The new NEW Dayton, OH thread

Last thread has over a thousand posts, time for a new one, right?

I’ll update the first post with the Dayton players’ names and what they play if everyone will post their name and what they play. I’m not going to go through the trouble of trying to remember everyone and I don’t want anyone to think I forgot them, so just name yourself and your game if you want to be listed.

Murderbydeath (Jordyn) - ST/HDR, 3S, Puzzle Fighter
doragonkoroshi (Matt) - GG (any), 3S
Actionhank (Adam) - 3S, SF4, GG, BB, MvC2, T5:DR
Delpheous (Jason) - 3S, GG
The Real KT (Kameron) - SC, Tekken, ST/HDR, VF5, MK
YumYumSnorlax (Asian Nick) - MvC2, SF4, BB
Arkayne17 (Quentin) - 3S, SF4, UMK3/MKT, KI2, KoF12, BB, T6
Otter (Lee) - SF4, MvC2, SSBB
Anchor (Amanda) - Puzzle Fighter, MvC2, SSBB, SF4, TvC, 3S
Dizzynecro (Fred) - BB, GGXAC, 3S, SF4

doragonkoroshi (matt) - Guilty Gears, but I know a thing or two in a lot of games.

I just wanna say good games to Josh Queen last night. Wasn’t sure if you were going to show, so I’m glad you came out even though you’d rather be playing magic. You almost had me, but just guessed wrong on my mixup too many times.

Thanks to Jason for running it.

Quentin, if you’re going to switch characters in the middle of non-casual play when it matters, make sure you switch to a character you’re good with. Your Alex beat me the first time. Should have just used him the second time. If you don’t think Alex is good enough to get you there or you don’t think you’re good enough to get Alex there, practice the hell out of another character.

Adam, I still say there was still a chance at the point at which you gave up. Don’t give up until you’ve already played all your matches. If it really messes you up, try not even looking at or asking about match results until the whole thing’s over. If nothing else, hopefully a situation like this will help you in a tournament setting where the pressure is on. Also, like you said, you owe Josiah now, and I know you’ll be working hard on your game until the tournament.

Seriously, the way everyone played and acted yesterday, I’m glad Josiah is repping us. I think he deserved it. I mean I don’t know what that yelling at the camera was all about, but I think all in all he’s a pretty good sport. Maybe if he were losing it would be a little different, but I’ve never really seen Jo in a slump, so I don’t know.

Nick: Blazblue info here

Taokaka has Genei-jin.

Nuff said, I’m in love :3

<Adam, 3s-SFIV-GG-BB-a microscopic amount of Marvel and Tekken.

Yeah I know Matt, I defeated myself. Sorry if I was short with any of you, but to be frank I was pretty disappointed in everyone’s performance (aside from Jo, he’s really taking it seriously and putting in the hours). Granted we can all muster out some epic stuff every now and then, but on the whole it seems like we don’t have the dedication to this game anymore. I love 3s, and will continue to play it, nearly every day. Everyone just seemed incredibly rusty, and I understand, 4’s out, it’s a new game, and it is totally different (what with jabs being so good).

Hopefully, last night will inspire everyone to either A. Level up, and work at it. or B. Quit entirely and free their time up for other things. Jordyn told me he wants to learn, and that’s good, I want to see fresh faces tackling this game. For awhile, our performance fluctuated, but we seemed to be progressing. But after last night it just felt like a big step back. I’ll continue to play a lot, and I’ll be bringing my PS2 and copy with me everywhere I go now. If you ever want to set up 2df or GGPO and practice, I’m free to help with that any time.

GG’s to everyone though, thanks for having me over Jordyn, thanks for the GG tips Matt, and a big thanks to Jason for setting up a very nice system. I say we do that every single week, even if it’s just 3-4 of us.

First and foremost…

Jordyn you clearly won the last thread with this picture. Good job.


Delpheous(Jason)- I play Guilty Gear, 3rd Strike for the mainstream stuff. Willing to learn just about anything, and or be comp for anyone who wants to learn/work on anything. We’re a small group after all so…

And since for once I apparently have a post on the first page of one of these threads…I’ll keep an update of our RR/ranking battle points if people care enough anyway.

Probably won’t get a reply on that stuff since the winner doesn’t troll the boards, and everyone else is ego bruised…but whichever, in a few days people will get over, and hopefully the souls will still burn.

Also, I am more then willing to run RR’s for the other games that we all play. A SF4 one would be good to have, for sure, and I’d love a GG one, SC4 too, since that’s the most played 3-D game till T6 comes out. Maybe Marvel as well, if people want one and show interest.

If I do though, I might tweak the systems depending on the games…since I don’t know that much tournament play for anything other then 3rd Strike, but if I do I’ll contact peeps who do know.

Anyway…as of 3/21/09 current RB points:

SF3: 3rd Strike
Stats Ordered as followed: Sets, Games, Games Played, Win %, Total points.

TechThatShit 11-0 22-2 24 92% 44 PTS

Actionhank 7-3 15-7 22 68% 29 PTS

Delpheous 5-6 10-15 25 40% 20 PTS

doragonkoroshi 4-7 12-15 27 44% 20 PTS

Arkayne 4-6 11-12 23 48% 19 PTS

DaCarta 4-2 8-6 14 57% 16 PTS

Aaron 0-11 1-22 23 4% 1 PTS

Points add up as followed. Sets Won*2 + Games Won.
Tiebreaks dealt with like so…

  1. Sets. Winning a Set is like winning a tournament match. Whoever has more wins in a tiebreak there gets the edge.

  2. Games. If you win more, but have the same amount of sets, it usually means you’re at least giving the people who beat you some problems.

  3. Win Percentage. If you’re still tied after THAT then I go to Win%. It’s not too reliable in this system imo…but eh, whichever.

  4. If even after THAT somehow you’re tied, I’ll go to personal splits vs. the person you’re tied with.

  5. There is no 5. At that point, I’m just going alphabetically…or if it matters for a mini tournament we might run with this mess, just play it out again and I’ll order accordingly.

So yeah. If you want your personal splits, I.E. who you beat, who you didn’t, PM me and I’ll email the sheet to you. Also, if people wanna run Ranbats or crap and I’m not around, just write down who played who and get me a copy…though I won’t count it unless you have more then three people…


@ Adam

Eh, I think I did surprisingly well considering…Honestly I’ve been playing on 2df a little bit more, more recently, that and I’ve been studying a lot of Elena junk. I HONESTLY did not expect to do as well as I did, and when I did it was kinda…“eh? What’s this?” If I had known I wasn’t that far behind you guys I would’ve put in more hours during the week to be sure…but I figured when I proclaimed I’d do this that

  1. I’d be the low man, because You, Joe, Ross, Carter and JQ are all supposed to be better then me.
  2. Because I’d said “Don’t let me beat you” people would be bringing their A games.

Aside from that, well Aaron and Matt decided to do it, which was good. Aaron obviously hasn’t been playing as much, or he just needs to level up a bit more to catch up again. And Matt was clearly a dark horse…which is good, because you never know what you’ll face in a tournament situation.

I can say my Dudley was rusty. I goofed up on a lot of stupid crap, but really it wouldn’t have mattered anyway in those games that I actually lost. I can’t really speak for anyone else though, so eh.

Nah , matt I was just mad at alex. Me and him have like a connection you all wouldnt understand. Me and him were fighting so he decided not to work for me.

Also for me…

My games are…

3S , SF4 , UMK3/MKT , KI2 , KOF12 , BLAZBLUE , T6

Theres a reason Jo is the best Because he learned from the best , and the guy with the most knowledge about the game in general!

he is stepping it up.

Good games to everyone:
matt, jo, adam( even though he seemed to be acting like I was trash compared to him but whatever, gg’s), jason , carter , quan , aaron , and everyone who played. GG’s

But low and behold… I completely forgot one important part of my game I was doing as I was headed home , that could have turn the tides of what happened last night by tenfold.

Jason you do a good job running stuff , you make sure everything is on time and DONE when its supposed to be.

whats next SF4 ranbat?

Jordyn New dayton threads name should be
" We Grab More and Mash Less , Dayton, Ohio. "

I guess I should add myself to the list.

Asian Nick - MvC2, SF4, BlazBlue are the only things I consider myself “competitive” in.

I’ve also been known to beast out at Mario Party ;DD

I don’t think you’re trash Ross, and please, anyone who took my “attitude” or “hype” as serious in some situations (yelling and crap) it was just me kidding and being confident…you know I don’t normally do that. Shit, me and Jo were talking about how I never taunt in 3s last night :rofl:.

If you’d like my honest constructive criticism:

-Stop stomping. Yeah it works 2-3 times a round, but it’s pointless to do against Chun, one missed stomp = eating a super. There’s a point where rushing down is just not a good idea. You gotta switch things up a lot more, we’ve played way too long (all of us) to not know each other’s tricks by now.

-If you’re done with Alex, then be done with him, pick someone up, and practice practice practice. Small combos here and there are cool, but the big damage (with every character) and ultimately the game flows from the big hitting/stun combos. I’ve heard you say multiple times that you want to play a different character, so take on the challenge of playing one. I think you have a good idea about each character in the game, but you only know some of their BnB’s and stuff like that. If you’re gonna play Yun, be prepared to sit in training mode for countless hours. I mess with Yun every now and then and I only know one decent 10 hit geneijin combo, and that’s not enough to win a match.

-I heard you say you played Exodus (who IMO is one of the best online players, and he’ really good in actual tournaments), while I’m not inclined to believe you (namely because he’s admitted he’s stopped playing online, and I’m on GGPO and 2df A LOT), if that’s the case, continue to play him and other real good players.

-If you like 4 more, play 4. Most of us don’t have the luxury of being able to master different games, at some point we all have to set our priorities.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t take these points the wrong way, I’m just trying to help (and I’m positive you’ll disagree with me on nearly all of them).

Edit: Also, I think I’m going to make up my mind when BB comes out. If I love it, I’m dropping 4. If I like it, oh well.

To Be completely honest I was hoping josiah won that ranbat. I would have felt bad if I won because I havent been playing. I was just doing alot of stomp hitbox testing. Also , testing some new strats was really all … thats probably why I didnt win… I didnt have the will to want to win.

Actually your wrong Alex has to rush chun down or he loses. I have learned this from playing a good friend of mine. Turtling against chun is where alex loses. I he turtles he loses… simple as that. Considering alexs’ poke suck " Technically " and chuns pokes are so good. Its funny every single one of chuns pokes beats alexs’. clean. no trade or anything.

Also it actually wasnt exodus , I think I said that wrong. I said I played my friend “brit” and she plays with exodus and those guys alot. She honestly helps my Alex vs chun game because its my one true weakness… oh , and alexs’.

I jsut though it was akward when everytime we played I dont recall hearing like GG’s or for that matter even talking to you that much at ALL… while we there while everyone else conversated like normal… I dunno maybe I wasnt like that but how it seemed.

Please lol , I aint never dropping alex haha , me and him just had a disagreement and I was mad at him LOL.

I am the one of all of us who can potentially play almost every single game at a decent enough level to compete at. Just some games I care for more… Like 3rd and 4.

4 is too easy… 3 takes skill… While I like things being easy sometimes as does most other player I also love things that take skill… because it takes more to be good. Not to mention I havent really played 3rd in who knows how long.

But in west chester im telling everyone now. Who ever is on my team were winning the team tourney in 4 and for singles Im getting top 3 in 4.

3rd Strike… Im going for All or Nothing. My Protection mode is gonna initiate like casshern and Im gonna have no remorse for anyone.

KOF12 whos playing?

I think im gonna suck it up and play even though they dont have ANY SNK charcater I like on that game… well except Ash.

