The Midwest Operation Gamestop Takeover Thread

im headed to CHI-Town and i think my posse is comin with

chach, are you gunna make it up there?

moving onto the third round. I now realize I suck with Zangief

I didn’t get my fightpad either. Guy was like “oh, they’ll probably ship it to us”.

I’ll have to keep calling back and bugging them. I want it, even though I’ll never use it.

Nah, I’m booked for Final Round shawty. Good luck to you and everyone else that are going… you’ll need it against floe :tup:

Floe and I had to play eachother in the 1st round in the round 2 tournament. Obviously, he took it. It sucked because we only had to win 1 round and we’d both advance but they wouldn’t switch us in the brackets. Asses.

It should be me and him going to round 3 but it’s all good. We got some good players going and Floe is going to be the guy to beat in this region. I’ll probably be at round 3 with Floe and GLB anyway.

I’m headed to Toledo. Who’s all going there?

First round…not much of a problem for Fuerte, excluding the finals, where I took second to a Ryu that knew how to deal with him. Funny moment: I pulled out a lot of tostada crossups on the deciding round against the other semi-finalist in my bracket, he couldn’t block, got pissed, chucked his controller, crowd goes wild…mad funny, actually. I went on to rematch my first opponent, and won again…then I faced an employee who was supposed to be among the stronger players around the store area…I won 3 straight, with him even switching to the FightPad while I’m on the 360 pad in the last one. My best friend never lets him live that moment down, lmao. :slight_smile:

Second round…definitely had better players. I started out with Balrog, and mirrored my first match…was a pretty good match (double KOed the first round). I ended up winning, and advancing to play an aggressive Guile player. Was utterly annoyed by the 360 analog’s incompetence when it came to attempting to EX backrun out of his sweeps. I managed to barely win. Played in the finals vs a Sagat player who beat the same guy I lost to in Round 1 Finals…luckily, he did not know how to fight Fuerte and was hampered as much as I was by the 360 pad. I somehow managed to get a complete shutout…shocked me, shocked him, shocked everyone else. I rematched the Guile player (lost twice to him…damn EX backruns!), played a Ken, was about it. Got my headband, the info for the next tourney, and went on my way.

Can’t wait to play those who will be attending the Fallen Timbers tournament. I wonder, will they allow us to do exhibition matches afterwards? Would be pretty cool if they did.

^^^ I’ll be there. I’ll be playing Bison. And I’ll probably be sticking around for some matches if possible afterwards.

Did anyone who won round two get their fightpads yet?

Guy said he’d call me, but he didn’t seem like he knew what he was talking about.

Told my black ass the samething. I was also informed that we be getting Sticks ($80) on March 16. I do not believe this is real, but if so… more trophy case room for me to make of.