The Lounge 10k Post Edition

He’s right, you left, and the rest is peace?


Play this song @ me2 movement or some feminist shit and you go to jail LOOOOOL

“Big dicks we slang!!!”

Imma start the OU812 movement.

It’s a revolution.

For the sake of unlawful carnal knowledge.

And a sense of balance.

Fair warning:

It’s a different kind of truth.

Less women and children first.

Much less 1984.

Diver down.

We need more collabs like this:

Satan is a good dude

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How bout I ban you? So you can be PERMANENTLY out!


I feel like I just witnessed a deity descent from heaven and smite some poor soul.


Oh damn. Didn’t see that happening, haha!



I don’t get this. Are you offering a ban to help him out or mediating things for somebody who could’ve banned him in the first place?

See now, I was told that we shouldn’t delete posts because that’s bad modding.

Seems like a misuse of power TBH.

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he’s not a deity. he is just a level 99 mage with auto resurrect equipped.

Stuart thinks i hate him. because i said i hated him. but i dont.
i will prove it. screenshot of my profile summary.

i’ve given his posts the most amount of likes.
oh and thanks million you sweet sweet man.
no homo

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I don’t think you hate me. That said, I don’t care what you think.

He fuckin’ loves you.

If you send him the vid of you fuckin’ your ex-bff’s sis, I"m sure he’ll be your follower forever. :coffee:

…you DID keep a copy for yourself, right?

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So wait. did someone do the at Mister Wizard thing???

popcorn eating .gif

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Wait…why did wiz post? What did I miss?

@truendymion being his neck bearded edgelord self and wiz having nothing of it. Just scroll up broham.

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