The Netflix Thread

Noticed that there isn’t a thread specific to Netflix, all the stuff that comes and goes everytime and updates that gets a lot of people hype.

Feel free to add anything that comes your way, always ready to find some great Indies or new series that would normally fly under the radar. Watch out!

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Love this series, nice to see it get a new release soon.


Some documentaries to change things up a bit every now and then. :rofl:

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Saint Seiya!!! I’m sure @DatSpardaUser is hyped as well

Voltron Season 3 theme:



Really surprised that Netflix is doing a new Saint Seiya series, considering that it never became popular on USA compared to how huge is on Latin America and Latin Europe.

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And I have this all ready too

Not a spoiler, just spoiler tagged for size.


ikr? damn, netflix is fast becoming THE trendsetter right now with all of this new content they are picking up left and right.
i feel like they have their finger on the pulse so to speak and they are blowing it up.
it’s a win for everybody at the end of the day especially if you’re into the type of shows that they are supporting.
castlevania was sort of like a watershed moment for fans of both video games and animation; going forward, it looks to be great.



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I’m surprised but for a different reason. Like, the plot was good and some battles were decent but the thing that was unique for the series was the violence (bloody fights and some gore some times) and the beautiful BGM by Yokoyama (RIP 2017) and those will most likely be absent on any remake.

Also CG means the style will get lost. Now I’m not trying to say it’s gonna be ass from the start, I’m thinking they really want a different direction which is fine imo, just surprised that they are willing to take the risk, that’s all. I’ll still watch their approach on the first season.


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Netflix is not fucking around lol.

This is ALMOST mindblowing.
LOL but seriously, Netflix is cherry-picking properties that have massive potential.
Among the Millarworld books that I hope they develop into a Netflix show, I hope it’s Reborn.
The premise and universe have a lot going for it and I look forward to it getting picked up.

found this one via The Verge today, looks interesting to me.
bonus points for having Noomi Rapace and Willem Defoe in it

What Happened To Monday

Glow is pretty good if you haven’t seen it yet, can’t go wrong with Allison Brie in leotards and leg warmers.

I hope he keeps the beard…

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LOL Letterman.

I never like his face

i don’t like that he is a sellout

I started watching Ozark just because it was there, but holy shit this is an amazing show.