The Newbie's guide to Q

Hello Silver. I am the other Q player that was at the Holiday Inn on Saturday. I meant to ask this then but I did not get around to it: does back+s.MP have any uses?

out of Qs C&DB which has the most priorty of catchin a opponent. I prefer the mk C&DB but i want to make sure that im usin the right 1. so offer your thoughts.

Ah good eye. :wink:

The B + Fierce does exactly ONE pixel less damage then the regular standing Fierce.

Actually I think it’d be best to do:

C&DB > EX Rush Punch > S. Roundhouse.

Why? For 2 reasons:

  • It knocks the opponent farther away from you (giving you an opportunity to taunt.).

  • It does more damage (55 damage points compared to 52 if you use the Fierce Punch.)


To my knowledge all C&DB’s share the same properties in terms of “grabbing people”. Although in terms of combo-ability they are quite different.

Short C&DB is very limited.
Forward C&DB is ideal for setting up midscreen combos.
Roundhouse C&DB is ideal for setting up corner combos.

So it sum it up:

Use Forward C&DB when midscreen and Roundhouse C&DB when in the corner. Use Short C&DB sparingly.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

A couple more questions…

Are there any tricks to timing the Rush Punch after the C&DB and SAII? I managed to get it a few times at the tournament with the SAII, one of which was the final hit of a match (hurray). For the most part I freelance it unless I’m against the wall, then I just B+Fierce and hope for the best.

Are there different start up times for all versions of C&DB?

Not sure if I am the only one that does this but…

If I manage to land the Short version of the C&DB midscreen in the beginning of the round, I follow up with a standing roundhouse to hit the opponent to the other side of the screen. I find that I can get in a nice couple of taunts doing this, although usually a jump attack or projectile hits Q during the second taunt. But this is OK because even if Q is hit out of a taunt, you still get the defense bonus.

About the Back + move, that is the short uppercut motion one right because I think it’s not bad of an anti air, it comes out really case and I see a lot of videos where Q uses that as the antiair when the person is right above them.

what type of strategy do you guys usually use against good shotos (namely kens)? I usually poke away and throw in couple of c&db’s which works alright. Oh ya one more thing…when you guys parry a jump in what do you usually counter with?

I usually try to retaliate any parried or blocked special move with a C&DB. It usually works.

i just jab or slappy hands, i dont really try to command grab ken since i dont liek eatting sa3s alot :slight_smile:

so what do you guys do with rush down kens then? i usually end up in the corner where he keeps rushing me down until i die. I could usually stuff alot of moves with standing shorts which is extreley effective but otherwise most of Q’s moves seems too slow to retaliate effectivly. So what do you guys usually do?

Since Q doesnt have alot of combo options i think he has to rely on mind games so what types of mind games have worked effectivly for you guys? Sorry for all the questions but i really want to improve my mediocre Q and i havent really seen any good footage of Q players so reply please =)

Firstly, admit Q is not exactly a top tier, so every fight for Q is difficult for Q :smiley:

Anyway, against Ken, you’d want to watch Q’s feet, especially if Ken has SAIII with him. Use mind games heavily with Q, example, doing a super after a whiffed/blocked move. If they catch on the super after whiffed/blocked move, use command grab instead :smiley: Mix it up a lot. Don’t forget to use his taunt (I’m sure everyone would know this by now!)

I’m not too sure that his b+strong would counter Ken’s crossup, but I doubt it. However, you can dash punch away from Ken’s crossup attempts. Be careful with Q’s slappy hands since a mistiming would make Q eat a super.

Oh, back+strong DOES have an use. It happens rarely but it’s there. The combo is:

C&DB, EX Dash Punch, back+strong, Strong Dash Punch

“But back+strong resets, and you can’t combo Strong Dash Punch!” Yes, I know… but what if you happen to stun them with initial C&DB or EX Punch? Yes, you hold back and hit strong and follow up with Strong Dash Punch for additional damage. Difficult to land this combo in a REAL match? Yes. Useful? Yes, for damage reasons. Then make your opponent cry in fear when you do additional combos on your poor defenseless opponent :evil:

Also, you can “reset” C&DB combos… It’s a really cool thing that would screw up your opponent’s mind a lot. If you manage to land a C&DB, do the combo as usual, but DON’T finish off with Fierce or RH! Instead, try Jabbing deeply (as in, when a falling body is close to you and lower), walk up a bit, and do the C&DB again when they land on their feet! Your opponent would think you would finish off with Fierce or RH, but realize you jabbed them by the time you grab them again! It’s like Makoto style, but it’s Q!!! :smiley:
While Jab works for this kind of stuff, back+strong has some weird property and very picky, too. Sometimes it knocks Q’s opponents in front of him, or even BEHIND him! Forward would work, too, but they would be knocked too far away from C&DB’s range, IIRC. Experiment! :slight_smile:

Try using Q’s standing Forward, it’s a decent poke. Use it a lot.

EDIT: You may also want to “scare” your opponents into blocking, so you can C&DB them. Or “scare” them to react, so you can counterattack depending on a situation. Q is quite a scary character :wink:

i mainly try alot of b+hp against rushing ken, then wait and do c.RH, to be honest iv never been able to actually find a workin agianst ken sincei find this fight very very hard for q, almost as bad as twins or makoto.

