The Lounge 10k Post Edition

does this mean i can finally talk bad about Preppy?
if so, Prepster, i shake my tits at you.



I’d bust a nut or two over a billion dollars.

B&T is an incredibly good movie. Why are you hating?


You could always talk bad about me. I’m an OG motherfucker. Not much you can say about me I haven’t heard. It was pretty bomb flying around the country being part of raucous unruly bullshit that we held together because we believed fighting games are pretty awesome.

The tits are excellent. Thank you.


at least I took a shot you punk bitch

You are censorious, degenerate, hypocrite fuck face. Die in a fire.

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Try harder, dude. I know you have it in you.


I don’t think I’ve ever claimed to not be a degenerate. Are you wasting your life not being a degenerate? Sucks to be you, dude.

Yes, I have done many degenerate things and plan on doing many more degenerate things. It’s fucking awesome. Stop yelling at the kids having fun and go enjoy life while you can.


Prepare to get #metoo’ed dipshit. Karma’s a bitch.

After all, it is the WB, and the WB seems to be on a huge time travel kick with their CW shows (The Flash, etc.)

I believe that Mortal11Kombat in its storyline/canon/lore is a 2 timelines (old timeline/new timeline) situation.

The Shao Kahn you see is the Shao Kahn from the old timeline along with the UMK3 Scorpion from that announcement trailer.

Would also be interesting to see the old timeline Shao Kahn interact with the new timeline Kitana, Raiden, Liu Kang, and so forth.

This probably also means that Onaga is definitely in the Mortal11Kombat storymode/storyline.

Would be interesting to see if the old timeline Onaga resurrects the new timeline Shinnok…

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I mean they already fucked up the timeline in MK9. Maybe they can unfuck it with MK11.

Really now? Really?


Alright, got a little too heated. I don’t actually wish death on him. He’s still a worthless piece of shit. I’m done roasting him now.

There’s all sorts of madness going on there.

It turns out that the people I have done interesting things with were quite interested in doing them with me, which means we’re all good here. Thanks for the interest in my personal life, tho, that’s healthy. If you’re concerned about #metoo being a problem in your life, I would suggest you follow rules #1 and #2. If you can’t follow those, get out of your mom’s basement, get a job, hit the gym, and get some hobbies. Given your “ability” to interact with others, I could definitely see #metoo being a problem for you.

I feel like a substantial problem with idiots such as yourself is that normally the games are an excuse to come together as a community. The fucking around was usually done as friends or as people that cared about each other in some capacity. You’re so jacked up on 4chan memes you completely miss what’s interesting about the FGC and just want to piss on it and everybody else as opposed to the FGC being a positive in your life. You’ve lost your goddamned mind. But then again, hey, a quick check of your post history also confirms that. Stay free.

I for one am adding you to my delightful ignore list. I go to Account Settings :: Preferences :: Notifications and add you to my Muted list. (I mostly mention this because other people are sometimes curious about how to make Ignore work.) So: fuck off. You don’t seem interested in the FGC and have mostly been trying to meme or tear shit down, so I have no idea why you are here. I am interested in the FGC, and am going back to the point where I can quietly do my own things that I want to do without needing to deal with childish shitheads like you.


Oh you’re so brave.

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You know you’re right. This forum is dead. I’m out.

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This info is fucking life changing


Don’t worry. There’s gonna be none of that now since I’ll know when something has been moved.

Can you prove those are yours?


Japanese get krunk too!!!

Get krunk!!!

Too many shots, evidently.

Your posting history needs more liver.

And less lily.