The Official GD Thread for those of us with nothing better to do than watch Evo streams

I wanna see Poison in action, as she’s my favorite of the new characters.

just had a Poison get bodied by Zhi and his all polka dot outfit

This just blows…
Anyone remember how long the Ultra pools are gonna last? (I know I’m asking a shit ton of questions, but I’m at work, so I need to know.)

Hart fucking fat slobs up! :tup:

Floe got BODIED so badly by Sagat.

Do you think he’s gonna take it this year?

Shit am happy just to see him look good for a bit, only legit player the UK has lol

Is anyone watching the Tekken stream or is everyone watching Ultra? I’m doing both :bgrin:

I can see him making Top 32 or Top 8.

wheres the tekken at? ffs I cant believe am watching this SF shite omfg lol, btw fuck rolento scrub ass bitch :tdown:

Upon arrival home, I plan to watch both streams on my laptop and my computer. When I feel like gaming, one stream will be turned off and commenced on my phone. I’m not missing shit this year…

Stream #2:

At 12 (or later), it will go back to Injustice Semifinal, then at 2, it will go back to TTT 2 Semifinals. Finally, on Stream #1: , TTT 2 finals
at 4.

lol on the ST stream we could hear all the screaming, by the time I opened a new tabbed everyone had calmed down

wow, Ken’s are blowing up Evo this year…

Loving my Tekken!

ffs sat here watching the stream look down and realize there are 5 empty bottles of beer next to me, gonna be hung the fuck over tomorrow if I carry on like this.

This dude has his wife next to him in a full traditional Japanese wifey getup :lol:

No IRC chat for this hrmmm? This might need to be changed soon lol!

Dawn of the Apes looks dope :amazed:

My xbox has twitch running at mobile quality ffs so could barely tell the apes from humans haha


I am so pissed I gotta work this entire weekend :frowning: