The Official Convention Thread

Sorry I ain’t been around in a while, I’ve been working, and just haven’t had much time off.

anyway, I did find time to make it to Mid-Ohio Con this past weekend, unfortunately, it was a small convention, and I really didn’t see any cool costumes, or anything worth snapping pics of, so I just left my camera in my backpack.

I did pick up some cool shit tho. I got a sketch by Ale Garza (new regular artist on Teen Titans).

and I met David Willis, author and artist on Shortpacked, who signed and sketched a copy of his book for me!

didn’t find many books from my list, but I did pick up the Eternals Hardcover for $20 so that was cool.

im not too sure if it is a good idea but maybe we can make this the offcial comic con thread. of course pics will be posted, the same thing that you have done talking about the signatures and also we can post dates of the upcoming comic cons.

It’s not a bad idea, Deathscythe suggested making a Sticky Con thread long time ago but I didn’t do it at the time lol I was wrong again. :rofl: I’ll come up with something later on.

sounds like a plan, next one I’m going to is the Akron/Canton con.

it’s just a small show (really Mid-Ohio Con is too).

Yeah I’m going to the NY Anime and Manga con next Friday. The NY Comic Con is in April next year so I’ll be attending that too.

So I made this the official convention thread. Feel free to talk about any cons you attend, comic book related, toy cons, car shows, whatever. You can also post up pictures of cons you have attended in the past and talk about previous convention experiences. Also if you hear about any upcoming conventions let us know.

Next Friday is the NY Anime and Manga convention -

In April 2008 we will have the third annual NY Comic Con -

Here’s some pictures I took from the NY Digital Life show earlier this year. It’s our own mini E3/New Technology event, even though sadly there were a lot less games this year. I think it’s because the industry shrank E3 and forced a lot of companies to have their own gaming events, but this is just a guestimate…

Pics of the screens the 360, PS3 and Wii games ran on.

This lady had a jacket with a game on it, she’d hand you a controller and you’d play a kiddy racing game. Video game clothes, what will they think of next!

Some stuff around the show. Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution banner. You know, whenever I hear Dance Dance Revolution I think of that song that ran after the second episode of SNK’s Gowkaiser anime, “DREAM AND REVOLUTION!” I suppose five people know what I’m talking about. :wgrin:

Zipit was all ready for Halloween!


Namco had the best booth!

Huh, Dig Dug has a storyline get out!

Namco’s cell phone Snoopy game image.

Along with the storyline! :rofl:

First lady of video games represent!

Here she is with her husband Pac-Man, and she has a Pac-Man game on her cell phone! :rofl:

Okay lets leave these two lovebirds alone as they retire to Pac-Man’s dressing room. :lovin:

Have no idea what these two were doing at the show or why they were hanging out at Namco’s booth, but they yam what they yam so I took a picture with my digital cam. AGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAG!

Hey two characters that have been in Capcom games before, no really!

Spider-Dog! Spider-Dog! Does whatever a Spider-Dog does!

Two of the worst video game criminals EVER! If you catch these two on the street make sure you call the authorities quick!

Nah that’s a painting of a sticker for an Ipod. Fun!


And now for some robots!

Yep, R2D2 Web Cam!

Will someone save the Robo Pandas before they go extinct?

I thought this guy was Howard Stern, he even sounded exactly like him!

Lara Croft, only true video game cosplayer that showed up! Hey Capcom distributes Tomb Raider games in Japan, so hooray!

So long Digital Life, see you next year. Make sure you bring some more games dagnabit! :smile:

Pictures from the 2007 NY Comic Con. Toys! Toys! Lots of Toys!

Some of stuff from the booths at the show -

A few cars at the show. One filled with comic strips and a Hulk Mobile busting through!

You can’t have a comic con without COSPLAYERS!

Yeah that was a real person dressed up as Soundwave! :rofl: Here’s some more Marvel characters!

Hey I know Wolverine is supposed to be short but I didn’t think he was that short lol! :rofl:

And let’s not forget about DC!

The ultimate confrontation! Joker’s shirt OWNS! It reads “I killed Jason Todd and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt.” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Tried to get a picture of DC’s greatest Hero EVER but you know, when he has to run off to save the day there’s just no stopping him…

Even video game characters came out!

And the last batch is a bunch of manga and anime characters!

Talk about creative, this girl dressed up as Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu transformation!

That’s it, hope you enjoyed! :smile:

If you want some info on things that happened at the show check out this thread -

I have pics from the NY 2006 con but I’ll have to dig those up, and I have a lot more Digital Life pics too from previous years. I’ll put those up later on.

you know what i wished that i had a real camera at the time. I wont even bother with the pics i have cuz it is from a camera phone and the shot wasnt too clear.

