The mma thread. UFC Fight island is real: Everybody died

New mma thread. Purely about combat sports mma,muay thai,bjj/sambo, k1 style kickboxing,olympic related sports. If you want to discuss different traditional martial arts there are threads for that.

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If you want title changes, or different info added to the first post let me know. such as forums,informational youtube channels, ect. No posting of streams or other shenanigans, keep it in the pms.

Thank you…looking forward to Friday’s Bellator.

Is Sanda legit here? 2016 highlights:

Yeah new thread! Gonna be more active in here than I was towards the end of the last one.

New thread starts with a typo in the headline.

Not good.

“dodgy dick pills” lol

Glad we got a new thread. So Jones is off probation and Rampage gets to get wrestlefucked by King Mo for 3 rounds tomorrow…
Cool. Also, Cyborg vacated her title in Invicta and is focusing on the UFC’s featherweight strap.
EDIT: Michael McDonald got his release from the UFC and has officially signed with WCW—I mean, Bellator. LOL @ WME and Dana for allowing more higher-end fighters from the UFC to jump ship. It’s like the Monday Night War all over again.

I’m hoping Rampage knocks King Mo out but I don’t see that happening if Mo gets a hold of him.

Lets get a fix on Daniel ‘Comier’ Cormier.

At first I thought he left the UFC…

made the thread in a rush. as trying to preempt anyone else.

Hey, I know its a long way away but what are your guys thoughts on Thug Rose vs Waterson. I started following Waterson’s career before she made it into UFC and there is very few MMA fighters I actually really want to see do well.

He’ll be back on probation or worse for some stupid shit sooner or later. So, you’re kind of right.

waterson. shes a much more complete fighter. especially in this random as fuck division where paige can get into the top 5. i love thug rose more…my hearts with her but my brain and wallet would be on waterson.

Paige has never been a legitimate top-five fighter at 115 pounds to anyone in the know.

And Waterson’s totally a better fighter than Rose, but Waterson’s still an atomweight while Rose is possibly the best strawweight athlete in MMA. Size advantage will play a huge role there.

I like both Michelle and Rose. What interesting to me about this fight is that they were training together before Michelle’s last fight. Part of me wants Michelle to win because I really like her. LOL!!! The other part of me wants Rose to win to see how she would handle a shot at JJ because of some comments JJ made about her.

Edit :

Rose has all the talent in the world but she’s just a perfect stylistic matchup for JJ. Joanna would just eat her alive in the clinch and she doesn’t have the pure wrestling to get things to the canvas.

I’m also taking Waterson over Thug Rose. Waterson is the better overall fighter.