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Did a search and didn’t find a Metal Gear specific thread (there’s a MGS4 dedicated one, but that’s about it). Thought I’d start up one because Metal Gear kicks ass :rock: Just so everyone knows, this thread assumes you know the jist of Metal Gear and won’t be mad if they read a potential spoiler.

To start the thread off:

I was talking to a friend today at lunch about usual videogame stuff when we got on the subject of Metal Gear. Both of us are big fans and know the overall canon pretty well. Well, we got to talking about Twin Snakes, the Gamecube remake of Metal Gear Solid and how it was kind of a missed opportunity. Nothing really added besides new music and graphics and even lacked stuff from the original (VR Missions). I then brought up that shortly after the game was released, Konami said they could do the remake better (then Nintendo owned second party Silicon Knights handled Twin Snakes).

Nothing ever came of that however.

I was thinking that now would probably be a good time to go back to MGS and remake it right. With MGS4 out, putting an end to nearly all of the plot holes from the entire Metal Gear saga, I thought it would be kinda cool to add to MGS with that known information. Like behind the scenes stuff that was going on at the same time as the Shadow Moses Incident.

Stuff they could cover:

-Soldius Snake orchestrating the events with the Patriots oversight.

-More insight into Revolver Ocelot’s secret agent shit (working for liquid, while secretly working for Solidus, while secretly working for the Patriots, while secretly working for himself).

-How Liquid assembled his Fox Hound team.

-What went on when Ocelot was torturing SIGINT aka the DARPA chief.

-An actual glimpse of Decoy Octopus in his original form?

-Maybe a flashback story of Big Boss finding and training Sniper Wolf.

-Flashback explaining Gray Fox being a guinea pig for ParaMedic (she took his remains and made him into the Cyborg Ninja) and later killing her at EVA’s request.

That’s all I can really think about right now. Discuss!

‘The raven on my head THIRSTS for his blood!’

‘Daaaaamn right nigga! Mmm mmm!’

With all those extra cutscenes, a series already known for being a movie that you play a little bit of, it’d just start to get a little ridiculous. If a remastered edition with fully fleshed out storyline and MGS4 gameplay came out though, I’d jizz my pants.

An MGS remake already happened, they won’t remake it again. Now that we’ve seen the last of the progression with Solid Snake in MGS4, it would be really cool to play as Ocelot in Afghanistan and see just how he was given the name “Shalashaska”… or maybe even a brand new protagonist.

I’d like to see remakes of the MSX Metal Gear games. That would be fucking awesome. MGS3 and MGS1 are my personal favorite MGS games, followed by 4 then 2.

I own the GC remake, and I also prefer the original over it. I also didn’t like the graphical style of that game, it should have been more like MGS2. I guess Silicon Knights used the same engine from Eternal Darkness or some shit.

Peace Walker will be epic. I don’t know what to expect from the Raiden game, though.

Yeah a Ocelot sidestory game (or scenario) would be tits, make it happen Kojima :bgrin:

I completely agree. So fucking awesome.

Yeah I’d love to see remakes of the MSX games.A good narrative featuring a young Snake would be sweet.

Also MGS:TT should have looked really dirty and nasty like MGS1 was. half the point of MGS2 was that it was a break down of MGS1 hence the very clean sterile location.

Snake Plissken > any of the Metal Gear knockoffs.

I actually like the 2D Metal Gears better than the others. After MGS 1, the series went downhill imo as the plot became more important than the gameplay and it never seemed to work as a third person shooter.

They encourage you not to play that way…

Yes but the mechanics of the game always felt off compared to the original MGS style or Thief.

It’s “Tactical Espionage Action”, not “Third Person Shooter”… I think you’d be more suited to Splinter Cell or something.

you arent supposed to run around shooting, your movements are supposed to be methodical and well thought out. except on the easiest difficulty settings, you’ll die a whole lot if you try to ranbo it out.

Does anyone try not to get spotted + not use submission/tranqs or whatever on their first playthrough? I know a lot of people who just tranq or quietly kill anyone in their way…and I find that playstyle boring.

I’ve done it in MGS2. I do get spotted here and there but it is fun trying not to get spotted without using any weapons. CQC! :sweat:

i watched my bro played through part 3 with no alerts to get the stealth camo. such a pain in the ass but he finally got through it only to find that he had been spotted ONCE, somewhere. i’ve never seen him so disappointed.

To those who are interested/concerned:

The fan-made MGS movie came out for download and stream about a week and a half back. I had a chance to watch it in its entirety last night and my mind was blown. Even if you can’t say the movie was entertaining (I can), you can approve of these guys dedication and hard work to make this movie. I think one review site said it’s better than what Hollywood is dishing out for video game movies these days.

And they’re right.

I recently recorded and uploaded an MGS1 Big Boss run, so I thought I’d post this link for anyone who might be interested:

It’s definitely not the fastest Big Boss run ever, but I did some things differently that might make it entertaining. I might do similar runs of the rest of the series eventually, but I would focus on making them more fun to watch since the pros have already done all the crazy shit. This guy did a knife-only (except where impossible) run of MGS4.

When I’m playing an MGS game for the first time, I go painfully slow. I try to go for zero kills and zero alerts, but sometimes I let one or two slide. I crawl around everywhere, too. Remember in MGS4 how, during the chapter introductions, you could see the amount of time you’ve spent crawling so far? Mine was some ridiculous number of hours.

Snake looks Iranian in the pic lol.

Bookmarked to watch during future boring lectures. Thanks for link.

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