IMHO i think you have to parry very well against a shoto. Parrying and getting his taunt off is a must against a good shoto player. Some shotos have the option of playing offense or turtle but a turtle shoto is very bad against Q because your gonna parry most of the BS they throw at you. A offensive Shoto player is gonna to bring. Learn the distance of his moves, what to use and not to abuse. As most of the players on this thread has stated Q can win in almost any battle its all on the way you like to play him. A turtler will have a lot of problems with you once you get that 3rd taunt off. Silver stated his best C&DB is Mk so learn his moves almost perfectly to get the full effect.

I believe that Q is one of the best players in the game Ive seen a lot of Clips on Canada and Japanese players play and i say:eek: But i believe that 3s is balance enough that most any character in the game can be use to win. All depends on your style of play.

read this combo in the advanced strats thread:

C&DB, bitch slaps, then rush punch (midscreen)

Now i’ve tried this and wasnt abe to pull it off. Does this combo even work or is it just with certain chars.?
Silver you might be able to clarify this one for me

Q is the worst player in 3s

I found a normal that hasn’t been brought up…

df+Roundhouse. For the most part, it is the crouching roundhouse, only it lunges Q forward a bit. Any uses? Post ideas…

Also, I found a nifty combo today: j.Fierce into SAII.

That combo does not work at all. Bitch slap ends the juggle.


Well, would you WANT to do cr.Roundhouse in an actual match? Nah, I don’t think so. :slight_smile:

It could go under a close-range fireball, couldn’t it? Not that anyone is stupid enough to do such but…

Sorry for the delayed replies everyone. :sweat:

When it comes to timing the Rush Punch so it connects after a C&DB or a SAII I do it all by eye.

After a C&DB I perform the Rush Punch after my opponent reaches the peak of their ascent and begin to fall.

As for connecting a Rush Punch after a SAII I actually time it by watching the movement of my opponents oval shadow on the ground. After the SAII connects it’ll become smaller and moves slowly away from Q, once it stops moving I peform the Rush Punch.

The timing required in both situations is tricky at first but begins to flow after some practice. If you have access to a DC I suggest you take the time and play around with it in training mode till you get it down pat.

Because ,in my opinion, freelancing it is a bad idea.

To my knowledge, no.

For the record Q’s defense boost only work if he manages to stomp the ground. If you get hit before he manages to stomp the ground the defense boost will not be given.

Mind games do come in handy.

As CrazyDazed mentioned earlier C&DB resets are a good thing to learn.

I usually exploit them the most after I have landed a C&DB in the corner. I usually use the following:

C&DB > Jab Rush Punch > B+Fierce

The B+Fierce resets the opponent landing them on their feet. But be warned that this reset doesn’t work on Alex , so when I go up against him I usually use the following reset in the corner:

C&DB > Jab Rush Punch > Strong

The standing strong punch will reset Alex landing him on his feet.

After an opponent is reset you can pretty much do whatever you want with them. :smiley: Just be careful though because people will eventually catch on to resets and punish you for it if you abuse them too much.

Other mind games will come to you with experience, which is your best learning tool. :wink:

You sir are brilliant.

That combo seriously never came to mind. Sure it may require your opponent being dizzy for it to work but it’s still a good thing to have in the back of your mind.

Anyways, after performing your combo I sat there thinking, “What other combos can I do with B+Strong?”. Here’s what I found:

Short C&DB > B+Strong > Jab Rush Punch > B. Fierce

Short C&DB > B+Strong > EX Rush Punch > B+Strong > Jab Rush Punch

NOTE: Combo’s done in corner with training dummy on stun mode.

Basically if you can manage to dizzy your opponent with the Short C&DB or the B+Strong and you have meter it’s basically GAME OVER for you opponent. Good stuff.

The combo doesn’t work.

However what’s interesting is if you manage to hit your opponent while he/she/it is in the air with the last hit of Q’s fierce bitch slap you can follow up with a Fierce (or possibly Strong, I can’t remember) Rush punch. Not sure if it works on everyone though.

Um…You can knock the shoto’s out of their Hurricane kicks with it.

Plus it can be used as a REALLY awkward anti-air (if your opponent is jumping from a distance and will be landing in front of you.), it kinda works like a ghetto anti-air Chun-li C. Roundhouse.

Also you can use it in this manner as well:

C&DB > EX Rush Punch > C. (or DF) Roundhouse

This knocks your opponent down in front of you allowing the possibility of setting up another C&DB.

Oh yes and on more then one occasion I’ve seen it trade hits with Urien while he was doing his fire-ball. Might trade with the shoto’s too but never tried.

My advice to you is don’t use it unless YOU KNOW it’s going to connect.

You can also go:

Deep J. Fierce > Close Forward Kick xx Jab Rush Punch xx SAI/SAII

Or if you don’t have enough meter to do a super you can always do:

Deep J. Fierce > Close Forward Kick xx EX Slaps (or regular slaps if you prefer)

Deep J. Fierce > Close Forward Kick xx EX Rush Punch (Followed up by which-ever move you prefer)

Thanks for all the info Silvergear. I believe since 3s is on the Apex a lot more ppl will use Q.