The New Pad Tech

So for a while now I’ve had the idea to make a daughter-board for the UFB with the intent of making it into it’s own pad controller, for those who prefer such.
In my quest to forge the ultimate pad I’ve also added the ability to produce RGB lighting, either under the pad switches or separately with some solder points, cause why not.

This is only the first revision, and I’m yet to mount the electronics, but I’m excited to share with y’all.


Way to go @killkong1211 , great project, good luck, and keep us revenous SRK TT junkies posted.

…aaaaand dropping the obligatory further proof that 8 button is dick:

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This is awesome.
Did you have an external enclosure/look/design that you had in mind?


@feargus0011 shall do, just gotta get the prototype wired up and tested before I move to making rev.2 revisions

And it can be made 8 button for those that want it, we don’t discriminate here, much haha (not pictured bumper breakout boards)

@FreedomGundam much appreciated, I had to put some research into how to run all the lighting and create a few eagle components haha.
As for shell designs I was taking queues from the hori mini pad in terms of form factor, though this will definitely be more chonky. I had prototyped something out a few years ago, I liked the hand feel for the most part, though can contour it a bit more now that everything is a little neater. And of course the start/sel/home buttons have been relocated to right of the main 6, instead of above, so this will change things a bit too.
Buttons will be optionally clear/opaque for LED functionality, though this isn’t necessary.
Now that it’s arrived and I know how it looks and fits I’ll start mocking up the shell and buttons in Fusion360.


I’m actually looking forward on what you have to offer.
Just make sure it can do all the inputs. Unlike the Razer Raion, which cuts them off and puts you in neutral when you need them the most.

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Holy shit dude. Great job. Sign me up!

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