The King of Street Fighters

How much time will pass until Capcom anounces an all-stars game with only Capcom characters comprised mostly of the SSF4 cast and then the characters already on TvC and MvC3 (and possibly DS4) plus a few new ones? It could perfectly be a 3 vs. 3 game (with no tag-team), a few fighting subsystems added, and the definitive burial of the KoF franchise… Just imagine it, a “Final Fight Team”, or a “Royal Grappler Team” ('Gief, Alex and Haggar), or a ninja team (Guy, Ibuki, Claw)… The 3D models are already made, and the possibilities are endless!

Capcom, please do it (after releasing MvC3) so we can all pretend that Capcom Fighting Jam never existed.

¿What do you think of the idea? ¿Which teams could be made? ¿Q?

If you want an in-house crossover done right. Play Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.

Also, why don’t you just play KOF or CvS2 since you seem to love the idea of a team game so damn much? Oh wait, you’re waiting on your Capcom fan game to bury KOF. Nevermind then. lol

Stick to MUGEN and stop making threads about dream games.

Except, people who like KoF will continue to play KoF, and they aren’t going to stop just because Capcom makes a game that is similar to theirs, regardless of how good it is.

But seriously, just go play CvS2.

Rusty Sawblade is using logic but alas to no avail. Logic is useless vs OP.


The fuck is this?

I agree

I agree, we need CvS3.

Afterwards they could maybe make a sequel, only this time the sequel has MORE characters, costumes and stages!

CVS2 wasn’t any better than KOF98. Why would current, shittier Capcom be able to make something to bury KOF? Let OP keep dreaming and close the thread already.

Hey look, the truth.

Useless thread is useless.


Taking a KOF and switching the characters to SF/Capcom is not an improvement

…find a new word. expand your vocabulary.

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crapcom fans at its prime + stupidity

King of Fighters >>>>>>>>>>>>>> The OP. >_>

Wow!, I didn’t expect such a huge bunch of disrespectful people in one thread, this, my first one! But to clarify some supositions made on my “behalf”, I’m a huge SNK/P and KoF fan, I even own KoF 12, and those games are hard to het where I live… Anyway, it’s out of the question that “Shitty” Capcom was doing waaay better than SNKP lately, and that the KoF saga had nothing to offer in terms of gameplay lately as a fan of fighting games in general.

Yes, SNK implemented lots of subsystems that are common nowadays, back in the Neo-Geo days. Now all thenew ideas implemented are long strings of combos composed of the same old moves being canceled one by another, which wouldn’t be that bad if it weren’t because the context and the situations that lead to where those combos are used are the same ones that lead to simpler combos back in '94.

So, if the newer additions to the engine of newer KoFs are just “longer, crazier combos” that keep on starting from the same old j.C or D, or a cl.C or D, then those additions are merely cuantitative and not qualitative. There aren’t almost any moves that can be taken advantage of in other situations and the battles are, since many incarnations ago, a long pokefest of two guys jumping short, trying to nail that one long combo.

In those terms, I think that BB, HnK and SSF4 (i’m bored of GG) have plenty more strategies that can be used than KoF, of which haven’t seen anything new in the XIII tournament videos.

And being the case that SSF4 has already 35 characters (more than the last KoF) and that the cast seems to be expanding, a team battle take on the Capcom universe doesn’t seem a bad idea to me at all. It’s even more interesting in the way that a player too skilled with Ryu (for example) would have now to accomodate to at least two more characters, and know how to interact perfectly against more opponents (although this is a must even on 1 on 1 games, I know).

"crapcom fans at its prime + stupidity " Stupid, maybe, Capcom fan, not in the least. It’s me being honest about a franchise and a developer which only not-remake games that I’ve enjoyed lately was KoF XI and NGBC.

“go fuck with a goat and stop posting…” OK, but don’t spoil your mom about that cold Champagne bottle… it’s supposed to be a surprise and proof that I love her. Tell her I’ll be there around midnight :wink: Who knows, after I’m done maybe I get so tired that won’t post again. :wink:

And to those saying “let the OP dream”… allright dude. Speculation is a widely used form of discussion on these boards, and AFAIK these are far from banned so don’t say “dreaming” like it’s a bad thing.

Oh, and about “the burial” part of the OP, I didn’t mean that people should stop playing those games. I even keep playing FF Special and the Real Bout series to this day. What I meant was “making SNKP stop producing such mediocre games” and getting done with that “this is the last KoF” speech as if the sales figures were the sole product of a totally unfair world, when in their case, it’s not like that.

this thread is deep and insightful!

You just said SSF4, HnK, and BB are more strategic than GG and any KoF. Nice try, bit unfortunately that troll joke’s been done to death here.