The Midwest Operation Gamestop Takeover Thread

Post results/stories from your respective tournies here.

Good luck, and don’t get stabbed. :tup:

I played in Rolla, MO and there were 13 people there. 9 Ryu/Ken players, one El Fuerte, who lost in round 1, one Guile that I knocked out in round 1, and another Chun Li player who was also knocked out round 1. I managed to win the whole thing with Chun Li despite never having played the game before. It was pretty cool being able to take the information I learned here, watch the early rounds and formulate my game plan, and then pull it off. Overall I had fun.

I took 1st at the Gamestop KC State Line tourney. Everybody seemed to have a good time despite me and a couple other guys whoring Sagat (when it’s single elimination, you can’t take any chances).

Axiom took 1st at the Shawnee/Overland Park, KS tourney, JSpot won the tourney in Gladstone. It’s good to see local homies doing work.

i guess ill sticky this for the time being…atleast until next week so mw people can post how their gs tournys went

At the Polaris EBX in Columbus, we had 10 people show. I didn’t pay too much attention, but there were a couple Kens, a Ryu, a Vega, a Sagat, and an Abel. A beastly Zangief pad player that isn’t registered here eliminated my Bison and got 1st, and LuckyDay’s Bison got 2nd.

I played at the one in Matteson IL. There was a beastly Sagat player I was lucky enough to beat. Come 2nd overall in the end. Moving on to the next.

Should be some interesting shit next week.

I forgot to mention that the store I played at did NOT get certificates in their tournament kit. I just got off the phone with the manager on duty, he told me to have the district store call his store if they raise a stink about me not having a certificate next week.

If you’re in a similar situation, I’d get in touch with your Gamestop so you can make sure you don’t get screwed out of participating in round 2.

Mine didn’t get them either. But they called our round 2 store to make sure they knew my name.

My tournament had 9 total entries, 4 kens, 3 ryus, a Blanka who couldn’t even roll, and my Dictator.

I took the gold and I’m heading to round two in Sunset Hills.

I won in carbondale, pretty much by a landslide. I’ll probably win again next week.

Hey Ari, did you go to one?

Good ish guys. Drew, you sure that the tourney next weekend is at the gamestop across the street from the mall? That’s KC’s district spot?

And is there ANY possibility that we can play this shit on PS3? Xbox is like ice skating up hill… I swear, I lost more rounds to my pad than I did to any skill anyone else may have had.

I got second in mine using Bison. Faced a mean gief player in the final who said he only uses pads. Rolled through everyone else.

Still go on to next week though. I’m going to have to play all this week on the pad to get used to it.

I played in the Grand Rapids Michigan. I had won the store with Sagat. The Tourney had 14 fighters, was a little worry in the second round. Almost was defeated. Good ol’ Jump Kick works everytime.

Won my tournament in madison w/ ken. There where some OG’s that played back during the sf2 days when madison actually had somewhat of a scene. That being said the competition was alright, and I had fun. My friend who posts on here, Bedfast Emperor won the one on the other side of town.

18 competitors.
Only about 1/3 ken/ryu. Surprising!

Took 4th place with Ken in DeKalb.

My friend took 2nd. The guy that knocked me out took my friend out, just later on.
It was a scrub blanka.

400+ XBL matches of training, and I only played maybe 3 blankas :frowning:
Bought a DS cause I don’t deserve to play sf.
Back to being emo.

Good luck in Round 2, everyone!

It was odd, I called one of the local Gamestops that was listed as holding the tourny, and they confirmed it. So I came on Saturday, and they weren’t having it because of one main reason, they didn’t have a 360. It was too late to hop in the car and go somewhere else. Would have been kinda cool, but that’s life for ya.:wgrin:

won district, might go to chicago or maybe check one out in texas(family going on vacation)

Well my week was exactly the same as last week. The Zangief player took home the win in the final once again, and I got second.

So I move on to Toledo in two weeks for the regional. With any luck I’ll draw the other bracket again and I can meet him for a final for the third straight round.

Placed first in districts with Sagat. Shit almost got real- After a first round match, the loser challenged the winner to a $100 money match on PS3, other guy told him to take that money and buy some looser fitting jeans. I thought a fight was going to break out afterwards, but luckily everyone else was cool, got a couple of gamertag exchanges. Hopefully this will be as much drama as the local SF4 scene will have to deal with…

Lol. No drama like that where we were. Everyone was pretty cool.

The guy I was playing in the semis had a whole bunch of friends with him cheering him on. I took the first two rounds easy. Lost the third round trying to wait to set up an ultra to finish him the entire round, and they went nuts. So I put him away easy in the fourth round (got hit last minute and lost my perfect). They were pretty into it, thought he might get pissed, but everyone was cool about it.

Well I am going to Chicago. It going to be great to see the fighters in the 3rd Round. I have a problem of walking off on my Ultra. Almost cost me a couple of matches for being so damn cocky subconsciously. That damn Gamestop did not even have my fight pad for me winning my Green Headband.

District Baby.