The Official Japan Thread 2.0 "Nani?"

go to my blog and click on the link on the side that says Japan Pics. Its my flickr account and its full of about 2 years worth of random pictures of Japan

Kobanwa folks.

How is the racism over in Japan these days? Are black people still feared/hated/worshiped depending on the age/sex/group?

indeed. I would like to know, too. Seeing as I wanna visit it someday. I remember my homeboy in the army telling me he didn’t need any type of game at all when he went over there, and his game had fell off so bad when he came back to U.S he didn’t know how to approach American girls anymore. Son of a gun was showin me pics of him getting it on with random jap girls, and I shouldn’t have looked lol.

Especially wanna look at all that high tech they have, too. Speaking of tech, Popular, you seen any live Gundam fights in yo neck of the woods with lil kids piloting yet?:razzy:

i’m interested. i’ve always wanted to live in japan. i got a couple more questions:

  • how exactly do you become a teacher in japan?

  • can you live off the money you make as a teacher in japan?

yall dudes be hitting the beach? where at? no homo. i live close yo kamakura and zushi and was just wondering.

Yeah Japan is expensive and I really wouldn’t advise picking Tokyo as an Honeymoon spot. Now unless you want to spend your Honeymoon in an Over Crowded Metropolis FFVII Midgar City environment, come on down! But mind you that this is your Honeymoon and if your going ball, get ya’ funds in order. Commuting here is a killer!

Minani Izu Area: Was real cool. It was about a 30-45 minute ride on the Shinkansen but it was a really chill spot. It had that Bay Area Vibe.
Shonan Beach: Is the cheaper and slummer beach spot for those of us living in Tokyo.
The Bikinis are out in full force!

Take some pictures! Where is Az at anyway?

"?? - Gaijin" - Basically it means alien or foreigner. ie. one not born in Japan. More Specifically, one not born of 100% Japanese blood. As for being feared/hated/worshiped depending on the age/sex/group? I’m going to have to say yes. But isn’t it the same everywhere despite one’s color? If your not Japanese, you are going to get some of that good ol’ Racism Pie at some point if you live here for a years times. Fret not though, it’s most the silent type racism. Which doesn’t make it any better but it easier for them that way.

@G.O.T: No Game is Game! Get a pen folks, I’m bout to learns ya’! LOL! But first before RoninChaos or Koop come in here and tell me to shut up. Your boy from the military had to learn the ropes when he got here. Just like everyone has too in the beginning. There are certain place where girls go to hook-up with non-Japanese guys here. One should beware of these locations. A good Hunter knows his surroundings. :encore:
The Return of The Mack?!: It’s funny cause I had a similar problem when I first came back to the States. I was dating this one waitress at Applebee’s before I moved to Japan but I kept in touch with her. So when I came back to Georgia. I stayed with her a couple of days. She was one of those real real Southern down-to-earth type of girls. She told me that, “Boy! I don’t know where yous been but we don’t roll here like that?!” Apparently, I wasn’t as affectionate or openly courteous as I was before. Which I think is true. Japan tends to nurf the traditional western art courting/dating.

But anyway, I haven’t seen any kids battling it out in the street yet but there where killing it in the Arcade. I went to the Gundam Muesuem a few years back. It was kinda hype! I’ll try to find the pictures later. As for the Hi-Tech stuff, Japan always has some cool shit. But don’t sleep on the everyday Lo-Tech items in Japan. The Japanese Mech-Toilets are the truth!:tup: The one in the Sky Lounge is too boss! I’ll try to youtube it after the 27th.

First off google: Teach in Japan After that a bunch of links should pop-up from various agencies looking for English Teachers. Try to find one that will pay for your flight to Japan.

Second, Yes you can live off of it and save as well. As long as you budget yourself. I think the starting pay rate now is around 200,000yen a month so about $1800 or $2000 a month after taxes.

Did you ever get in touch with Justin off the Kittyhawk?

It depends which program/company you use to get the English teaching gig.

I’m a JET and I pay no rent (only utilities and stuff), and i get about 2.6K a month after taxes and everything. I’ll be seeing 200 bucks PER MONTH back once I leave and get my pension. So can I live off of it? Yes. Can I go out every weekend and still save up a decent amount of cash? Yes. Am I awesome? Yes.

subscribed… again


i used to stay at higashizushi, but it moved towards kinugasa

i’ll be dorming at aobadai, next to shibuya soon

how are the beaches… bars should be opening up soon yea?

:WOW: Maybe I should back to Japanese, haha.

Another ?. For the people teaching, did you guys want to know you wanted to become teachers to go overseas or was it looked at as a means to go overseas?

For me it was an easy way to Japan.

Hey guys, i’ve been thinkin of teaching in japan since i have nothing to do and would like to see the world n stuff. Can you guys tell me how you got into it? I looked into google about the steps n stuff but i’d rather hear it from people that actually went through with it and if it was easy or hard to get in.

what are some of the differences in japanese law compared to american law. the only thing I can think of is that japanese are very strict on guns

You can write a book answering this question. Anything more specific?

If you just want some examples. A Jury works differently in Japan. A Japanese Jury has no authority to pronounce a defendant guilty/not guilty. Their role is to advise. They do NOT have to be in total agreement and if you accept a jury at your hearing you lose your right to appeal. A lot of people thought that was bullshit but no one could agree on how to fix it so in 1943 Jury Law was suspended but not abolished so there is no right to trial by jury in Japan. A lot of criminal law has been adopted from the American system though after trying idea from Chinese, French and German systems. Minimum age you can be tried as an adult used to be 14 but is now 16.

To really water it down, the basic differences are:

USA = Protecting Rights
JPN = Getting the Correct Decision

USA = Seeking Justice
JPN = Rehabilitation (with the addition: “removing someone from society is counterproductive to rehabilitation.”)

That also is a book in itself. But before you decide to come here you gotta really ask yourself if really ready to be “FAR AWAY” from home.

And Drugs! But all that kiddie porn is A.O.K.!

:tup:Nice Input WM! But I’m wondering if this newly installed judicial system will bring forth a new age of Phoenix Wright type lawyers here in Japan?

Nice dude, thx. Looks fun.

This man only speaks truth! Preach It Pastor Popular!!!

Look forward to seeing the Kansai Crew tomorrow! Sorry Tokyo crew, I have strayed ! :looney:

I’m a JET and I think my time here was well worth it. I’ll be starting my third year come August, and for now, I would like to stay in Japan longer after that.

With nearly 2 years under my belt, I have seen some interesting things here, met some great people, adjusted to life, been learning the language, and overall starting a “second life” out here. It is a great experience, but it can also be hard on you. You are basically in a culture where things are radically different, you are 1000s of miles away from everyone you know and love, and depending on your Japanese skill level, you may have a language barrier that will take you time to get over. Depression has hit me hard in the past 2 years and still hits me hard even now.

Living here is easily the hardest thing I have ever done, along with learning the language. However, no matter what happens… if I continue to stay after JET or if I have to leave… I’ll come back a better person.

My advice is to seriously think about coming here and realize that it will be a huge challenge. Don’t come on a whim, because then you’ll end up hating it here and feeling like you wasted your time. Only come if you really want to teach English or if you are willing to do what it takes to experience a new culture for a long period of time.


Wazap all
About 2 weeks away til next *TPC “Tokyo Pizza Club” @ Sky Lounge

I need to know who’s coming
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