The New how to be new (AND DRAMA FREE) in Team Seattle

For starters, keep the drama out of here.

We have a bunch of new heads in the scene here first let me say welcome to those that I’ve quoted/met/played in real life or online. If you’ve stumbled on this page you’re either someone who is new to the NW/team seattle fighting game scene, or are someone that saw the word Drama and got your tip wet, either way here’s a few tips and guildlines for you guys.

NEW Get your drink on?
This was brought up by Ice and I feel should be added here. First off as I said below, if you aren’t the consenting age to drink I would highly suggest not drinking @ Zach’s house. If you do this you are making Zach a liability, and if anything were to happen to you or if you harmed someone else…when they find out you were drinking @ Zach’s it’s going to be on him…Honestly I’d rather not see alchohol @ Zach’s. You wanna drink? That’s what a bar is for. I know there are ppl that will not agree with me on this, but there’s been a lot of ppl that have acted like bafoons because they were “feelin good” or "buzzed’ or “wasted”…this kinda falls under the don’t be random category, because when ppl drink a lot of random shit can happen.

Zach’s/Preppy’s House

Ah yes the coveted home base for Western Washington’s Street Fighter Community. Zach has done so much to keep this scene alive, and has went out of his way to make his events really fun and open to newcomers and seasoned vets alike. Zach staple rule is:


that in itself is kinda hard to explain but here is a little more detailed ruleset from Zach’s first post:

  • Don’t wear your shoes in the house
  • Only eat or drink in the kitchen.
  • Smoke outside only and throw away your butts into the butt bucket
  • Be nice! It is my home after all.
  • Don’t be random/ugly <-
  • Throw away your trash. It makes my morning much nicer. This very much DOES mean any food bags you bring in, since those fill up the counter.
  • The blue trash can under the sink (and in the garage) is for RECYCLING, not for trash.

If you’ve never been to Zach’s yet, I would highly suggest posting in the Preppy poker gaming thread and let Zach know that you’ll be coming that friday and if you’re bringing friends let that be known too. Although I would suggest not trying to bring the whole posse with you because there’s enough dick’s in that house to tide my brother over for at least a week.

Still with me?

Also when you do show up to Zach’s, try to make a general effort to meet Zach =]. Seriously, he’s like THE nicest guy you will probably meet in your lifetime. If he doesn’t remember you’re name the first time, it’s usually by the third time he’s said that he’ll remember it…at least that’s what his myspace page said at one point.

For the most part the house is divided into sections…As soon as you walk in you’ll see the casual Marvel players on the right, and the Poker heads on the left. The poker heads are pretty much some of the original cats in Team Seattle dating back to the glory days of Silver Coin Marvel Tournaments. Up in the garage is where Zach has his MvC2 cabinet and another cabinet usually holding a random game (also this is where Zach is usually at most of the night so what better place to go and say hello!). You also have the kitchen which is where ppl sit and eat and chill and just BS and whatnot…think of it as a break room at your job. just with a sick ass poster of the princess bride and very interesting magnets on the fridge.

you get down to the first subsection of the house and this is where a majority of the SFIV matches will take place. There’s usually ppl in there playing casual matches or rock band depending on how many ppl are there already. Down another flight of stairs is what some people have dubbed “the dungeon” (I think cause there have been times where it’s smelt like sweaty man prison sex a few times…) Down there you’ll find 2 rooms where ppl have setups for more SFIV, or TvC or insert random game. Sometimes those setups will be used for tournaments, which brings me into the next part of this guide:


We do be running a lot of tournaments at Zach’s. Here’s the usual rundown for em:

Entry fees range from a dollar to five bucks depending on the game (HDR VF5 and ST were at a dollar, while SFIV has been three bucks, and Marvel is anywhere between three to five dollars) It would be super nice if you could bring ones or fives to Zach’s cause a lot of us are dumb and just hop to the ATM to grab a twenty. Also CHANGE is welcome, I’ve seen many ppl enter with 4 quarters.

Tourney rules vary from game to game, but the general rules for some of the older games you can find over at the evo website

for SFIV here’s what we have lined up:

2 out of 3 rounds per game
2 out of 3 games per match up until loser/winner/grand finals which have been 3 out of 5 games per match.

Sticks are there as ppl bring their own, but I would highly suggest asking someone if you can use their stick before sitting down and using it. I am pretty anal about having others use my stick (take that however the hell you want). If you do bring your own, find a way to label it so it’s easy to find (lots of hori’s and TE sticks float around down there)

*Seth and Gouken are tourney legal.
*Anytime you pause the game (wether it’s with pressing start or the xbox guide button) you will have to forefit the round, no excuses.
*Winner must pick the same character, loser has the option to switch sides.
*If both players want to play on the same side and can’t come to a decision as to who will play there, it will be settled either by a coin flip or paper rock scissors (although this hasn’t really happened that much).
*Bilnd pick can be used (this pretty much means that you and your opponent will tell someone, usually the tournament director, who they will use. This is to prevent people from trying to counter pick at the character select screen.
*Coaching is not allowed (I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of this, without even realizing it) during matches or in between matches, people are more than welcome to talk about strategies and what not when they are not up and playing.
*you cannot do anyting to your opponent physically to effect their gameplay.