So Im debating between Ralf , Raiden , Leona , Ash , or that quick ninja dude.(dont know his name)

We can do an SF4 ranbat next if people want. Which is good for me…because I can run it and not bother playing in it. Well I might, but I’d just be free points for anyone else who played. That and I’m switching to Sakura most likely…so I don’t know.

Tell me in advance, and I’ll work one out. Also, tell me if you think the sets thing works for SF4 or not. SF4 is alot slower then 3rd imo…so sets would be really slow for a ranbat/rr format.

Yeah Q, I was acting all emo, but you know, that atmosphere vs. tourney atmosphere was a little different. I was really focused on winning (and the same goes for tournaments) but unlike tourneys I see you guys regularly, and we know each other’s habits and moods.

SF4 ranbat would be cool I guess, I’d rather run GG at this point :rofl:.

Mario might be in town next week, so we’ll have to include him in the festivities.

A new thread already eh… and everyone is pouring there souls out after yesterday. I had a good laugh. Josh so many people wanted you to come through but I see you had more important things to attend to.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: at HDR

There will be no mvc2 ranbat because no one else is playing that SERIOUSLY besides Henry and I.

Of course I’ll play KOF 12 depending if it will be good or not.

I don’t play SNK games, it looks cool…I’ll probably buy it, and put it down after a day.

Jason I have sakura shit for you next time.

She has a really good kara throw.

Quan, sorry things didn’t work out yesterday. Way too laggy for my tastes and we had matches lined up with several other folks on Gary’s friend list so that was the end of that. See you in a month dude.

Kameron - The Real KT

Currently: SoulCalibur series

I also play:

  • Tekken series (except I’m bad at Tag)
  • SFII: Super Turbo (I’m pretty bi-polar about it)
  • VF5 series (Greatest game never played, lol)
  • MK Series (First fighting game I’ve ever played…)

If it matters:

  • Need For Speed: Most Wanted/Carbon (Getting “Undercover” next)
  • Guitar Hero series (only on expert pad though…I should learn instruments)

…everything else is random. Anyone play Chess? I’m so-so at it…

Hey! I play chess! I’m so-so at it as well. I also play a little virtua fighter, but I don’t have anyone to play with besides kodi and whenever i see that guy we play sf4. Only thing is I have to play VF on stick and I only own one stick so me bringing it with me is kinda pointless, unless of course you want to play on a 360 pad.

I like chess, but I haven’t played it in a while. Want to play more go. If you’ve not played go, check it out sometime, it’s really different and probably the most complex thing ever.

Adam (you just hit the “rant” button): Don’t spread that garbage about playing only one game. We’re such a small community that we need to try to learn each other’s games if only to give each other competition. Playing only one game gives people an excuse to isolate themselves from the community. I’m not saying play a game that you hate, but if you play 3rd strike and enjoy Marvel, but suck at it, go ahead and try to get better at Marvel.

If I took your advice, I wouldn’t have even shown up last night because I guess I’m a GG player and I’m not allowed to play anything else. I know this is not what you meant to say, but I really just don’t think it’s very sound advice.

The truth is that none of us has the luxury or ability to master even one single game in the truest sense of the word. The luxury we do have is one of a community of players of a variety of different games from whom we can learn much. We should use this to its fullest potential. This means learning the games we think we could enjoy from those among us who already know a fair amount about them. Hopefully this way we can all give each other competition and improve each other in our respective games. I say this because at a certain point, it doesn’t matter how well you know your combos, or how much frame data you know, or whatever. It’s going to come down to matchup experience, and the only thing that can help that is having more people to play against.

Seriously guys there’s nothing special about me, and I’ve learned a thing or two in a lot of games. I was even able to give Kameron some decent competition in Tekken for a while, and I think that lit a fire under him to step his game up at some point, which was really hard for him since he didn’t really own DR and I had to let him borrow my psp often. Even now I can improve my game in 3rd drastically by simply practicing my full stun combos more, which really isn’t that much work in the long run, and I know you wouldn’t have me give the game up just because I like Guilty Gear better. Sometimes I think people get this idea of having a “main” game in their head, and they let that blind them from the learning opportunities all around them. Just play what’s fun and look at what you have around you to help you learn it. I look at Jason and he hasn’t let the fact that he’s decent at 3rd strike keep him from learning GG. Good for him, but even better for me, because I’ll have someone else to play against and bounce ideas off of.

