The Marvel Q & A - Rebirth

Well, I just remembered that I had saved almost three-fourths of the Marvel thread into my hard drive. And since the thread got deleted, I figured that should be the starter of the rebirth of this one. I won’t post much after this today, if at all. You how the olde saying goes, “So many people to kill, so little time.” :smiley:


I guess I’ll get this started by posting up the current X-Teams:

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Oh, well, I was just about to revive the “Mutant’s Struggle: Marvel Universe’s Q and A thread” and you got it before I do~~

Oh, well, Let’s continue anyways~

Okay. Let’s just not start that dead end “Thanos vs. Doom” thread that was being reduced to. Hey, maybe their was something good about the crash at SRK.

(Everyone glares like they’re about to maul me)

:eek: Then, again maybe not. :o

I’ll post up several peoples list of general people, they differ quite a bit:

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Hey, Millardo! Still want anything from my sciene of the X-Men book?

Here’s the rest of Berias

Let me see if there are any more

Go off to look

Nope. The rest of the half I copied seems to be about the “Thanos vs. Doom” thing, and I am not posting that up to be more safe than sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh right!

Uh… I have a question, this time regarding Gambit.

As I have heard, Gambit was a part of a group named “Thieves” before he joined X-Men, is that correct?

If it is, can you tell me the histroy of the thieves?? Cuz this will be a part of my fiction, thanks!!

Gambit was a member of the thieves guild in New Orleans before joining the X-men.

Yeah, I know that, BUT!!! I am askin’ for the histroy, specific details for those things~!!! :confused:

Sorry for taking so long. I’ll post hese links before I leave (if I leave):

Ask if you need more, okay!!!

Well, from what I remember, the Thieves Guild was a New Orleans based society (originally in the series anyway; it wasn’t until they delved much deeper into Gambit’s history that they revealed it wasn’t New Orleans only, but worldwide as well) that opposed the Assassin’s Guild. In order to bring peace between the two, Gambit (an adopted member of the guild) married Bella Donna for political reasons. To make a long story short, it didn’t work out. There’s lots of little things I remember, but at 6:00 in the morning, I’m not quite coherent enough to put them all together.

Next question:
Gambit is one of the thieves, then how did he escape from this kind of group? Or… did he simply just walk outta of this place??

I have a question…

beyonder vs galactus,

who wins?

He left. After wounding Bella Donna’s brother in a duel of sorts, the assassin guild got pissed and Gambit was sent away for his own safety i believe.

so are you saying that Gambit just walked outta of this mess?

So… I did got some information through the cartoon series X-Men on the television, and I noticed that Gambit got a brother, is that true?

Just in case, and I wanna everyone know, there’s “MARVEL THREAD”!!!

Let me say this this once, and once alone.

NEVER EVER rely on a cartoon for comic book information.

Indepth New X-Men update of current team:


Ay~ I know.

But I don’t have any comics and anything with me, so the only source I could rely on… nevermind.

anyways, I would ask more q’s as I continue my fan fic~~ -__-|||

X-Treme X-Men character info, similiar to the New X-Men one from earlier. This should interest you milliardo since they go pretty much in-depth with Gambit’s powers:

Please note that Red Lotus might not be a mutant.