EDIT NEW AS OF 5/1 The top 4 finishers of the previous tournament will play against each other first round (1st vs 2nd place, 3rd vs 4th place). Not too sure what’ll happen if someone doesn’t show up…Original post from cole is here

I think that covers all of that. Now when you do sign up, especially if you’re new be sure to introduce yourself to the TD, because chances are you will be mingling around the house and when the TD is looking for you he’s not going to remember who you are just from the name, at least not at first. If you know you’re going to be on deck please try to stay in the tournament room until you need to play, if you have to head out (wether it’s for the restroom or a smoke break or whatever), just let the TD know where you’ll be at, but in the end it is *your[/] responsibility to be there for your match. We haven’t gone as far as DQ’n someone from a game yet, but you never know.

Also when you do show up at Zach’s, don’t be intimidated if ppl aren’t like trying to talk to you Seattle Freeze read up on it. For the most part it’s going to take at least a gathering or two to have some people open up and talk to you, some it takes more than that…the best advice I could give is to just hang out in the kitchen and try to jump in on the random conversations that happen. For the most part I’ll engage in small talk with ppl just don’t put me on lockdown unless you’re planning on buying me a drink. For me I’ll have a better oppertunity to talk to you if we’ve actually had some kind of interaction before, wether it’s from playing SFIV or you’ve seen that I share the same interest in something that you have too, like music or LOST or some shit I don’t know.

I think that’s all there is to it for now. It is late as hell right now. but one more thing.

For all the new heads, the BEST place to introduce yourself online is in the Get to Know a NEGRO Better thread. Just post up random shit about yourself like how you got into fighting games, what games you’ve played etc. etc. The negro thread is also like our history (the thread’s over 5 years old), and it’s a great time killer. There’s all kinds of random information floating around in there.

Remember keep the drama out of here.

I would also like to reiterate that it is encouraged that you often mention your fight money and getting paid.

Where’s the love for Portland and the surrounding area? :arazz:

Nah, man. I appreciate that you’re trying to get a good idea back on track and away from the drama. Thanks. :tup:

You forgot Zach’s rule of “don’t be ugly” that is just as important as “don’t be random.”

A couple of important points on street fighter:
No cheaping! You’re allowed one cheap per game (to keep people honest), but more cheaping than that is BANNED
Zangief can cheap cause thats all he can do. But don’t overdo it.
mashing honda lightning hand slaps on blocking opponents in the corner is cheaping if you do it too much
other than that pretty much anything goes.

Posting to say I read the whole deal.
Also: Time to get paid!

To add on to the Zach’s crib section:

You’re not allowed to drink if you’re under 27 or have only had alcohol once or twice in your lifetime. Walking around talking about how wasted you are will get you clowned on and breaking shit (especially if you stay quiet about it like a punk bitch) will get alcohol banned completely (and get certain people very angry with you). Respect the man’s house, I don’t think I’d tolerate some of the shit that has happened there as long as he has without making the whole thing invite only after 2 nights.

I don’t know about the whole 27 or older for alchohol. But I will say this, if you aren’t 21 or older you shouldn’t be drinking @ Zach’s due to a liability issue, something happens and they find out ur not of age to drink, it all falls on Zach. This is why I’d rather not see alchohol @ Zach’s. I don’t want to have to card ppl and play cops and robbers just to make sure my friend’s bases are covered.

I say set the drinking at age at Preppy’s to be 28, just to be safe. It’s just as arbitrary of a number as 27. But I’m guessing whoever came up with 27 as a number is him/herself that age. So this’ll teach him/her to exert influence on others.

I need someone to expand on the whole “don’t be ugly” part. Is that like, don’t wear corduroys? Don’t inherit the less desirable traits from your parents? Don’t pick O. Sagat/Boxer/Claw/Chun in ST?

I see that this thread has been derailed already. Despite no drama, I’m sure the posts in this thread are enough to confuse newcomers. Good job my dudes.

My point is that there are people that are over 21 that still act like idiots when they drink, not to take the age limit literally. Shit gets broken, cans get left everywhere, and it sucks for those who want to have a few drinks while they chill with their friends but can’t or feel bad since Zach prefers to have no alcohol because of these couple of assholes. It’s like Kchow says, if you can’t control yourself or your emotions when you drink then DON’T. There are people at Zach’s that drink 10x more than this minority of idiots and still are able to control themselves and be respectful of the house. Maybe the solution is to bring alcohol only for yourself, I dunno.

But I digress, I think I’ve made my point as far as the purpose of this thread goes. Don’t be ugly.

frank is still my hero!

Yup. :bluu:

Close this one.

I disagree. Reading the first post gets you the gist of it. And I’d like for preppy himself to elaborate on the “Don’t Be Ugly” part, unless I’m looking too far between lines and its literal :stuck_out_tongue:

“Don’t be ugly” is in the veins of some of the issues I brought up above. It doesn’t have to do with physical appearance but rather your attitude. Be respectful, don’t be a douchebag, don’t start fights with people, don’t be obnoxious or annoying, don’t leave a mess, be social, relax, and have a good time.

It’s literal. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt, but you have to be able to look good in a suit at the least.

…I’m just talking crap about something I know nothing about… and will stop moving away from the topic at hand now.

Sounds like my kind of people!
And by my kind, I mean Vega, Balrog, or M. Bison.

When was this decided?

This post doesn’t matter anymore.

which i still don’t understand, because it’s not like it’s easy to execute the loop on abel.

the only abel player i think that it would be possible to implement the loop on is helen keller…from beyond the grave.