The Official R&B and Slow Jams news, reviews, and stuff thread

The very first “Official” R&B/Slow Jams thread. There was a thread about Ne-yo a while ago and got more responses than I ever thought a thread about R&B would get so I figured let’s start one and see how far it goes.

Anyway, I’m a big fan of R&B as it’s my first love as far as music genres go. I was raised on Anita Baker, Evelyn Champaigne, Diana Ross, Billy Ocean, and others of the mid 80s. R&B ain’t like it was back then or in the early 90’s… It seems much more difficult for an R&B artist to make big money as a male unless they’re jumping around and dancing (no matter how slow the song is) or unless they’re really pretty and light-skinned as a female (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

There aren’t many CDs I’ll throw money on other than R&B albums (rap just doesn’t draw me in like it used to) and I buy as many as I can that come highly regarded or of people I like. Last CD I copped was Bobby Valentino’s Special Occasion. It’s pretty decent. Got a few good tracks on it.

Looking forward to getting Kelly Rowland’s new album and Tamia’s (making a comeback!) as well. Here’s her latest song from her Between Friends album, Me

Good, solid, slow jam. Tamia is still fine as hell (owns one of the most perfect faces in the world) and can sing her little ass off. Very unheralded. I do like her other single off that album better (Can’t Get Enough) though…


This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Word on the street is Amerie’s next album is gonna be hot. I’ve heard 2 of the tracks on it and I’m not so sure. They’re called Make Me Believe and Take Control. Make Me Believe ain’t that great… it’s pretty crappy if I’m totally honest. Take Control is good though. Her next is a must-buy for me nomatter what. She is my #1A afterall. :lovin: :lovin:

apparently p-diddy is doing a new making the band with r&b singers. About damn time, we need a new 112 type group.

Nothing good can come from anything associated with diddy these days.

I’ve had the new Amerie album for quite a while now. Haven’t really dissected it and listened to a lot of it yet, though.

A lot of one-trick ponies in the R&B game lately. No one has come out with an album in the past couple years that I’ve listened all the way through without skipping a track.

personally i’m a fan of mid to late 90’s r&b aka “hip-hop soul” which is why i’m definitely loving these little collabos ne-yo has been putting out recently, like that joint with fab.

the r. kelly album is a pretty enjoyable listen as well, made me wanna break out 12 play.

The kids today don’t like R&B. They think it’s “too slow and boring”. It’s hard for them to sell.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

And what’s this I hear about Akon F-5ing some girl off the stage at a concert? :confused: :rofl:

i need some damn good r&b in the club…its good for grinding up on the girls like real sexual and slow. mmm clubs need more r&b…so i work my game.

Robin Thicke is the man. album is def solid, only 1-2 skippable tracks. just wait til usher comes back…

fuck akon

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R&B has probably always been my favorite music genre, though these days I listen to a lot more hiphop because there just isn’t the same kind of good R&B anymore. I miss 112 , babyface, and boys 2 men and all that good stuff, whats good thats out now? last thing I got was musiq…not sure what else

you know I just saw a commercial for that this morning, and it showed some dude reciting what looked like a letter or poem, but it was babyface’s “when can I see you again.” maybe if I saw it in context I wouldn’t be upset but I seriously hope he wasn’t tryin to pass it off as his own(which I do doubt), or use that as some love letter to a chick. I dunno why but seeing that annoyed me.

yeah music these days just isnt the same.

I beg to differ…. Diddy’s new phenom Aasim, he’s basically the most talent Diddy’s ever had and yes that includes Big. He’s an absolute beast. But back to the matter at hand.

I’ve been listenin to alot of Atlantic Starr lately. Being a hip hop producer…old school R&B is vital to me, and it’s just damn good music. Some of the old songs you hear that are the samples for the big hits and covers in todays music would blow your mind.

Oh and it’s more of a funk thing but I think Jamiroquai qualifies for this thread and you GOTTA listen to some of his shit.

yeah Jamiroquai is fuckin awesome


some tracks i’m feelin atm

j. holiday “bed” has grown on me.

mario “how do i breathe” is sappy, catchy though.

musiq “teachme” is dat shit too.

OMFG you said it homes.

So much ‘lay a lady down’ music. Its HOT.

AWWW! You beat me to it. Oh well, I can still start a Jazz/Funk etc. thread. You guys should check “The Hollywood Recordings” by Sa-Ra. This album is a great buy (make sure you get it at Best Buy, bonus songs and DVD). They fit in the R&B/Soul genres although they also rap. I might post a couple tracks later to give you guys a sample.

I wanted to start this thread, but I m not a “known” member so if I started this thread, it wouldn’t go past 1 page… enough bitching…

lemmie see… I’m listening nowadays to the latest “JOE” album and for old school, Ready for the World.

To be honest, imo, i listen to country music nowadays because it has good slow songs/ ballads with more qualiy , IMO, then R&B because todays r&b “slow songs” are not romantic enough for me. I feel nowadays that the “romance” in “r” &b is missing. I dislike so called r&b with cussing and “baby momma drama” or having " someone on the side".

Some groups to try out: Debarge, Atlantic Star, blackstreet.


I forgot to say this earlier but Anita fuckin’ Baker FTW!!!

Surface , Tony Terry, The Deele, are among my favorites.

Tigerboi approves of this thread.

and you all need Jill Scott in your life.


Don’t forget Badu!