The New Mutants: Official Thread

Didn’t know this was being made, I’m skeptical but considering I liked the last two X-Men films its in a more positive way.

My boy Cannonball possibly on the big screen, hope Thunderbird/Warpath gets in too.

Swear to god, they better not fuck Wolfsbane up. Been my favorite Marvel female since issue 5 hit 7-11’s comics section back in the 80’s.

Team I would like it to at least be based around. Strong line up to cherry pick from.

sunspot gonna get the sean treatment and be the lightest skinned brazilian on screen ever.

If they can keep Singer away from this, there’s hope… and if McAvoy and Shipp are really on board for feature roles and not Sam Jackson once-a-season guest roles, there might actually be some solid continuity for the X-Men universe for once.

Won’t shit on this…


Lighter than Morena Baccarin?

Also, I stopped watching Fox Marvel after X3. Why is Singer now hated instead of Ratner?

Negasonic was given Cannonball’s powers in the Deadpool movie. They’ll need to an emphasis on his flight and invincibility to separate the two.


I dont know if this is fully 100% confirmed, but since many news outlets are running with it, I 'll post it.

Basically the O5 of the New Mutants but with Warlock substituting for Xian Coy Manh/Karma and Magik added.

It’s a Fox movie, not directed by Ryan Reynolds.

Not interested.

When did he ever direct a movie?

(Man, they managed to both make Cannonball’s power sound really dirty and not emphasize his invincibility while “thrusting himself”.)

This lin-upe seems…weird, if only because it’s weird to see Warlock so prominent with Cypher mentioned nowhere at all. As lame as Doug’s powers seem to most people, given how computer-oriented things are nowadays, I’m surprised he’s not in the movie even if it’s just as the stereotypical Hollywood (magi-)tech guy.

I suppose it’s also weird see to Warlock without getting into the whole Phalanx storyline and its horror elements as well as seeing what’s presumably grown up Illyana without the Limbo-induced trauma if Magik is listed as a “powerful sorceress”.

And once again, Asian people get fucked over by Hollywood.

As such, this list seems legitimate.

I can’t wait until they cast a white girl as Dani for “reasons”.

Yeah, its wierd to have lock but no Doug.
Hopefully, he can either be in a sequel.

They’ll get a super mixed person who is can pass for native/hispanic like the guy who played Warpath in DOFP.

Though, I have to give them a bit of credit for Wolverine 2.
90% of the main Japanese characters were still Japanese, barring Harada as he was played by Will Yun Lee (Korean IIRC).

Marvel started you on your path to furries. Riff raff’s gf pushed you over the edge

Well shit, I thought he directed Deadpool, too.

Read that as “backed” instead.

RUMOR: Demon Bear to be the main villain for NM movie?

That could work.

An X-men movie will film in Montreal for the third time.
While DOFP and XMApoc filmed there and the article says the 7th film, it seems that the film is more likely to be NM.

Official Title is: X-men: The New Mutants

It will begin filming in Montreal starting May 2017 for a 2018 release.

Director Josh Boone’s comments: