The Man of Gold!

This thread is the “all about oro” thread. Didn’t want to get off topic from the compendium thread, but I guess this is the continuation from the last two posts in that thread.

AlphaStorm: SI! Oro es el hombre de… Oro.

What button is the gold outfit anyway? (I’m lazy and my tv is being used by MTV-watchin-non-gamin people at the moment)

I use the dark grey skin and blue sash/sleeping bag color. It’s the Fierce button.

What color do you use PVC?

Actually, everyone post their colors!

Please, call me Jinrai. The PVC (my initials) is on there only because “Jinrai” is apparently taken on SRK.

I always use Oro’s Strong color. Dunno why, I just like it.

The gold-skinned color is Jab+Forward+Fierce. Check out the attachment…

Alright then, Jinrai it is.

Couple things I was wondering, hope you don’t mind my asking:p

How long did it take to make the tutorial?
What made you want to make it?
Are you currently working on any other Oro related vids?

Also, been having mad problems with Ken recently. I can almost always predict the damn c.forward but it pushes me just out of the way to retaliate. So what would you recommend I poke it with? c.strong or s.forward maybe?

I made it because Oro is my favorite character and he’s terribly underrated and underused. I got the idea for the tutorial in September, but I was too lazy to actually work on it until the holidays. After I recorded the footage, I sent it to Streak to edit together and add titles and music. I’m thinking about making a service pack in the future, but I’m waiting until I get enough stuff to add.

As for Ken, Oro’s far standing Forward beats his ducking Forward every time. If you block his ducking Forward, do not retaliate. I’ve made that mistake many times only to get parried into ducking Forward into Shippu.

With Chun-Li, BTW, Oro’s ducking Forward beats her standing Fierce and her back+Fierce as long as you’re not too close. His standing Roundhouse beats her own far Roundhouses. Your biggest concern would then be her ducking Forward, and I have no good answer for that other than UOH… but even that is too slow to work well.

Well good freaking job with the vid (you too Streak). That and the meatie vid at burning dojo are the most helpful vids I’ve seen (The Oro vid is just the shit though).

Thanks for the Ken advice, I’ll keep that in mind.

As for Chun. For some reason I have absolutely no problem with her. The people I play seem to jump a lot so I can almost always land the chicken combo or launcher>SAIII combo. Even against those who don’t jump and are a little better, I just pick SAI (for the EX most of the time) and Roundhouse that ho till her boobs fall off. :lol:

I think Urien gives me the most trouble, any advice?

i got green oro. a way to fight urien is stay away from him about sweep distance. forward and medium punch beats most of his stand hits. for down hits just standing rh him.Basically with urien it is a poking game til someone gets a bar first. Hopefully its you.

jinrai ! what the fuck is that !?!?

I’ve had more success using Oro’s d.MP and d.MK against Urien’s low pokes. Super Art choice would definitely be Tengu against Urien, even though he’s one of the characters that can be crossed up in the corner. Unless you set them up so that they’re meaty, Yagyou Damas are very succeptible to Aegis on reaction.

Hung, I can’t believe how well jump-in chicken works! Screws their parry timing, free chicken/EX Tengu combo if it hits, throw or backdash if it’s blocked. I’m using it a lot more now.

Jion, spamming Roundhouse against Chun-Li should get you killed. Her Fierces shut it down easily. (Heh, now I’m mixing up button lingo…), what do you think it is? :stuck_out_tongue:

Especially since if she just ducks the RH goes over her head and she can low forward you. :mad:

Fierce should be the orange and blue Oro, could be your controler config. There are two gold Oros, jp+mk+fp, and I think the other one is just jab.

“I wish people would stop misspelling my name” <–Jiorn :lol: :lol:

It’s not like I just sit there taping RH on Chun. I bust it when it’s nessecary but for some reason it seems to work a lot on her for me as of late.

EVIL5150: Oh yeah, I play on DC with an X-Arcade sigh. The Fierce and Roundhouse are mixed up on it for some reason so I think it’s Roundhouse I pick the Grey skin Blue cloth outfit with in arcade (been quite a while). What color you play with?

Streak: What about you? Color of choice?

I was messing around and I started mashing after an air chicken kick and I got it to like 9 hits (I think it goes higher though). Anyone else do this? Or better yet have a use for it?

Sorry about that, Jiorn… I knew there was an “r” in your name but I just made a simple typo. As for the air chicken kick, the maximum hits you can get is 8 for the regular version and 9 for the EX version. For best results, do it on the way up.

I play the gold oro. Just the jab color is more yellow instead of gold. DC only there is another gold color, start+short. I used to play the grey/blue (Roundhouse) oro.

Streak STOLE gold+purple Oro from me! Now I’ve been relegated to RH grey Oro. :frowning:

That chicken kick is too funny.

Gotta try connecting launcherxxsuper jump>Chicken. Unless you all have tried it and would like to tell me the results.

Also, I was just getting in some rounds all nonchalant style and I did an EX Sun disk after the second launcher of the chickin combo and to my suprise they both hit. Anyone know any combos involving this? Or any combos that involve juggling with the disk?

Launcher into air chicken does very poor damage. You can get a decent number of hits against Q, but even then you’re better off finishing the chicken combo normally.

As for EX sun-disk in the middle of a chicken combo, that’s not worth it either. Damage, stun, meter-building, and unblockable setups are priorities.

You became unworthy of gold Oro!

I see, so does anyone have any combo’s worth mentioning with the disk?

Wait a minute, Streak claims Slims gold purple, so he gets pushed into my gray blue?:bluu:

Streak’s corner EX Tengu finisher: 2-hit Strong, Fierce disk, Strong uppercut.

SlimX also has a fancy-pants multi-disk corner combo in one of his videos.

As for colors… have you tried Smurf Oro? It’s Short.