The Master Cook Book: Combos, Match-ups, and FAQs (Updated: Ultra SF4)

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Run, Fuerte, Run!

This is a work in progress.



El Fuerte is one of the most mobile characters in the game. He has a very strong okizeme game and is played in a very unique way in comparison to other Street Fighter characters. Fuerte is a “whacky” character. He uses wall jumps, body slams, and other over-the-top Lucha Wrestling inspired attacks, some which employ cartoon-like physics.

His bread and butter combo does substantial damage but is very strict on its timing meaning you must dedicate many hours of practice in training mode if you wish to do optimized damage.

>>EDITORS NOTE: [Find a good video to put here that displays a wide array of fuerte’s moveset]

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I’ve listed an “Execution Scale” in which combos are scaled out of ten based on how difficult I believe it is to consistently preform.

[~ = Slight Delay]

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El Fuerte Tech -

Propeller Tortilla in the corner, St. LK xx Super.

This is a character specific setup, I will update a list of characters this works on.

Works on:


Notes: Activate super with HK. On Dudley you can cancel the St.LK into a level 3 Quesadilla Bomb xx Super

>>Editors note: Have not tested all characters yet, will add to list later.

Cr. Rh, point blank Cr. Rh

This is a character specific setup.

When you knock someone down with a Cr. RH, walk into them and do another Cr. RH on their wake up, you’ll end up on the opposite side of them.

Works on:


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Extra Info

Changes from Ultra SF4

Standing light punch: hitbox extended downwards
Close / Far standing light kick: Starts up faster (5F->3F)
Close / Far standing light kick: No longer able to special cancel
Close standing middle kick: Starts up faster (14F->11F)
Close standing middle kick: Recovers faster (14F->13F)
Far standing middle kick: Recovers faster (15F->14F)
Close standing hard kick: Starts up faster (12F->10F)
EX Guacamole Leg Grab: Recovers faster (10F->6F)
Levels 1/2/3 and EX Quesadilla Bomb: Start up faster (17F->14F)
Levels 1/2/3 and EX Quesadilla Bomb: Recovers faster (18F->14F)
EX Quesadilla Bomb: Throw invincible when it starts up (1F~7F)
Fajita Buster: Damage increased (150->180)
Tostada Press: Attack is active for longer (7F->8F)
Gordita Sobat: Recovers faster (18F->17F)

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Subscribing now.

My goal is to wreck faces at Evo this year and end up on the ‘notable fuerte players’ list.

I’m gonna help you fill this up, Paper, cause there are many matchups that I’ve run into enough to know how to fight, such as Bison and Blaka, our worst.

I demand Buktooth be placed as a notable American Fuerte.

Also. Most fuerte players know it but what about the new guys? You list overhead combo and RSF as finishing with something definitive. What about finishing RSF with cl jab, crmk xx run xx mixup.

It should be emphazied that after sudden stop we can do whatever. Run stop guac is something I think is a must-have for any Fuerte.

I like where this thread is going.

Or even run, stop, jab x3, cr. lk, cr. mk xxx super. Though I like the run, stop, jab x 3 xxx run back xxx stop xxx HK. Anyone blocking low is going to get hit. And if you want to be a bit more fancy, st. lk or cr. lk, right after HK, and repeat. El Fuerte has a variety of combos. They’re just so tight linked.

Im not listing every single possible combo. If you’re talented enough to master the combos I list the rest will come naturally.

But… At least make a reference to it. A master reference/ end all be all sticky should have it all D:

I suppose we should make a seperate combo thread then. List everything.

Also. I do agree with your statement of being random is not a win. It’s the same vein as stop jumping so much.

Planned randomness is oh so delicate.

I’ll list every loop and combo and bold the only two you will use.

Its at the bottom of my list of things to do, gonna finish matchups first.

I think Buktooth should a name in the noteable American Fuerte’s.