-The Official SRK Lounge.....Chair Thread-

I have been thinking about investing in a nice lounge chair as of recently to further degrade my eyesight by sitting WAY too close to my 52 inch HD. But man, there are literally a million cool designs out there and like Pokemans, and stds, I gotta catch them all.

So in order to help make up my mind I have created this epic thread for all things lounge related, including La-z-boys, recliners, and those badass fancy smancy vibrating chairs. But no love seats, cause I hate women. And live journal/twitter…

But I love pandas.

Edit: Damn this shit is hot? Make you feel like king shit sitting your fat ass on here.

EditiEDit: Also whats up with accent chairs? Can you only sit on one if you’re wearing a top hat and monocle? Is smoking out of a wooden pipe a requirement for accent chair ownership? These are serious thoughts indeed and I can’t even ponder the answer to such questions without the ability to lounge around. By George I need a lounge chair immediately!!

I’ve grown quite partial to sumo bean bags.

You mean this?

It looks pretty versatile, but my 6’5 frame would probably tear it up, and being the mexican that I am, if I ever were to get hungry and stoned at the same time that bitch will end up being just a sumo chair.

Anyone have any luck with those gaming chairs?

]Holy shit I want this chair. I’d lounge like Dracula or Captain Kirk in that bitch. That websites hard as hell to navigate tho and do they sell chairs or just have pictures of em or what?

Only hot chicks with accents should be allowed to sit on my accent chair.

Just over here working on my lounging techniques, fat cating it, ya dig. Then my boy shows me this chair right hur.

Gamepod 1.5 Video Game Chair

$50 dollars at a garage sell. How lucky can a dude get?

What kind of gaming chairs does srk use?


This is my chair and ottoman - http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/cc12/Drizzt519/IMG_02492.jpg

I dont sit in it very often because I prefer the couch.

AK Rocker

I never understood these chairs. People their TVs on the floor or something? Only got those old console TVs or something?

I hate to be stodgy, but I find that La-Z-Boy type recliners don’t offer enough back support and encourage slouching.

Yeah that is weird, I wanna be eye level with my tv and it’s on a pretty high stand. A lot of folks that have flat screens have them mounted on the wall, so why you gonna sit on the floor?

Authorities scrambled to corral radioactive La-Z-Boy recliners | ScrippsNews

Just be lucky it doesn’t encourage cancer.

I am seriously debating if I even want a loung chair after doing some research.

Couple killed with a lounge chair - Breaking News Allvoices


Mwahahahahahaaaa… Ha… :tup:

I ws eating an apple and thinking it would make a cool seat. I was certain that this was some brilliant and original ideal until googled dashed my hopes across salt water laden rocks.

I wonder if they made one that looks like a candy apple?

dammit, Mr. Palm. why are you not in the design thread? i posted chairs in that bitch :mad:

My bad Senior Shaft, I really believe that awesome lounge chairs deserve a thread all to their own. Especially with so many lounging ass dudes that we have here in GD.

Also how badass is this?

Sensory Deprivation Skull Chair by Atelier van Lieshout ? Chair Blog

I decided once I get my own place I would get a replica of either Kirk’s or Picard’s command chair.

Kirk’s chair is player as hell.

Sit in Captain Kirk?s Chair for a Mere $2,000 | Underwire | Wired.com

Time to kick this thread into overdrive!!!