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  • EVO 2012 Season details here

June 2nd, 2012 - Memphis Bawse Battles!

MTNG Tourney–
March 31st…nnessee-Needs-Gaming!-Monthly-Versus-Tournies

TN Dolls invade Game Galaxy!!
Game Galaxy will be hosting an event on April 28th that will include our Arcade Museum ($10 at the door, all games in the museum on freeplay until close), a huge fighting game tournament (see below), and special guests the Modified Dolls of Tennessee will be joining us! A percentage of entry fees from the Museum will go to fight Autism which is separate from the cover/entry charges of the tournament.

Saturday, April 28th

Game Galaxy Arcade
Inside Hickory Hollow Mall upstairs (park and enter near the food court for closest entrance)
5252 Hickory Hollow Parkway
Antioch, TN 37013

12pm-KOF XIII (360 + PS3)
2pm-SFAEv2012 (360)
? (Time TBA) – Blazblue: CSIIE (360 + PS3)
4pm-SFXT (360)
5pm-Soul Calibur V (360)
6pm-Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3-(360)

$10 cover, $10 entry per game (all payouts 70/20/10 split)


Any questions, feel free to contact us:
Follow Game Galaxy on Facebook -
And twitter -!/Game_Galaxy




The hub of the Nashville scene:
Game Galaxy Arcade
5252 Hickory Hollow Pkwy, Suite 2005, Nashville, TN 37013
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun Noon-6pm
Official Fight Night every Tuesday!


The hub of the Memphis scene:
Mid-South Tournaments and Games
1731 Dancy Blvd, Hornlake, MS 38637
Every Wednesday from 6:00pm-12:00am
$5 Fee


The hub of the Knoxville scene:
determined weekly


…cause I spit hot fire

I wish I could spit fire like a dragon … that would be fucking amazing …

Dude, I typed in F, D+F and P. I did NOT do the D as a separate input. Otherwise I’d be a liar when I said I skipped an input. YOU did it yourself. I had you do the exact same input and it came out. I saw it, you saw it, Sev saw it. Stop the semantics.

If that is the case (and I think you’re right about not having to do the full Tekken 6 motion) then the only explanation is that shortcut is coded into the game itself. You would theoretically be able to do the exact same input on a stick, it would just be more difficult to go straight from N to DF without skipping over D. There is nothing going on that let the hitbox skip anything…I don’t know how else to word this.

Ok, here’s the deal, the whole premise of this argument is that the hit box makes things EASIER than inputting on pad or stick. And it DOES. You get the N input for FREE on a hitbox. No need to exert any effort to get that neutral input. NONE.

Try doing that shit on stick. I can, but it’s straight up harder because its HARD to get a clean neutral input without robotic execution. I can electric on stick with effort. I can electric on hitbox in my sleep and I can do it despite never even having TOUCHED a hitbox til last night… End of story, it offers a clear advantage.

I wish I had a stick that worked, I can’t even play at home … :frowning:

I’m not sure what you guys are talking about with skipping the D input. The difference here that I see is that the hitbox does the N input automatically when you are not pressing a button, technically sure you can let the stick go and it will go back to N but not fast enough for something like this. I dont see how you can say the thing doesn’t give you advantages in some cases it does here being one of them. Then there is the MK thing. I mean I dont care let them be used, let pad players and TE users map the unused buttons its whatever for most games outside of MK, so fa anyway

Fuck all of this pad/stick/hitbox controller nonsense, real men use a Power Glove.

Fuck that shit, real men play AE on a drum set.

Actually, REAL men play AE on a Guncon

I’d be interested in competing for a spot on any AE teams that are forming, depending on when/where the 5v5’s are actually going down.


Thanks for the shoutout haha even though i dont play Tira anymore. They nerfed her to hell and she’s no fun anymore. Ive never switched characters just because of a nerf before so this saddens me especially since she’s the reason i got sparked to playing 3-d fighters again. So i just moved on to Viola, who’s equally nasty hehe :smiley:

And tekken’s fun so far, Like figuring out the system and all. I’ll probably lose a lot @ first but oh well, dont plan on being those people that play tekken for a second then just quit. And ive already decided to main Asuka. Her style’s kinda different from character’s i usually play but she’s fun. Anybody in TN play Asuka?

And if you can do constant electrics on a hitbox that’s a problem. I could almost never do those when i was a kid so i know how hard it is to pull it off consistently.

Abe were you doing EGWF in SFxT or Tek

because in SFxT you can skip the down and still get the EGWF F N DF+P=STxT Electric

Nah man nah, see you play Marvel 3 on a drumset. That way when you do Magneto rom/flight combos you actually have a beat going.

Whether or not the shortcut exists in both games, ( and it very well could, have to ask a real Mishima player) the fact remains that the nature of the hitbox allows for input precision beyond what a player is normally capable of. Where there is smoke there is fire, and I mean no personal offense to Hitbox users, but there is a clear reason for the controversy.

Like I said, I have zero experience on hitbox and yet I can do an input easily that I struggle with on stick. That bears looking into I think.

Dax Logic > all.

I am VERY interested in 5v5 AE… Hell, I will take any side bet that Memphis wins!!!

real men hook the quick disconnects up to their stomach, stand up for 1 and lay down for 0.


This fucken GUYYYYYY.

Aight dudes, I’m gonna post up tonight after work with thoughts on formats and such for the team events. Can’t seem to get a span of time long enough to do it here at work.

Yeah you’re right about that being really hard to do on a traditional stick, and it’s my understanding that a lot of top Tekken players use Korean style sticks which are stiff and go to the neutral input automatically. That offers an advantage…

I just think people are overcomplicating the issue. If a controller allows you to do an input that is otherwise not coded into the game itself, or the controller plays the game for you by turning one input into multiple inputs (again, assuming something like this isn’t actually in the game and intended to be used), then it should be banned. This includes macro and turbo. PPP+KKK on a controller is different, because the setting to turn one button into those inputs is in the button settings in SF4. Whether something is easier or harder on a certain control scheme is really irrelevant and all due to preference.

I just find it a bit hypocritical when stick players convince pad players to switch, by making all these arguments like “oh it’s easier to FADC ultra (it is), you can be more precise (you are)” and then turn right around and get annoyed when they realize the legacy input system, the one they’ve mastered for years, might not be the best. If hitbox, beatmania controller, power glove really is better and it doesn’t have anything macroed in it to do inputs for you so what? You should switch to it, just like the countless players that have been convinced to switch to stick. Personally I find it nearly impossible to do an FADC Ultra on the Xbox Dpad (especially facing left). I’ve tried for hours and couldn’t do it. I recognize that it has a clear disadvantage in that area, even if it has advantages in others, but I didn’t see any need for banning the better control schemes.