The Official Street Fighter IV TE/SE Fighstick Template Thread

UPDATED: 2/11/11!

I’ve taken the liberty to create this thread for the purpose of showcasing and requesting TE and SE custom templates. :tup:

I will try to keep this thread updated with a list of people offering their services, and links to their hosted .psd files and images.

Likkuid - Flickr: blastd’s Photostream
zero2000 - LA.GG? [user?]
KaboXx -

Create Your Own Templates!

d3v’s Updated SE Template (borrowed from Arthongs)

Updated .psd Files!

likkuid’s Templates
Download SFIV_TE_FLOPROJEK_v2.rar from - send big files the easy way <ALTERNATIVE LINK>

Lizanias’ Templates
Download TE_S Mockup Template 1.4.rar from - send big files the easy way

Other Templates
RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

Making Your Stick Pretty: A Custom Stick Art Guide/Tutorial by: d3v
Making Your Stick Pretty: A Custom Stick Art Guide/Tutorial

[COLOR=“red”]Character Specific Template Links[/COLOR]

Chun Li (MvC3): [KaboXx]

Printing Templates
One of the best ways to print templates is to print on legal size paper; 100% Print, no scaling, 300 DPI.

if you want to be added, just send me a pm to let me know and I’ll add you. :wgrin:

Mockup Template:

Catalog of Designs:

Character Artwork Downloads:

where can these templates be purchased from ?

Someone asked this in the main thread but I didn’t see it answered. Where is that character art sourced from? It is a high enough DPI for printing? Please link a fellow in need.

Great idea for the thread:tup:

Lets the art rain!!:lovin:

that blanka stick is epic

Do you mean mine lol? They’re free. I’ll upload them tomorrow, maybe. What format should I upload? PNG, PDF, what? What’s best for printers?

They’re all super hi-res. That template Markman gave us - that’s what they’re at (that massive resolution).

I just hope you guys can help me out by providing me with a URL/place to get these things printed at super high quality…maybe on acrylic? :lol: That’s my only concern at the moment…Or if someone’s super generous…cut me a piece of clear acrylic to lay over a Kinko’s print!? If someone does that I’ll make you whatever you want :smiley:


Also some guy came on and gave us 5 images from the Capcom Press release. Forgot where that link is.

Yes, high enough DPI for printing. Epic quality. They resize very well too. When you upscale them there’s no apparent pixelation - possibly because of the art style.

Are you the one that requested it? I can’t remember who it was lol. Hopefully they see it so they can download the template :stuck_out_tongue:

Dudley??? Sol Badguy??? Terry Bogard???

Please :’(

If anyone is taking requests, I’d love an “ink blot” SFIV art style stick featuring Onslaught (MvC boss) on it. It’s hard to find good Onslaught images though…

Here’s the artwork I’ll be putting on mine. If you want the PSD file, just send me a message. The artwork is by our very own Kandoken who is an awesome artist.

EDIT: PSD is lost. Sorry.

HAHA ya I was the one who requested it, it looks fuckin awesome. Im looking forward to taking a look at it super hi res. Thanks a lot man, If i could give you rep I would haha

Question, I want to try to create a mockup or two, but I don’t have photoshop. I was thinking Gimp would work, but looks like it doesn’t/I don’t know how to get it to work. Help.

Thanks kindly. I hadn’t seen this site referenced before.

If Gimp doesn’t float your boat try Paint.NET. It’s more similar to Photoshop than Gimp is.

.psd = Photoshop document. Won’t work in GIMP. Sorry bud.

Your akuma template cool.

By the way, i have no idea which format and printer would be best…sorry.

Hey guys!!
I’ll help out too! I’ll make a couple within the next week or so. Whichever one you like I will provide the .PSD file for you or just give you .JPG file to you. To those who don’t have ps/don’t know how to work with it, I can make minor adjustments or add text (such as a username) to the stick if you want. PM me and lets make some awesome SF4 stick art!
Heres what I got so far:

Keeping it simple! Lets keep it SF4!!

No. That’s about 10x too small.

Damn :sad:

likkuid, that Balrog stick is fucking amazing. I know it’s just a mockup, but I’d be tempted to do something like that if I wasn’t worried about fucking up my TE stick trying to recolor the bezel.