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tread for (( all )) the hardcore gamers from central cali

i am god bow down you slut

Fresno Dennis!!! Im glad you made a thread…you were too damn funny at Evo…we were kickin it all the time…Whenever im in Cen Cal im stopping by…Peace…and Low tier Madness!!!


Good shit…Me n Dennis are starting a new arcade.

Nice… a simple thread but lets not waste it, lets get some game discussion going, so when u coming dennis, and how is the damn timing on that S Lk, C Lp, C Mk, Deadly Rave combo with Geese… hard as fuck… its the Mk to Deadly Rave, can’t connect it unless I go straight to neutral from the Mk and Im not that good yet, but if thats the only way have to practice :mad:

also Dr B, some tips on S Groove, um good characters and such cause im just startin, decided S cause No roll and Dodge, charge then super = could equal cheese, and COUNTER when bar is full, plus u gain bar when u block… Im thinkin Ryu, Geese, and Sak but dunno

Later… oh yea, if we can keep it clean Id prefer to post here

oh shoot…nice thread guys…good stuff…why didnt i think of it??? hahaha jk…

anyhow…so what currently are the IN games to be talking about…not that my 2 cents would count…i dont play cvs2 anymore…lol :eek: :frowning: :mad: :o :confused: :smiley: :lame: :slight_smile:

yeah a thread for everyone that cant tell if there north or south :d: :lk: :lp: :df: :r: :hp:

Its not so much as the in game… its the topic should be rather game related, so no more junk post like this one… or try to keep it a minimum… not tryin to offend u but

So anyways also people say that I just defend too much, I say thats bullshit, u cant jd ENOUGH, you just have to be smart of enough to know when to tech a throw OR… counter with ur own hit that has a frame start rate lower than there attack… there is no such thing as too much , I just dun have it down all the way… Perhaps the only thing I see is maybe instead of JD’ing an attack u counterattack instead, and thats only for jumpins, u do an antiair, which who doesn’t. Opinions, comments, please…

Hehe rc in EVERY post now huh Paul

Sups Pimpedout,

I suggest using Ryu,Sag/Blanka or Sag/Ryu/Blanka those teams in S groove are lethal…also try out Sak/Ryu/XXX or Blanka/Ryu/Sag just see how you do with them…charge it up…charge fake…alpha counter when needed…and rush that shit down!!!


:d: :hp: <---------- Owns everyone

Wrong Doc B…Bust a Dennis and mash their start button then super!

geeze pog dont be hatin on me foo…
i see plenty of posts that arent related to video games but i dont see you jumping down their throats so dont jump down mine…

anyhow…as for opinions…i dont play anymore but ANYONE could have told you that you jd TOOOOOOO much…you just sit back and like to counter and play long range poke all day long…zoning can easily beat that out…so add a little rush to it…also, you should learn to jd in the AIR…its pretty low tier right now on you list and this should play almost top priority on your list since you love jumping in the air at the most obvious times…

just my two cents…take it as you like :karate:

hey bro… actually I do jd in the air, a lot really, and I should never have to, I dun need to jump in…actually the last time i played u i jumped on you just to see if i can Jd anything u toss out, how else u gonna get it down but now im FAR pass that… However when the need arises I can JD in the air and I do, my air jd is like 90%, which isnt hard to achieve, unless the move is surprisingly fast, like Blanka J+Hp. Your wrong, you have to play K Groove to understand, too bad u didnt when u were playin could have been a great player, aw well. Start some GGXX discussion man too lol i wanna know some stuff…

Im not much for trying to get my rush down as I am for mixup, right now that is more important… what the hell is the point of rush if the roll cancel, makes rushing pointless so enough emphasis on that.

Hey Paul what u think about mah K groove and Jd man, any opinions… and what have u seen K groove playas do Dr B

i think for ur just defense u should ask hg or ancientdays, but something i have seen u do alot is try to jd most or all fireballs thats good but randomly u miss ur jd on some shots and take some damage, i dont play k groove so dont know what to say but becareful

:lp: :lk: :assta:

Hey I read your post and I just wanted to say a couple things as my own opinon on k-groove. Not to offend or talk trash or talk like I know the groove better than anyone else, just my opinon k?
Pog I think that u can rush any groove even if they have the R/c its all a matter on how u rush your opponent if u do it recklessly then yeah your going to get hurt, also I will be honest when I play u sometimes u try to j/d too much and it leads to a very risky game, I understand cause I got the same exact problem ^^;; hg always telling me that I try to much to j/d but thats cool u know its fun to j/d and thats what k-groove is for, but just try to play a little more offense than j/d. Other than I think your good to go man. :karate:

i lev3 hit start botton :clap: :tup: owns even god :encore:

I see… it is a lot of fun though heh heh, but yea aite then ill take ur guys advice and rush effectively, dun know how, yet! Ill get it down thanks, but still heres what I think about roll canceled Vega (Thanks Paul)


Man hard to play against A Sak when ur K though, not really anyone else as much as her… and Vega

well u got kinda a advantage pog, u still use geese right??
U just got to use his counters real well, even if people rc u can still catch them with counters ^^ cause geese is the man :tup: , I feel ya though them stupid a-grooves sak, and vega can hurt pretty bad, but it kinda comes to a matter of predicting there attacks, like if u know they are going to r/c then just walk up throw them, has to be at the right time though ^^;; and if sak does that stupid rc kick then counter that shit man, and if vega does his lil roll counter, or just j/d it but thats kinda tough because a good a-groove player will mix up the timing.

Today was sick wit it… Dennis and friends came up from F town… we called peeps no one showed, I wanted to clarify that now to avoid anything.

Someone got OCV’d though… :clap:

Anyways it was good my JD was up there and I need to learn mixup, RD, and not to get hit by roll supers… have to learn the timing there, should have it by now.
But anyways, so I beat down some guy from kerman, what have u to say Dennis

Wassup i finally get a chance to post on this thread now, sry Dennis i couldnt go to v-town i hella would have if u told me a day earlier or something but I already had plans. I jus came back from my friends house we got drunk then went to a school dance very fun, got some bitches to come back to my friends house but they were fukin sick, anyway call me up whenever if u wanna do something. :tup:

Hey man heard u got hella better Kid… Come down sometime man, play u… can u do Kim inifinite lol, how does that work anyways cause I will use him if I can do it