The Newbie's guide to Q

I admit that I don’t know every trick to Q, but just to get the Q forum started, let’s review the tricks of the trade.

First of all, normals of interest. I don’t know any “tricks” per se about any of Q’s normals, except that close standing MK is the only move he can cancel into specials and supers. Standing HK can be cancelled into his taunt, but only right at the beginning, so there’s not a whole lot of potential there… unless someone else has a good trick.

Speaking of taunt, let’s remember that Q’s defense goes up each time he successfully completes a taunt. Although you can taunt as many times as you’d like to humiliate your opponent, after the 3rd taunt, Q’s defense no longer increases. However, the third taunt will also reduce damage done to him by 50%.

Okay, on to the specials. Let’s talk about his dash punches, because I know the least about them. I know that with a little trickery, you can cancel close s.MK into them, and they’re good for punishing people from a distance. I don’t really know what the overhead and sweep are good for because they aren’t as fast as Bison’s/Balrog’s. I do know that you can cancel them into supers though and they can be used for juggles.

The barrage attack is another odd one. Probably his fastest attack, yet it doesn’t give him a lot of control on the game. Good anti-air and combo material.

The command grab is the the most popular of moves. It’s startup makes it difficult to just grab people on reaction, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch people with it. The startup time is almost negated if you can parry some attacks. Best of all, is after you pound the person into the air, you can hit them on their way down. Including, but not limited to, juggling with a dash punch then cancelling into a super. Or you could just use the extra time to taunt and raise your defense.

There’s not much to say about the supers. As far as practicality goes, Total Destruction is almost useless. Critical Combo is the super of choice, because it’s more versatile and gives more control on the game. Deadly Double is the most damaging, and there’s some juggling tricks you can do. Isn’t there something about juggling with a dash punch after Deadly Double then juggling again with s.HP? Explain.

Standing Forward makes a decent poke along with C. Jab and C. Short. And like you already mentioned Close S. Forward can be canceled into specials/supers.

Another useful normal is his C. Strong punch which can be used as an anti-air.

For the record Back + Standing Roundhouse is can be canceled (into Taunt/Special/Super), while regular Standing Roundhouse cannot. Both are rather worthless outside of EX Rush Punch combs if you ask me. (Although B + Roundhouse can work as a semi-decent anti-air, but I honestly think you’re better off with C. Strong.).

One other thing about the Roundhouse kick, the C. Roundhouse can be used to stuff Shoto Hurricane Kicks, certain Urien pokes (namely C. Forward.), and a couple other things when timed properly.

Q’s Rush Punch is alright, but I rarely use it outside of combo’s unless I really see an opening.

Whenever you perform a Rush Punch on a grounded opponent (and assuming you have meter built up.) ALWAYS put in the QCFx2 motion as it connects. This way if it connects you can cancel into super with a tap of a button. If it’s blocked, no big deal. (Note: If you’re using SAI keep an eye out for retaliation after a blocked Rush Punch. If you see something coming pull off the super to punish.)

I wouldn’t use the Rush Punch from long distances since it could result in you being punished easily. Like I mentioned earlier I rarely use it outside of combo’s unless I see an opening (On a side-note I also use it on occasion after a command throw reset, in hopes of nailing my opponent with a high-low guessing game.)

The over-head rush punch can be used in juggles on lighter characters such as the Shoto’s, Makoto, Hong Kong Twins, etc. .

The slaps are a good part of his game IMO. Just don’t abuse them. I usually combo them after a Close S. Forward.

Also stick with Jab Slaps since Strong slaps have the tendency to push your opponent back resulting in the 3rd hit to whiff every now and then.

As for an anti-air they’re so-so. I’d stick with C. Strong to be honest with you.

EX Slaps is great. It’s practically instant and it knocks your opponent down. Play around with you and you’ll find out it has some interesting properties to it.

Just be careful when doing Q’s slaps. If you’re opponent blocks them you can expect to eat a super, and I swear in some rare cases (a Q vs. Chun-li match comes to mind) even if it connects you can be punished with a super (Note: This excludes EX Slaps of course).

