ways
Grabs have long range
Grabs execute fast, his HG executes almost as fast as the QG of other characters
Has multiple chains that lead to KND
Finisher can hit STANDING or GROUNDED opponents who are in KND position

Limited strike combos
Very few TRUE chains (this is in the guide but I dont totally agree with it. Its not that he doesnt have TRUE chains…because he does its just that his chains normally go reversible move>TRUE link>reversible link>TRUE link into special states
Weak against players who are good at reversing
Has no TRUE way to get into WLK which is the starter of his most damaging options

Signature Moves:all require 1 stock of super bar and build roughly 25% of finisher bar when successful
Spike Pilerdriver[throw]: QS+QG

Snapmare to Sleeper[throw]: B+QS+QG gives CINEMATIC FINISHER

Running Bulldog[throw]: HS+HG

Back Body Drop[throw]: gives long KND and then starts to give KND-HK. This is a downright scary signature to get hit by. One it gives Bret a chance to land his finisher with the KND and if he gets the KND-HK he can the either go into a SUB or opt to pick you up into a RWLK which he has chains from or transition that into SLK which he also has chains from, one of those chains being a PIN. Scary Indeed.

Finisher: requires full finisher bar
Sharpshooter: tap LB(L1)+RB(R1) to “prime” finisher then tap them again to initiate long grab to perform. This is one of the best finishers in the game. For one the taunt that primes it is pretty quick in relation to the other characters in the game, the next it can do the customary K.O. if the opponent is in the flashing red life, then three if it doesnt K.O. it does massive damage by itself and still gives KND. This can spell doom if youre on the receiving end. Long story short, if Bret gets you anywhere near the orange and you get caught in one of his chain grab series that cause KND while he has about 3/5ths of a finisher bar, your match might be over.

I can hear your brains rumbling…why did he say 3/5ths of a finisher bar? Well I took it upon myself to divide it into 5 sections because from empty it takes EXACTLY 5 taunts to fill it to full. Just a little tidbit of info.

Strike Combos/Chain Grabs
QS>QS[TRUE]>QG(KND)>any button(KND)

QS>QS[TRUE]>HG(KND)>any button(KND)




B+QS>QS[TRUE]>QG(STN)>any buttonTRUE HERE IS YOUR HITMAN COMBO!!! look at it again. it doesnt look that threatening right? Well look at it again. From B+QS he gets another QS for free, then if the opponent doesnt counter the next QG (inverted atomic drop) then you get the next link in the chain without worry. But breaking it down further as you can see the aforementioned QG in the third link gives STN, and the ender gives KND. So he can choose to end with the STN and further press his offense or go for the KND. Now im not saying that this should ALWAYS be your go to combo, in fact I dont even suggest pulling it too often because your opponent could get savvy to the counter timing of the third link, I personally think that this should be used somewhat in the middle or later in a match when you have some signatures ready or even a finisher bar ready to go. BUT WAIT!!! THERES MORE…

B+QS>QS[TRUE]>HG(KND)>any buttonTRUE** HERE IS YOUR ALTERNATE HITMAN COMBO!!!** while it is technically the same, the third link is different. Its a HG that gives KND. And then the last link also gives KND. The cool thing is that if you think the opponent is getting smart to the combo given above then you can mix this one in there and the third link has a different throw (backbreaker) with TOTALLY DIFFERENT REVERSAL TIMING.



F+QS>QS>QG(KND)>any button(KND)

F+QS>QS>HG(KND)>any button(KND)




(WLK)>PIN (LT on 360 or L2 on PS3)

(WLK)>QS>QS(KND)>QS(KND)>QS(RWLK) this is another of Bret’s good options. Even though its only one button throughout it transitions into RWLK at the end which has its own set of chain grabs or can be transitioned RIGHT BACK into WLK to start it ALL OVER AGAIN.

















(SLK)>HS(KND)>QS(PIN) yet another dangerous option from Bret. From SLK which he can achieve a variety of ways Bret can go right into a PIN. Now while this chain isnt TRUE it is only 2 links and second link HS (arm wrench) has a small window to reverse.

(RWLK)>QS>any button(KND)

(RWLK)>HG>any button(KND)

running QG>QG(KND)>any button(KND)

As you can see Bret has a multitude of ways to get you where he wants you. I think his only blaring weakness is that he doesnt have a TRUE combo that leads into WLK or SLK, so be aware of that playing as him, or playing against him be aware that if you dont counter/reverse early on he can run his game and deal a whole lot of damage to you in a very short time. With a strong mixup game and a little creativity, you can decimate your opponent and truly be the EXCELLENCE OF EXECUTION

Sounds like a fun game.

I’m curious though, what’s your take on HBK?

I havent gone too far into HBK yet, I played him enough to unlock him and a few matches in tornado tag with him/HHH to get the achievement but what I can tell you so far is that he appears to have good tools to win. I know that sounds so vague but right off the top of my head without doing a write up I can say that he

  1. has a finisher thats a strike attack (sweet chin music) which is an awesome thing in this game bc grab finishers can be seen a mile away and this also means its hard to counter.

  2. has good aerial game by being in the acrobat class

  3. has a signature move for EVERY situation: a strike, a turnbuckle attack, a grab, and a grounded grab.

  4. has the ability to go right into a signature move from his attack chains…meaning he ACTUALLY has 5 signature moves whereas the rest of the cast only has 4. and that signature move, is a weaker version of sweet chin music. so he can do combos into sweet chin music…tune the band…and land a sweet chin music finisher.

but i will go more in depth later. thanks for asking though.

On your first post, can you link the wrestlers name to the post you have their strategies for?

One note…Kofi is forever low tier…that is all.

done. just click a characters name. thanks.

playing right now peeps add me

oh and thanks for your guide MUCH appreciated

I got BEAT THE FUCK UP online after winning my first game, I didn’t even know what to do. Can’t seem to figure out what’s really good in this game yet.

Oh write up on motherfucking HULK HOGAN, duh! We want the GOLD, sucka!

Just had a 3 hour session with my friend and brother. This game has yet to disappoint.

Playing on PS3, I mainly use Cena, Undertaker, Kane, and Randy Savage. Add me if you want, I don’t play much online, though.

Well I know who’s bad, Kofi…sigh…he can’t escape burial even in a video game…

I’m on Raw, baby. None of this thursday night chump garbage.

But yeah, my mains so far are the Rock and Mr Perfect, and I’m working on learning the Hitman. Also CAW Sagat and CAW Senor Perfecto and CAW Castro

Work on various strategies. Does your opponent mash strike all day? If they’re a grappler, do not let them grapple, or at least be prepared to LB/L1 that shit.

Know that you can get in 3 chair shots (enough to break the chair) without being DQ’d. Take advantage of this. Also, don’t be afraid to exit the ring at EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY. Opponent just body slammed me, and is now hovering over my body? You better believe my ass is heading out of the ring.

Big Show: Big Man

Counter Style: NORMAL

THE Big Show. Larger than life. A sight that has to be seen to be believed. His 7 foot 485 lb body towers over every superstar currently in the WWE. And outside of Andre the Giant he towers over EVERY character in this game. Dont let his large size and slow movement cause you to underestimate him. Believe me he can be pretty imposing if you dont know what youre dealing with. Thats what im here to help you with.

