The light tatsu > sweep list (Updated for Ultra)

A few people have been asking this question despite the sweep possibility on various characters being defined in the match-up thread. Here is the complete list on whom it is and isn’t possible on.

Possible against:

Chun Li
C. Viper
Dee Jay
El Fuerte
E. Honda
Fei Long
T. Hawk

Not possible against:

Evil Ryu
M. Bison

How is this performed? After a light kick tatsu, p-link after Akuma bounces back to the ground after connecting the tatsu. There is a slight difference in leniency between various characters - Fuerte for example can be tricky to connect this with whereas the window against Balrog is actually quite large. This is likely due to a combination of hitbox sizes and the speed at which characters fall to the ground after the tatsu.

Leniency can also changed if the opponent is pushed quite far back if the lead-in combo to connect the tatsu is lengthy. Practising this will help develop a familiarity as to when it is possible to reliably connect.

  • A special case exists for Abel. Focus crumple level 2 >,, xx lk tatsu >

Thanks for the thread, I think it would be more complete if it mentioned how fast each character should be swept (just to give players a better idea about the timing), for example this is how I feel the timing is from my experience (will rate from a scale of 1 to 5, sweep comes out fastest @ 1 and slowest @ 5):

Balrog: 4
Sagat: 2
Fuerte: 1
Cammy: 3
Dhalsim: 5
Cody: 2

I could be wrong though since I only started sweeping after tatsu recently.

As for plinking, I use myself too, but from the videos I’ve seen of Japanese pros playing SSFIV with the inputs on, they seem to do or ~ lk, anyone has any idea if this is more effective? here’s a video of someone saying that it’s called double plinking and it’s more effective:


There’s another thing that he mentions as true double plinking, but it seems way too hard for me to execute at the moment!

i think against harder characters to sweep like fuerte, it would be best to not sweep at all but end in a dp or a reset or whatever you want to do. That is if you dont have the timing down 100%, it could just be free damage wasted.

Tokido says you cannot Tatsu > Sweep the Twins


That´s probably the one thing that protects them from being raped by Akuma´s vortex. Do they have solid anti-airs?

It’s been said that their DPs are safejumpable so that’s good if they don’t have other good escape options, I’ve posted a link in the matchup thread to a post from the Abel forums that gives a good idea about the twins.

sorry I dont understand this. does it mean C.HK then standing medium kick?
at the same time? in quick succession?

It’s like pressing both of the buttons at the same time while in crouching position, but you’ll be pressing the HK like a millisecond faster than the MK, if you plinked it properly, the inputs will display it like this:


Apparently Abel can be sweeped after light tatsu. Issue is, you have to be at a very specific range and use cr.Forward xx light tatsu. It’s very technical and rare. Probably not worth the work it takes to get the range perfect.
Will do a video upon request.

please do <3

If I can come up with some more AV cables I’ll reupload it using my dazzle.

Haha I have to say I love Akuma. Find something new every day.

I am curious what makes it so it works at a tip range

Very nice find, man. Someone should bring this up to SRK´s first page.

I wonder if there are similar setups for other non-sweepable characters.

That makes me think that all characters may be sweepable after the tatsu with the correct setup.

and this makes a sweep after tatsu work? I gotta try this. thanks

I am assuming the tatsu is meaty, letting akuma reach the ground faster than he normally would. Thats the obvious answer or it’s just because this is Super Street Fighter 4.

so rad

before you do, lemme reupload it. I am attempting to record it with my dazzle now.

UPDATE: I guess I have no way of getting drivers for my dazzle for Windows 7. So I can not record it.

This was the first thing that crossed my mind.