Either way use them wisely.

Possibly but to be honest with you I don’t use SAII so I don’t really now.

I’m not really sure if it’s possible to perform SAII > Rush Punch > B + Fierce (Rush Punch > Back + Fierce being Q’s command grab reset when in the corner, and what I believe you’re referring to.).

I hope some of this helps.

I’m sure some of the better players will come along and help go into detail and answer more of your questions (if you have any). If not then I’ll try my best to help. :slight_smile:

I’m not much of a Q player, but I use Deadly Double.

I don’t know about comboing with s.HP, but if it’s the case, it’s probably back s.HP. I’m going to try it next time I’m in the arcade. Q may not be good enough to compare to Chun-Li, but he can kick a lot of ass.

In addition, Q’s SAII is unpunishable when coming out of a parry, so not only does it do insane damage, if you’re a good parry-er, you can place it easily into a match, and characters with weak attack/defense (lots of speed though) will get really fucking hurt with the DDC, and they’ll have a large margin to catch up, especially if you’ve taunted three times.

If you connect with a MK or HK Capture And Deadly Blow, either Taunt (f you haven’t taunted three times) or follow with a Rush Punch (MP).

Tick with, then do C&DB, it really helps the connect rate on non-vulnerable chars.

Super Art I is easily Q’s best super.
more meter for Q’s excellent ex moves, excellent wake up priority, excellent damage, and 2 bars intead of 1.

use rush punch to bait your opponent into counterattacking, and cancel into super. works like a charm.

push your opponent into the corner and mix up command grab, standing short-> command grab, standing forward -> ex/normal slashes, or throw.

learn the proper setups for free taunts

and make sure you make fun of Thongboy for beating him a million times with Q.

I just want to say that Q’s kara throws (with standing strong)have SICK range. You can actually see him step forward if you do it properly.

You can actually cancel jab into HK C&DB and it won’t wiff due to hit/blockstun. The other 2 do wiff, though, and a c.jab isn’t cancelable. Geez…that means he doesn’t have ANY low cancellable attacks? Man…

Throwing out a question, what do you guys do if you hit with a lk C&DB? I B+HP (flip), then vary a middle-strength rush punch, but it seems like I should be doing something else.

A final thing: I find that flipping them after a C&DB in the corner is cool, because it leaves you close enough to either C&DB again, or mk xx slashes or ex slashes. Flip with MP if you want this mixup. If you’re going for another throw, flip with B+HP. If you wanna laugh at em as you finish em, juggle them with B+HK instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Just in case it’s not common knowledge:

After an overhead rush punch (hold the button) on a croucher, you can link SA2.

N - If only you could juggle it off of a canceled back+rh… sigh

I’ve noticed that when fierce punch is used in juggles b+fierce is usually recommended. Is there a difference between the two?

The differences are as follows:

  • B + Fierce comes out faster (thus it can be used in Juggles).

  • B + Fierce resets (flips opponent so they land on their feet.) while standard Fierce knocks the opponent down.

Those are the only 2 things I can think of off the top of my head, so that pretty much sums it up.

Two reasons will suffice. Thanx SilverGear.

No problem. :wink:

I find doing the overhead rush punch then B+Fierce is better in a juggle than just using B+Fierce, because you get closer to your opponent with the overhead rush punch when you compare just doing B+Fierce.

One I like…

In a corner: Rh C&DB, rush punch jab (hold), B+Fierce, rh C&DB, rush punch jab (hold), rush punch jab into SAII, and end it with a taunt if you like.

I always use the standard jab rush punch into B+Fierce when C&DB’ing a cornerd opponent. (Unless it’s Alex, then I replace B+Fierce with Strong Punch Slaps…Or if I want to reset I use S. Strong.)

I rarely use the over-head Rush punch unless I plan on doing something like:

C&DB > Overhead Rush Punch > Rush Punch

However I usually use this mid-screen on the shoto’s and who-ever else it will work on and when I have no (or not willing to sacrifice) EX meter.

Either way,

If Jab Overheard Rush Punch works best for you then hey more power to ya! :wink:

This is one of the most helpful character threads I’ve seen in a while. Keep it up.

