The Martial Arts Movie Thread 2017 Donnie hates his fans

Because the other one is old as fuck and my girl was just watching Painted Skin: The Resurrection on netflix.

Anyways what is everyone looking forward to seeing in the upcoming year?

Is Donnie Yen getting too old?

And when are we gonna see more of Iko Uwais? I know ya’ll have been dying to see him since you got your first taste after watching The Raid. Watch Merantau if you haven’t already seen it.

Donnie Yen will always be a god, even if he makes a film called “Deathbed Warrior” he’ll make that shit look ill. Martial Arts fighting in a gurney and whipping fools down.

Iko have an actual filmed lined up for this year?


Check it out

Looks like a Kung Fu Prison flick…I can dig it.

For some reason he looks like the dude from Riki-Oh to me facial wise. lol.


Speaking of Riki Oh, I watched Kung fu fighter on netflix and man oh man is this the biggest Kung Fu Hustle rip off I have ever seen.

Some of the same cast, same story almost except unfortunately it tries to take itself seriously while not taking the time to develop and resolve its own fucking plot.

The only part I enjoyed was the end when your boy Louis Fan shows up and absolutely WRECKS shit lol, which still left a bad taste in my mouth because well, you will see. Not that I recommend it, just watch the end on youtube. Also tell me why I thought this flick was from the 80’s with it’s washed out, recorded with a potato looking ass?

Movie came out in 2007 but looks worse than an old Shaw Brothers flick.

Tom Yum Goong 2 should finally release this year. I haven’t heard anything from that besides seeing a couple promo posters and photos from the set… still expect the eventual trailer to blow my mind.

I know Donnie has a Monkey King movie coming out. We’ll see how that goes. Journey to the West adaptations in Asian cinema are about as common as Robin Hood movies in the West.

Is Kung Fu Hustle 2 still being made or is that project stuck in development purgatory?

Anyone have anything to report from Japan? I want another Casshern. I don’t really keep up with the Jap movie industry, all I ever watch are Noboru Iguchi and Yoshihiro Nishimura schlock. (Tokyo Gore Police, The Machine Girl, Mutant Girls Squad, etc)

Looks like there are rips of Man with the Iron Fist out now. Time to download.

So I watched The Man with the Iron Fist finally.    <br><br>It wasn’t super terrible but it did take itself a tad bit too serious for a film made up mostly from homages, shallow plot lines, and random scenes of FAT Russell Crowe.    In fact if it weren’t for all the pointless scenes with him in it, there might have been enough space to put in some actual movie.  <br>

So looks like we will being seeing Man of Taichi here pretty soon.

Just in case you guys didn’t know it is gonna star ya boy Iko Uwais so you know it’s gonna be fire.

What else is going on in the Martials arts movie world?

Once upon a time in Shanghai should be out very soon.

shiiit. they didnt even have to show him fighting at the end they already had me.

So since everyone forgets to use the right thread I am bumping this NEW one AGAIN.

Wanted to see what everyone thought of 2013 so far?

Haven’t seen Dragon Eyes, Haywire, or the Monkey King flicks yet. Wondering if someone can break those down for us. Need to see that Judge Archer and I am really wondering what the fuck Keanu thinks he is doing to the Martial Arts movie world?

Can’t wait for The Raid 2. The guy who played Mad Dog is in the movie as a different character:


Also reposting this from the Lounge thread months ago:

From the movie Chinese Zodiac. Worth watching just for this one scene.

I couldn’t find the thread but just wanted to say that the legend Lau Kar Leung passed away last month. Also Mr. Williams, Jim Kelly passed away too…Im hoping they are kicking Angelpalm’s dead ass!

God damn it, no one stays dead anymore.
I just picked up Painted Skin on a whim, am I going to regret this?

man of tai chi cam is out if you guys didn’t know…haven’t got a chance to watch it yet

Ugh no, Chinese Zodiac has to be one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. And lol, they should have reshot that Jackie looks like he can float.

Can anyone recommended me a decent sci-fi martial arts film (even Anime), excluding The Matrix series, Time Cop and The One?

Gonna wait on that taichi bluray rip. Also, yeah, I stopped watching Zodiac half way thru. It just didn’t interest me.

Nah Chinese Zodiac was a fun film…

If you dont mind cheese & hot asian women fighitng ohhh & Billy Chow as a robot fighting rapist, i would strongly recommend Robotrix. Not much else sci-fi i films i can think of, i guess Casshern would qualify too but the fighting wasn’t that great but visually it was amazing.

Yeh, I’ve Casshern, I did quite enjoy it even though it felt like a 2hr music video lol