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ehh hella better, yea i guess from the tournament anyway, I’m still in the works tho always tryin to get better skills

Me > Kid K
The reason: Kid K is a wuss

wuss? got your info wrong charlie, you got the wrong guy.

Look who responded?


P Diddy’s cheap throwing may have taken out my 1st string team but he lost to my powerdown team…WTF? …Wussy…

Throwin a huge Q down here man, date right now is unofficial… all we now is its gonna be in Sept. maybe Oct. on a weekend of course so all you jokers are invited just bring something if possible, there may be beer but chances are u bringing ur own haha unless I get enough moola accumulated, anyways just tossin a heads up for an invite! I’ll get back to ya in a few days about it, and u can always hit me up online…

If things go right, we’ll have games and shit like that so go ahead and bring ur stick, and enjoy getting ur ass handed by me :tup:

vna’s punching . went to vna knocked the black out of pog :bgrin: ocv haha what like 3 time my rol just 2 much 4 vna’s pog nex time get hector at least he makes it to my last chr hahaha dennis owns vna

I was jus playing with you, it was fun throwing you around, next time ill play my right groove and blanka. Youll have no chance haha :encore: Poor lame charlie cant throw haha :lame:

Bleh, scrubby XBL training…Finally got my CvS2 back so I’ll beat you down next weekend Kid. But like…Go ahead and use your correct groove and Blanka…I’ll still be beat you down.

I dunno about that charlie, i heard of the beat down you got at bbs, but if i can take kid you’ll prolly have a chance.

but if you want i can tell him to go easy on you

Who u be jrg?!?

Cmon wit Dennis down to V town see what true owning feels like, since u gonna feel it

Hey just a heads up, this weekend will be a get together here at will’s house, same place you got beat in that lil tourney u remember Dennis :badboy: So this weekend probably on Sat evening… feel free to bring drinks and/or food so you can kick back, games are also up in the air. Theres gonna be some other peeps u guys wont know but it dun matter anyways, so booze if ya bring it games… hopefully a cabinent? I MIGHT… might be able to provide a truck so think about dennis o’ K-town. Anyone down in F town can come plenty of food, drinks, whatever bring somethin if u want, if possible bring whatever game u guys can cause the more the merrier, gonna set them up around the house with tvs… also maybe we might need a ps2 (?) its soo short notice but come on down if possible, everyone’s invited

Nicw icon j.r.g, TCM kicks ass, but on the other note, who are you. Ive been playing Disgaea all week(sorry if i mispell it dennis) but that game has me hooked like an animal but ill be prepared for this weekend. Yo Pog i got a ps2 but no cvs2 for it :sad: if dennis occapanies that party of yours ill be there :tup:.

Me…Beat down? WTF you smokin bitch ass…All Kid did was throw me around cuz he can’t combo and mix up worth a damn. Last I looked the Kid stepped down and didn’t insert coins at the continue screen.

ahhh…so…everyone is getting together huh? perfect now i can play aircraft cvs2…win a dollar…and take skinny wills 3 to 5 dollars in ggxx…so if anyone else comes down…anyone wanna play ggxx for some money…im willing if you are.

Damn charlie calm down there only a game remember, I was gonna play you again but everyone wanted to leave so i was like forget it, it was fun playin around with N groove tho, ya i only throw cracked out like that with cammy. It funny how angry u got when u heard “got your ass beat” classic.

wow to good kid dont let um bully u :tup: adoms a beast on a keyboard
hey kid give me a ring we need 2 put to gether a good stick i was think of putting a 8way comp and some good bottons on yur xbox pell to soop :party: it up for sat when we go to pogs bbq ok thats it .and i got my mach with ace the score is now 1 nothing hahah i new i wood take him out on a good stic hahaha

sry for not introing myself, names j.r.g. but only kid really knows me. (hammer toe). maybe dennis knows me too but i play in f town. whats with the no show yesterday kid, even though i was playing alpha 3 instead of cvs2 it was coo. i won a couple matches against tai.

pimpedoutgeese: FIRE
pimpedoutgeese: U comin down nigga
pimpedoutgeese: I read that post
mmmmmmfire: when
pimpedoutgeese: in srk
mmmmmmfire: ?
mmmmmmfire: sat bbq
pimpedoutgeese: yea
mmmmmmfire: yep
pimpedoutgeese: NIIIICE
pimpedoutgeese: Come get ur ass owned up
mmmmmmfire: the new 3 horse men will b there
pimpedoutgeese: yeap yeap
pimpedoutgeese: be sure to own u ALL up
mmmmmmfire: to funny
pimpedoutgeese: yea, man u guys… horsemen… thats comedy
mmmmmmfire: well bing that u cant handel me adom and ralf i thnik yur n a lot of trubel
mmmmmmfire: now what bitch
pimpedoutgeese: U guys suck tho
pimpedoutgeese: what u talkin about I walked all over u
mmmmmmfire: this time were going to knock the black out of u ahhaha
pimpedoutgeese: try it sucka
mmmmmmfire: or i mean the hair
pimpedoutgeese: the hair what the fuck
mmmmmmfire: we already made u my wight bitch ahaha
pimpedoutgeese: ITS WHITE
mmmmmmfire: whoall going to b there lilhoe
pimpedoutgeese: ummm dunno know for sure… tossin invite out to everyone so
pimpedoutgeese: u can invite some of ur hoes
mmmmmmfire: is hector going
pimpedoutgeese: mmm…
pimpedoutgeese: sure he can
pimpedoutgeese: Ill toss an invite
pimpedoutgeese: actually yea, him and lalo
mmmmmmfire: hes the only 1 thats stands a chance agenst the hores men hahah may b musteroi dood but thats it mayb paul if we go ez on him aahhaha
pimpedoutgeese: shit
pimpedoutgeese: paul aint comin tho
mmmmmmfire: hes to scard
pimpedoutgeese: hes G ma died
pimpedoutgeese: sick fuck
mmmmmmfire: and he always has better things to do then wach u get beat up by me
mmmmmmfire: hhahahah
pimpedoutgeese: shit man whateva ur ass cant touch me
mmmmmmfire: thats to bad
pimpedoutgeese: yeap that u guys suck that much
mmmmmmfire: 1st im going to eat all yur food and then drink all yur licker then im going to beat the crap out of all the vna peeps bitch cuzzz i can ahahha
pimpedoutgeese: puhlease bitch
mmmmmmfire: lol
mmmmmmfire: dont hate
pimpedoutgeese: imma own u all up jes lettin u know
mmmmmmfire: like last time hahahah
pimpedoutgeese: plus u have P diddy… big liability
mmmmmmfire: what hes way better then ralf now foo
pimpedoutgeese: so what man, I take ralf like a joke, p diddy bigger joke hahahaha
mmmmmmfire: now u know how i fell when i go down there
pimpedoutgeese: yea man , must be a real challenge for uy
mmmmmmfire: dennis owns vtown and yur number 1 player hector i own all of the and his hinch men catfish 2