Yeah I’m already having problems with my digital camera’s extendable lens jamming on me. After the anime and manga con and XMAS blows over chances are I’ll replace it. I guess 4 years is all you get out of technology nowadays, 5 or more if you’re lucky.

The reason I got a digital camera in the first place was because I used to use disposable cameras for shows. Both times the pictures came out bad, during the first Digital Life show and the last Big Apple Anime Fest in 03… So I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

I have a 35 MM Camera but it is a pain in the ass to carry around, it’s one of those old school photography class cameras. Though yeah those like disposables require scanning for sharing online and you can’t fit the cameras in your pocket. I had a Polaroid camera but my parents broke it on a trip to Mexico somehow…

I have a Razor cell phone and it can take pictures, but I never tried to upload the pictures online so I don’t know if the quality is going to hold up. Well if my digital camera does die during the Anime and Manga con I’ll switch over to that for the rest of the show.

wondercon 08

I’m really glad the Pittsburgh Comicon hasn’t been cancelled, despite the fact that the owner/organizer was indicted for murder.

it’s always a fun show, every year, and I would be upset if it was cancelled.

granted, it’s definitely smaller than it was, but it’s still a blast.

Some pics from the 2006 NY Digital Life Show! If some of my responses are hella outdated it’s 'cuz I’m copying and pasting an old post from '06 lol!

First of all Gametap was there with a bunch of old school games available for playing! On this column they showed a slew of the games they had.

Got up close and took pictures of this column of images of games on it. Below are images of SFA1, SFA3, Super Gem Fighter Minimix and Darkstalkers. They had a slew of other fighters at the show, SF2 New Challengers, SF2 Turbo, Megaman Power Fighters 1 and 2 and freaking Cyberbots!

In true SF Fandom I just couldn’t resist taken pictures of an SFA3 screen at the show along with my 2 favorite video game characters, so happy that I was able to play SF at Digital Life!

And Gametap even had SF Tournies!

The above one was on Friday. They only had the first tourney on SF2 Turbo and canceled the other two because it took up too much space in their booth. I was happy to compete in that one, didn’t win the tourney but ohs well!

After that they did one tourney a day, the SFA3 one took place on Saturday. Competed in that one, didn’t win that tourney either but I got a Gametap bag and a T-Shirt for competing!

This was the last tourney on Sunday. Didn’t compete in that one since I’ve never played Pocket Fighter seriously, just played it goofing around with my brothers mostly back in the day.

Images of characters in Gametap’s booth!

Speaking of Sonic, Sega was celebrating his 15th Anniversary! On day one first thing they were giving us free slices of his birthday cake. Happy B-day Sonic!

And the man himself -

And what other gaming icon showed up to this event?

Oh, poor Frogger. Don’t worry, he’s got the law on his side inforced by one of the toughest officers on the beat -

Hell yeah McGruff takes a bite out of crime!

Video game’s first married couple came down to the big apple, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man!

Speaking of Pac-Man, here’s Namco’s booth. Just like last year their booth features a few old school arcade machines of Pac-Man and the like where you could play games for free. And lots of Cell phone games of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. They even have Pac-Mania now, jumping over ghosts on the go is now a go! They were selling lots of Pac-Man goodies and even Dig Dug dolls. By Sunday the majority of these dolls were just about gone!

They were selling T-Shirts too. I bought the one with the three ghosts on it. Gotta show Namco some love!

And they were giving out some cool Pac-Man Ghost lolipops. This is the color the Ghosts turn when Pac-Man eats a Power Pellet and is about to eat them. Heh heh, got to skip over that part and eat the Ghost straight up!

Now for the Square Enix booth. They had a playable version of Final Fantasy XII and were taking pre-orders. It plays really great, I’m glad that they fine tuned the battle system compared to how the demo that came out with Dragon Quest VIII was. Here’s their booth.

Square Enix also gave out free Final Fantasy XII posters for free! Here’s two that I got up in my apartment.

Also got a picture of Justice League Heroes for free. This poster is freaking HUGE! The game plays great, and Superman’s Shoryuken has to be seen to be believed! On the Super Hero end a big shout out goes out to Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Superman Returns, also great games available on the show. JLH comes out this week, can’t wait!

Few other characters at the show, Spyro and Tony Montana AKA Scarface. “Gonna cut you like a piece of shicken!”