Deals tons of damage on every attack
All of his QS variations cause KB
Has TRUE combos that lead to KND that lead to JUG that then can reset themselves
Cant be knocked down by normal standing strikes
Has two UNBLOCKABLE strike attacks
Finisher is a STRIKE and not a GRAB (IMHO this right here propels him over Andre in the Big Man class and makes him a true force to be reckoned with)

Very limited offensively
Slow movement
SOME combos stop if blocked

Signature Moves:all require 1 stock of super bar and build roughly 25% of finisher bar when successful
Cobra Clutch Backbreaker[throw]: QS+QG gives long KND

Show Stopper[throw]: B+QS+QG

Reverse Power Bomb[throw]: HS+HG gives CINEMATIC FINISHER

Chest Slap[throw]: B+HS+HG gives KND-HK. this signature is pretty unique because it can be done in two ways. it can be done empty as a throw out in the open or it can be done when the opponent is in SLM in the turnbuckle. He can achieve this with his charged HG which automatically tosses the opponent into the turnbuckle.

Finisher: requires full finisher bar
BIG KO PUNCH![STRIKE]: tap LB(L1)+RB(R1) to “prime” finisher then tap them again to perform. Hey, what can I say? Its a quick finisher, from a character that already does huge amounts of damage, and its a STRIKE? OH, did I mention…ITS UNBLOCKABLE! WOW. And he can prime it without worrying about being bothered after some of his options? Yah…do the damage, get the finisher, swing for the fences.

Strike Combos


QS(KB)>HS(KND-S) Remember this combo ok?





B+QS(KB)>HSTRUE HERE IS YOUR BIG COMBO!!! I wont go into detail right now, but just remember it ok?





F+QS(KB)>HS(GTS) remember this combo too ok?

Now I know youre probably looking at this and saying WTF?! Is that all? Well, yeah it is. As far as his standard combo capabilities thats all she wrote. I told you before he was very limited offensively. But let me hit you with some knowledge. Remember those combos I told you to remember? I hope so…if not here they are again.


Check this out. Mixing up these two combos should be the staple of Big Show’s offense. I mean, its what hes got. The second option is marginally better than the first because its a TRUE combo, but the first starts with a longer range attack. The other difference is that the first one WONT stop if the first hit is blocked, but the second one will. So its pretty much a pick and choose depending on where you are in the ring kinda thing. But the cool thing is that BOTH of them end in KND-S, which is a BAD spot to be in against Big Show. I cant even begin to say how bad it is. But I will lol. If he puts you in KND-S, where you are sitting on your ass stunned. He gets guaranteed followups. Once there all he has to do is 1. tap QS to put you in KND then 2. tap HS (jumping stomp) to put you in JUG. And from there, thats your ass pretty much. Because from JUG he gets both QS(KND)[TRUE] and HS(KND). Yeah he can choose to do either grab but grabs can be countered. But theres ANOTHER layer to this. I said he gets QS(KND)[TRUE], why didnt I say QS>QS>QG or any other combination of strike/grab blah blah? Because if you just tap QS, he gets KND. Meaning its a RESET. From that reset he gets ANOTHER HS (jumping stomp) and youre right back in JUG!! From that SECOND juggle you can then opt to do the multiple strike combos or a strike/grab combination. But theres yet ANOTHER layer to this. If you have a finisher bar ready, on that SECOND juggle state, just tap HS(KND). The cool thing about this KND is that he actually punts the opponent out of the ring and he can prime his finisher for free. FREE. FRAAYYYYYYY. And as noted earlier, his finisher is a strike and once its primed and stored, the only thing thats gonna take it from you is if the opponent can land a finisher. Chances of that are pretty slim. So here’s what it should look like

QS(KB)>HS(KND-S) OR B+QS(KB)>HSTRUE after (KND-S)>QSTRUEpause>HSTRUE>QSTRUEpause>HSTRUE then after the (JUG)>QS[TRUE]>QS[TRUE]>HSTRUE or QS[TRUE]>QS[TRUE]>QG OR if you have finisher ready or need space to taunt to build finisher meter HSTRUE

