The Official Japan Thread 2.0 "Nani?"

This is the New Japan Thread. Feel free to ask any site appropriate questions, post news or talk about things relevant to Japan on this thread.

Thread Purpose: Seeing that Japan is such a broad topic. It?s going to be a big chore to keep this thread on track. So I have decided to try and use the first post as a reference link point for important posts with information like: Travel, Food, Education, Language, Gaming, Entertainment, Drinking, Living Cost, Lifestyles, Girls so on and so forth. So if you see something useful that someone might find useful later. Send me a PM with the link and I?ll determine wether or not to put it up on the First Post. You gotta be smokin? that real good crack if you think I?m gonna do this all by myself. Since there are quite a few of us who live in Japan now or have lived in Japan. We should be able to compile a good list resource information and also info on current events in our areas.

Japan Ref. List:

1. The Official Japanese Discussion Thread - by m121akuma

Go here to see pictures of Japan taken by us! "If you want to upload some pictures to this account ad you live in Japan. PM me and I’ll give you the password!

Also I have a ton of random pictures on my FACEBOOK Page, so if you wanna see “POPULAR JAPAN” add me: SCOTT POPULAR



SRK Related Events:
*Japanese Train Route Finder (English) - If you are coming to Japan, Bookmark It!

The last post from the older thread!

well she was silently crying lol…i asked one of the teachers about it and he seemed pretty unconcerned. he was like “oh i think she cry bcuz very tired.” i thought she was sleeping at first but i’m 95% sure she was crying. -thurst

*the crying cuz she’s tired thing might make sense tho bcuz i was in seoul and people are literally sleep walking on the subway later in the day.
Yeah, it happens with teachers. I punched a desk out once because one of my teachers was crying in class and the asshole boys who did it continued to laugh at her.

I learned that day that Japanese desks all have steel plates inside of them, to prevent people punching through them.

  • -Az

Nice meeting you two guys IRL. Instead of using PM or the matchmaking forum or an email account, let’s meet up somewhere next week and talk about what we did in this thread and turn yet another Japan discussion thread into a Myspace page, okay? Later.

Yeah. What he said!

LOL! The myspace/facebook thing is bound to happen, but let’s try to keep it in order folks.

@Anyone in the Kansai Area or anywhere in Japan: Are there any plans for any future get togethers? I’ld like to add them to the first post under SRK Events.


whoa we have a new thread, good shit SCOTT.

BTW me, shinblanka and HeartNana were discussing you last night on IRC lol.

Edit: Azrael is having a SF4 gathering at his house in Kyoto on Saturday, that’s all I know that’s happening.

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O’rly? LOL! Do I dare ask what? I’ve known Shinblanka since highschool. I hope he didn’t put me on the blast again.:rofl:

how do you guys live in japan? what kind of jobs do you have?

How much can you get by in Japan without speaking much Japanese?

These last 2 posts literally took the words out of my mouth…

ah ok, good shit

I think most people who live in Japan from SRK were involved in some sorta English teaching job at some point or another

If anyone wants to know what its like to live in Japan from my perspective (at least during the weekends), I have a blog that I update weekly. Its mostly about getting drunk and playing fighting games but someone may find it interesting. Check my sig for the URL

Heartnana also has a blog which is similar but with less drinking

Also, Az’s blog has always been legendary, he can share his too if he so chooses to

O.K. I’ll wait for Az to post with more info. I don’t want random cats showing up at Az’s place without fore warning. But good lookin’ out.

As ElvenShadow stated, most of us have or still work in the education field. But think of it as a gate way drug (Maybe this is a bad analogy, anyway). You can start off with teaching but if you really want to enjoy Japan. Look into other lines of work. I still teach at a Junior Highschool but I also do print ads, T.V. commercials, T.V. shows and I do a lot freelance goofy shit with Famitsu Magazine.

IMO, If your gonna live here for an extended period learn Japanese but their are many instances where it is best that you just speak English or whatever your native tongue is. But to answer your question, I do know people who manage live and work here who don’t speak a lick of Japanese. But the ones who are more “well off” can speak Japanese to an extent.

No problem but thanks for posting.

Thanks. I’m going to make a category in the first post named Current SRK Residents. There it will have the SRK user’s Name/Handle, Area and link to their blog or site. This might take a while so bare with me though.

woot, new thread. Kobe people wassup! Yeah, I think you kinda have to do a little english here. it gets you by. Tho some places are better than others depending on what your goals are.

Question. Do you guys in Japan, feel the job market is over-saturated with foreigners wanting to work in Japan?

I ask because a few years back I was trying to take Japanese classes to do what you all are, but now I’m focusing on Mandarin due to it being spoken in more countries and me feeling that EVERYONE in the translation/interpreting field who are into Asia are going for Japan.

  Might be so. but to work here you need a college degree (oficially). People who like anime hard core might be trying to get here but other than that, it doesnt seem to be the case. As for tranlsation, the language barrier is pretty high, so I dont many people get far. OTher members might be able to answer this question better tho...

Depends on the field. Sorry that’s not much of an answer but I see a lot of foreigners doing short-term gigs but not so many doing long-term. I think it is the language barrier aspect. Some people are real gung-ho at first but then realize that they can get by with the little Japanese they know and don’t push themselves further. I personally don’t know any other foreigners that have passed Kanken 1 (or Japanese come to think of it).

People who stay long-term get to a stage where they either want to stay or have had it and go back home.

Oh and RoninDRE-X, you better change your location field man, KOBE REPRESENT!! :stuck_out_tongue:

:party:What up DRE?! KOBE In The HOUSE!:party:

:wtf:Hrrrmm… I see your point. But I’ve never taught english outside of Japan. So, I can’t give you a solid answer. But I know that there are still jobs available here (if that helps). But getting here is the first big problem.

I want pix of Japan through SRK peeps’ eyes!!

I’m down for that! That would be a very interesting gallery since we all are a very random bunch IMO. Let me look into it.

My girlfriend and I want to go to Japan for our honeymoon when we get married, but Tokyo seems like an expensive place to go. Anywhere else you’d guys recommend? What are the beaches like over there?

Sup guys.

Looking forward to hanging out this weekend.