The Official Thread for Super Rock Box Stream

because of ultra this shit was stuck in my mind for hours i wanna know what would u guys think of this concept

Every monday night will be a stream of GGPO casuals or we can do it somewhat WWE style and have like a lil night like thiers
there will be a GGPO champion, GGPO intercontinental champ and etc every monday night so what do u think

Unfortunately, GGPO overseas is troublesome. You can not have players from too far a place, or it gets too laggy.

Streaming is fine, one could check the lobby for good matches and stream them. It would be interesting to be able to spectate even without GGPO installed (e.g., Linux partition, at work, etc).

Kuroppi is organizing another ST GGPO Tournament, BTW.

Who was talking to you BR? We only mean GGPO from the countries that matter. Which are America, North America(Canada), Mexico, and South Mexico(The other mexican speakers from the south).

indeed and its not a tourney its more like a every monday event

This would be really cool, I know a few peeps up in western Canada who would be very down for this.

monday casual or tier night shifter sound good, and yes forget about BRryu

I hear if you turn off all the lights and say BR’s name in a mirror three times, he comes and rains on your parade

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Which games would these be for? The ones that people play (Karnov’s room, ST) or all of the games including small rooms like Vampire Savior.
This sounds like a good idea. I might have to get back into playing GGPO


And ESTN2 for spanish speakers.

What? I thought that was ESTN8: the Oicho.

a pilot episode will start Monday comming

nice, good luck mmx8

This will be streamed still working out some kninks with the commentating and other stuff but it will happen soon stay tuned

for those who would like to be apart of the episodes just log on to ggpo around 11:15Pm EST for some casuals
and i would like some beef and drama too so i can sound like micheal cole at ring side lolol

Any excuse for someone to record/stream any of my matches so I can go over it later is always good =) I’ll try to be there.

Bonus points if this happens to become popular =p

it will be in the logs if anything

will start in 15 mins

Episode 1 :