The Official GD Thread for those of us with nothing better to do than watch Evo streams

Stream #1:
Stream #2:
Stream #3:
ST Stream:


Title is too long. Don’t you know anything about marketing?

I can’t watch it at work, which pisses me off. Anyone wanna let me know how the Melee and Ultra pools look? Am I missing much?

These are VERY early pools. Not much is happening. @"CEO Jebailey"‌ is on right now trying to run away from an Akuma.

Yes. I also know I don’t give a fuck. I don’t need to sell you shit.

Nevermind, this Akuma started looking so promising but blows.

Lol shit. What’s he running away for?

I guess to see what he does. He had a small vortex going but then ate those fists.

got damn @ this dude on the Injustice stream

Need an Official GD thread for people who don’t play fighting games competitively but want to vicariously live out a talent fantasy through evo streams.

I liked the match Hugs just did.
And I hated the set that Sabin did.

The mere fact that Valaris created a thread is all the promotion it needs

Yo where do I watch Super Turbo??

nvm -
now we play the waiting game

Zoolander is on ST :smiley:

Picks DeeJay, good lad

Seems Capcom and ST streams are worth watching at the moment.

Anyone here at evo?

THere were some major streaming problems earlier but now its working fine.

Zoolander crashes out of the losers bracket, ended up using O.Sagat

I havent seen a single Ultra character used yet…no Poison, no Rolento, no Decapre? WTF!!!

There’s been some Decapres.

@Valaris‌ here is the link to the ST stream for the first post -