Mission Comprete: D3v new SRK admin

I’ve always loved fighting games and the fighting game community. I’ve done a lot of work over the years to do what I can to make that community better and more viable. I’ve also had a serious busy job for a long time and a number of active hobbies. At this point I’m going to step back and let the new blood take over, enjoying dropping the mod and admin roles and just being a normal guy without responsibilities. @d3v , who’s long proven to be very interested in the success of the FGC, is stepping up to be the new admin in my place. The admin role isn’t substantially different than a glorified moderator: fight off the spam bots and keep things cracking so that people keep playing games, have questions about playing games, and get better at playing games. Like with all current mods, I trust d3v to be one of the community, using the few powers mods get minimally and to nudge things better. After having spent over a decade fighting off the scourge of spam in the vBulletin days and the super duper spammy Vanilla days, I’m fucking stoked that Discourse has the spambots on lockdown and I can walk off without things being in a crazy state.

Thanks to Microsoft for buying the Cannon’s company way back when so they moved to Seattle for a while, thanks to Silver Coin for randomly having a sign advertising MvC2 so I got hooked up with the Cody Dojo crew, thanks to Wiz and the rest of the OGFGC crew who kept this a grass-roots organization instead of selling out, and thank to you and everybody else who kicked ass at fighting games. Or sucked ass and gave people competition. W/E: thanks for being part of it.