We’ll call ourselves TEAM Dayton, but we get together and just try to beat each other at our own games. Why don’t we try to beat (thereby helping) each other in a game that isn’t really our “main” game? Maybe eventually it can become one of our many main games. Quan and Kam, I know you guys play a little 3rd. Why not try and work on a few things and try to help us out by giving us more competition? If you hate the game I’m not forcing you, but if you can at least tolerate it, why not just see how you can help us out? If it’s not really your “main,” then it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, right?

There’s a point of diminished return in learning fighting games, and an hour practicing a game where you’re terrible shows greater improvement than an hour practicing a game where you’re really good. It’s not necessarily time better-spent, but if there aren’t really any impending tournaments that you’re trying to get ready for, could be worth it. Eventually, maybe you can get two games to about the same level, and then choose to take only one to the next level, then you hit a wall with learning that game and you try to take the other game to the next level. I don’t know.

Also, you never know where you might find yourself. Maybe you end up moving or taking a vacation to somewhere where the community is better for a different game than the one you main. If you’ve practiced whatever game that community plays, your time is way better-spent playing that with them than it is forcing them to play your game or just playing your game by yourself.

Anyway, I know you only meant that comment for Quentin because of his ADHD, and I agree that he should focus more on one character and one game if he really want to do what we all know he is capable of, but I was just afraid people might take it too seriously and it would turn our community into several segmented individuals instead of a team like we should be.

In conclusion, the advantages to learning multiple games far outweigh the advantages to limiting yourself to one game. Focus has its place, and it’s important to take one game at a time so as not to overwhelm yourself or confuse yourself, but it’s only impossible to be good at more than one game if you tell yourself that.

Another note:

If we want to improve as individuals, we need to improve as a group. It’s hypocritical to encourage people to practice up, and then throw a fit if they beat you because a: you didn’t practice enough like you told them to or b: they took your advice (for “I practiced and they didn’t and I still lost, see ‘a.’”) We need to be more respectful in recognizing each other’s skills when we lose to them. Ross, I hate to pick on you, but when you played me after losing to Jo, and picked Yun, I didn’t enjoy that at all, because I knew you weren’t playing your best character, or playing to your best ability, or even enjoying yourself. I know a lot was on the line, but this needs to stop if we’re to grow as a community. That goes for winners that like to talk too. I mean it’s funny if done in jest, but you gotta know which of us can take it and just back off on the ones of us that can’t. This even extends to the people that were hyping me up when I was getting lucky and winning yesterday. I know you meant well, and thanks for the encouragement, but be respectful of the people you aren’t cheering for. It’s one thing if we’re hyping up our own crew against another, or if it’s a team match and we’re hyping up our teammates, but from within the crew, rooting for me is rooting against my opponent, who is also in our crew and who we should also want to encourage. Adam as much as said to me that he was distracted and irritated by that when I was playing him (against Jo it was ok though because he was undefeated and a loss for him meant a better chance for everyone else.)

So yeah, community mentality from now on plz.

times new roman, 12-point type, just over 2 pages

Anyways, I’ll update the OP tomorrow. I’m pretty beat. Stuff was fun at Amanda’s.

Fucking CvS2 and Master Mike are ruining my life, I need sleep! Me and Adam watched like 3 matches of CvS2 and suddenly it’s dawn.

Honestly, I’ll play anything new that’s coming out.

I just have a hard time picking up on 3s and GG because it’s already been established and everyone’s so good that it’s hard for me to get into it knowing I have SOOOO much to catch up on. I’d rather just pick up the 5 new fighting games that are coming out and start fresh with a new attitude :]