Like every year, all of the games available for play were on plasma screens, even PSP and DS games where shown on these screens. They had LOTS of games I got to play. Let me try to remember some of them, the new Sonic game on the Xbox 360, Sonic Rivals for handhelds, the new Castlevania DS game, Metal Gear Solid Ops on the PSP, Lego Star Wars II, ack, too many games for me to remember!

The Nintendo Wii was in the house! They had a Madden game, a Tiger Woods game and Elibits you could try out with the Wii-mote!

PS3 was also representing! They had a basketball game and a first person shooter.

What? Don’t care for all these new consoles and games? Perhaps this game is more your speed -

Splinter Cell car!

This Cellstart car was groovy too!

Only saw 2 cosplayers at the show. First one is Tifa from Final Fantasy VII and the second one told me she was from the Anime Bleach, I forgot what character she told me she was - I’ve only seen the first few anime episodes of Bleach on Adult Swim honestly.

And the only thing anyone really wants to see - Booth babes!

Got to meet the Net Dancers, they even signed a poster for me too free of charge!

I got to meet another micro celebrity too. It’s Will O’Neil of Attack of the Show! He was a really nice guy, complimented me on my Digital Camera (it’s incredibly small) and gave me a strong hand shake.

Man this was hands down the best Digital Life show ever. Looks interesting? Planning on visiting NY next year and thinking about stopping by and want to know when it’s going down? WABAM!

If you want more in depth information on the actual show from me and a few others plus some info on the Central Park Tokyo Festival that past recently, check out this thread -

Aaand that’s it. Next stop for me for me and my Digital Camera, NY Comic Con in February 2007 at Jacob Javits! Hope you all enjoyed the pics! :smile:

Pics from the 2006 NY Comic Con.

My sketches -

Ryu from Alvin Lee:

Chun-Li from Omar Dogan:

Ingrid from Omar Dogan:

First up is Batman made entirely of legos!

And the rest are pics of cosplayers at the show, enjoy!

what in the hell! :lol:

anywho the baltimore comic con is very strong every year. I remember the lines were long as hell for David Cho (i think that is his name) and some guy who does the Goon, and the guy who did x-men 200. (my bro got the signature) They usually have it at the baltimore convention center. I didnt like how some of guys were smelling though :nunchuck:

However there were some decent looking chicks in the spot (of course they were with their bfs) but some of the vendor chicks was like :hitit:. But since i dont have pics of em oh well.

The last of all the convention pictures I took. These are all from the 2005 Digital Life show, the year that SNK came down! :rock: I couldn’t find my ancient SRK post regarding this so just tossing up pics this time.

Okay I’m done. Next week I’ll be talking about everything I see and do at the Anime and Manga con, followed by lots more pictures! Oh yeah, Devil May Cry 4 manga and anime screening next Saturday at 11:00 AM at the con baby, CAPCOM IN THE HIZOOOOUSE! :nunchuck:

after seeing of the pictures the next one that is coming up im going to try to fuck one of those chicks. matter of fact the same thing will go down once otakon comes back to baltimore again in 2008. At times a couple of the clubs in the baltimore area always have some party regarding the conventions.

I’m serious, yo.

do a google search for Michael George, and Pittsburgh and you’ll find the article.

I just don’t know why I looked at so many of sano’s pictures. I am not down with cosplay but I still clicked on so many of his images.

That person on the right, wearing the red and white kimono… I kept trying to figure out if that’s a dude or a chick. I spent way too long analyzing sano’s picture. [sano, if you know that person as a friend, then I apologize for questioning his/her gender.]

That Ale Garza sketch Taichi got was pretty cool, though. He does good work.

Also, what’s up with making The Official Convention Thread a sticky, but not making The Comic Book Virgin Must-Read List a sticky? I think this forum has a lot of stickied threads already. There’s gotta be something you can bump off sticky status.

Personally, I think we could do without the Rules and Regulations thread. Everybody in this forum behaves with extremely polite Internet etiquette. We never engage in personal attacks or flaming. In addition, I have never encountered a situation in which anyone disagreed with another person’s opinion about a particular comic book or creator. Everyone always seems to agree with everyone. This forum has no swear words or vulgarity of any sort, because we’re so mature and well-mannered. I haven’t seen anyone post illegal scans of comics or porno links. So I think the Rules Thread should be unstickied or deleted immediately. It is clearly unnecessary and a waste of bandwidth. That’s just what happens when you read comics - it just means you’re a smart dude and already know all the rules and regs.

going to wondercon zephy?

Yeah, I think I will go, most likely on either Saturday or Sunday. If I see you there, I still got those Gotham Centrals for you.

yay more bru goodness. i think saturday is when they are showing the new frontier