What about aerial moves? I usually use j.forward for a normal jump-in, j.jab for ticks, and j.strong for air-to-air. J.fierce seems like a solid move, too.

I use J. Forward when I jump away from an opponent and they’re air-born. It has great range and will hit or trade with most of their aerial attacks.

Also take note that if you air-parry a fire-ball from a shoto (or any other character with a fire-ball) your best option is to stick out a J. Forward. If they throw another fire-ball or stick out a move they’ll get hit or it’ll trade. (Note: J. forward will get beat out by Shoryuken’s.)

J. Short has good priority and can be used for ticks , just don’t abuse it.

J. Strong I honestly don’t use that often, it can be used for air-to-air but I personally stick with J. Forward and J. Fierce.

J. Fierce is a personal favorite of mine considering it’s priority and the “punch” it packs. You can use this when jumping away from an opponent (if it lands it’ll push them across the screen) or when jumping in on an opponent. If spaced properly it’ll trade with Shoryuken’s. I also use it every now and then to tick into C&DB. Also note that if you do it deep enough you can combo off of it. For example:

(Deep) J. Fierce > Close S. Forward xx Ex Slaps
or (Deep) J. Fierce > Close S. Forward xx Jab Rush Punch xx SAII

Again don’t abuse the J. Fierce, it’s more of a run-away tool then anything else (IMHO), but can be used offensively. But knowing that it can be combo’ed into if done deep is always a good thing to keep in the back of your mind just in case you do land it deep.

J. Roundhouse has some weird properties and can be used for “run-away” as well, if it connects on an air-born opponent they’ll be automatically knocked down. I also use it as a tick into the C&DB every now and then.

J. Jab is alright but what it can do J. Short can do better if you ask me.

One final note:

Be careful when using Q and try not to jump too often. In my opinion he’s at his strongest when he’s on the ground. His air normals can come in handy but should only be used in the right situations.

So I suggest that if you ever get the chance play around with them a bit and see what air-normals fit what situations best. :wink:

I hope this helps.

P.S.: If anyone see’s any faulty information in my post please feel free to point it out.

ACTUALLY, Q is from that dude who used to cheer on fighters in the background… in Ken’s stage from SF2:WW !!!
Q SIGHTING!! <— (psst click here)

So, yeah. Q rules :D:D:D:D

Claps hands

Now come on guys let’s try and keep this strategy and tatics related. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I’ll admit Rockefeller is telling the truth when it comes to Q being a crappy version of Makoto. I mean couldn’t they at least give him a good forward dash?!?!! :frowning:

BTW CrazyDazed your avatar rocks! :smiley:

hmm lets see if i can add random tidbits about Q
*if u command grab usink lk u can follow up with SAII on most chars…not all though.
*avoid using the ex dash punch high outside of combos or it will almost get punished or straight beat out 9yes iv seen urien-ken beat that bitch out at various part of it for mstartup to mid)

  • can crossup somewhat, which i dont know…is good?
    SAIII while very hard to use has nice uses, it can be bufferd after close or after a block (grab variation, not arm) also it can go through alot of thigns as well on point blakc and startup
    aka a fireball or agies even.
    **nathan u left out one thing, well at least as far as i rember one thing diff, b+hp does less damage then just hp.
    imo u should just mk command grab ex dash punch, hp as much as u cna since its real solid on people midscreen.
    fell free to comment since im not osme sort of q demi god and only play him a bit for fun.

Q’s command grab has “ridiculous” priority.

I’ve grabbed Ken out of his SAI, Akuma out of his Raging Demon (crowd pleaser :D), Urien out of his tackle, mmm can’t think of any more examples. People can fill in the list.

Also, if you just did a command grab and you see your opponent’s doing a super freeze, DO NOT THROW DOWN YOUR CONTROLLER. Chances are Q is going to grab them out of it, depending on which controller. I’ve heard people threw down their controller when they did that, but saw Q grabbed them out of it and should have done the follow up :slight_smile: So, don’t throw down the controller! :slight_smile: