The Lounge 10k Post Edition

Because only mods have ban power and there’s technically only 3 mods for the whole site.

Given site activity, 3 mods may be overstaffing.


Kid rock sure does make some shitty music and questionable decisions but like, good guy Kid Rock is okay.


d3v pertho and who’s the devil’s 3rd?
devil jin?


I’m not a mod. I’m a leader.

Edit: Reminds me, technically 5 mods.

Double Edit: People with actual mod powers would be Wiz, The editor of the front page Mushin Z or w/e, d3v, DevilJin and Preppy.

Everybody else is a leader. So they can edit posts and twiddle their thumbs.

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Who were the mods before we went to discourse…

hahah that particular walmart in Nashville happens to be THE worst one I’ve ever seen. I gave up on that foolishness a while ago. The main problem is that they usually never have what I want.

  • One day I was in the mood to pick up some pastrami while I was there; they didn’t have it.
  • When I was sick I wanted orange juice, of course…I prefer the kind with pulp. OF COURSE… they only had a whole line of Tropicana “NO PULP”.
  • They also only have tropicana…no other brand…Tropicana is good but I just find it strange that they never have any other type, not even Walmart’s own “Great Value” shit.
  • There was a certain brand of granola bars I always like…they stopped having that.
  • They never have the Paul Newman Salsa I like.
  • R.W. Knudsen brand juice drinks? Nah they don’t have that.
  • Bakery bread–they have it but that shit is never sliced.
  • One day I was going for some ground turkey… nope they didn’t have it.
  • The Freschetta pizza I like…nah they don’t have it. They only have the terrible “Brick Oven” one, and of course the pineapple shit no one in their right mind buys. The list goes on and on; this is just what I remember off the top of my head.
    Oh and this is on top of the store being generally messy/dirty…even by “walmart standards”. Ohhh and there was one particular day when the funk was truly on another level…it was like the combined power of 20 tons of actual shit, sweat and general body odor…like “people that haven’t washed themselves in a few weeks” kind of B.O. Imagine that in addition to the shit and sweat smell.

This is also on top of the one very odd day when they had no change in the registers for some reason…that was basically the last straw for me right there. Now… one might assume that this was only 1 register…nah it was a store-wide problem, supposedly…so you could only pay with a card…no cash.

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@Million-X All I got from that is that you like orange juice with pulp.

You’re a fucking monster.


I haven’t been to Walmart in years. There are far better stores to shop at and much better food available than what Walmart stocks. I am certain there are plenty of decent grocery stores to shop at in Nashville and you should definitely check them out.

P.S. Orange juice without pulp does not taste like oranges.

P.S.S. I also had no idea Paul Newman was the founder of a food brand…

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well he was an actor first but his name is on a few food items out there… there’s even a Paul Newman pizza you can get in some stores… (*of course this particular Walmart doesn’t have that either)…but yeah, that Paul Newman salsa is out of this world… the “black bean & corn” one in particular is my favorite.
*ah, I almost forgot—“Mission” brand tortilla chips. They don’t have it. if I recall…they didn’t have blue agave nectar either. It wouldn’t surprise me if you go there to get basic drinking water only to find out they have run out of that too.

Basically…it is wise to go to that Walmart only if some end of the world shit has happened and ALL other places have been destroyed… leaving you with no other options. Heh, if one is curious… check the google reviews on that particular store location…it’s almost all negative. :rofl:

Walmart is my main grocery stop bc Publix is getting more gradually expensive especially in the last 5 years… I rarely see anything for under $3 there. Yeah they have good customer service and a proper amount of cashiers/registers open unlike WM, but the expense makes it too much.
Unless you have to get a random item that is not available like Boca Burgers or one of their sub sandwiches, Its an occasional stop.

Plus, Walmart has Transformers. And mine is next to a Wawa , so I can get gas in the same plaza.

Preppy turned in his shield (literally).

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yeah, Publix is expensive in comparison… the main appeal of that place is the clientele. I’ve mentioned it before—Publix is one of those “spots”. It’s a regular thing to see some of the absolute hottest whites, some asians and a few indians there…and all from the “upper crust” since it usually draws in the yuppie types. In Walmart—that’s where you see your Roseanne Barrs, Lena Dunhams, etc. in terms of looks if you’re talking white girls… meanwhile over in Publix…that’s where you see the girls that look like Stacey Keibler, Jennifer Love Hewitt, 80s-era prime Mia Sara, the various CW-show hotties, etc…an endless parade of 9s and 10s. It’s good to have nice “scenery” like that when going to pick up some groceries. Target is another spot like that too.


It looks like Capcom might have to double-down with, “Gill available tomorrow!!!” - the day after the Capcom Cup

“You can have your Shao Kahn” - Capcom

It doesn’t surprise me that you like pulp in your orange juice. You like pretty much everything that is fucking awful.


Then you have 4.

I’m out here in Jacksonville FL now. Starting a new contract Monday morning. Staying at a Air BnB and working till March. 12-14wks, 60hrs a week. After all is said and done and expenses paid. I should be over 10k richer.


Unclear of the exact insinuation, but I demodded myself, had Wiz de-admin me, and have had zero further conversations about anybody in any capacity. It seems pretty self evident that certain people who are only here to shit on others instead of actually doing anything useful or interesting don’t need to be part of the community, but hey that’s your kind of call not mine because I’m sick of trying to fight for what should be pretty fucking obvious.

I have no power at all. I revel in this. Pls revel in this too. Woo.

Your post indicating I have any powers at all is wrong, and I would appreciate you correcting it.

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Orange Juice without Pulp is not Orange Juice, it’s acidic water with some natural coloring cosplaying as juice.

I most certainly agree.

The only time I would abide by no pulp OJ is when a blonde swims in a pool with too much chlorine and their hair starts to turn green. OJ is one of the few things that gets the chlorine out of their hair, and the pulp is a mess once it gets into hair. I know this from experience as once my sister’s hair turned green from a hotel pool long ago on a family vacation, and the hotel staff only has pulp OJ. Also it could have the side effect of turning blonde hair slightly orange.


I like medium pulp.

Lol, you guys remember Sunny D?