F+QS(KB)>HS(GTS) dang. whats this? why did I ask you to remember this combo and whats a (GTS)? isnt that CM Punk’s finisher? Yah that is the abbreviation for CM Punk’s Go to Sleep finisher but in this case its the notation im gonna use for a special state ive found. (GTS) is short for GUT STUN. I dont wanna say its unique to Big Show JUST YET but hes the only character ive used thats had it thus far. Basically in the combo he punches then he kicks in the gut. If the kick lands the opponent doubles over and goes into a standing LONG stun while holding themself. The reason this is good is because it allows Big Show to go into other offensive options and is also one of his primary ways to land a HG(SLK). The reason you would want to land an occasional HG(SLK) with him is because from that strong lockup either his QS or his QG go into JUG state, which ive already shown you is good for Big Show, bad for the oppoent. And the two options from SLK have different counter timing. The other cool thing about this combo is that visually it looks almost IDENTICAL to his QS(KB)>HS(KND-S) but the difference is that the former stops on block and the latter doesnt. Mix em up, make em pay.

Just landing one or two combos with him does ridiculous and ludicrous amounts of damage. And while hes doing it hes building SO much signature bar and finisher meter that he doesnt NEED other than for running, which counter-acts his slow movement.

EDIT: why didnt I think of this before!!! I forgot to put this in my initial write-up but as a Big Man class character Big Show can charge his HS and store it for later. Meaning he can have a charged HS and a finisher primed all at the same time, and BOTH are UNBLOCKABLE. And if he lands the charged HS it leads into a JUG or it causes the opponent to rebound off the ropes or turnbuckle and if youre quick he can land his finisher for FREE off that. OMG!!!

Thats about it for Big Show. I know it was short but I hope ive shown you why he doesnt need a whole lot to get the job done. Matches with him should be short and sweet. Like his song says “you wont see it coming, but I PROMISE you’ll know…its THE BIG SHOW”

could the next one be undertaker or sheamus?
I’d like to know how to play as them better
but nobody really takes this game that seriously so it’s hard to get detailed info

I’ve found this is really effective (repeatedly using L2 to exit/enter the ring as an evasion technique). In fact, I’m starting to wonder if maybe it’s a little too good, but I don’t want to be premature in my judgment.

As Rey Mysterio, if someone is rolling back and forth like that, if I do a heavy strike “dive” to the outside then I can sometimes catch them even if they roll back inside (it tracks weirdly). I’m not sure if this works with all characters, but that’s about the best thing I’ve found to stop it and even it’s not guaranteed. Is there a slight period of time where you can grab people once they roll in? Or anything else I’m missing? It doesn’t seem like they’d overlook something so obvious.

Another “problem” is Kane can be pretty brutal in 1 v. 1 matches especially if his opponent is slower/less acrobatic. If he lands a charged punch and then follows with a heavy strike boot, he can knock you outside of the ring (which looks awesome by the way). He can then charge up another punch and wait for your entrance, upon which he can unleash it and send you right back out with another boot. Acrobatic characters have different ways to get back inside, it’s the slower ones I’m concerned about. Maybe they could spam L2 to roll in then roll back out in order to “bait” the molten punch? Then it goes back to the “problem” of L2 “evasion” being too good. I donno, just something to think about (and please let me know if I’m missing something obvious).

My main problem with the game (besides loading times lol) would be that too often there’ll be “stare downs” with one character in the ring and another outside of it (seems like I’ve seen that happen in the WWE before though haha), waiting forever for the other to screw up. If the player inside jumps towards the outside, the other one might just roll in to evade their attack. The earlier mentioned “heavy strike” dive with Rey seems to catch these people sometimes, but the range on it is too short in other instances I think. A turnbuckle dive will catch people who are far out, but if they manage to run towards the ring and roll in, they should be able to evade it.

I thought a traditional 20 count disqualification would help, but even then people would just roll back in before 20 hits and roll back out again. :rofl: I think “Hell in a Cell” would have been a cool match type that might avoid a lot of these problems. The cage match is cool, but it’d be nice to have that confinement without needing to escape.

Anyways, sorry about the rambling, let me know if there’s stuff I’m missing that would help out with the scenarios I’ve presented. Overall this game rocks and has been a blast with friends. :tup: